A Hajj Journal-12 Dhul Hijjah


Figure 1A: Jamarat and the crowds.

Brother Tanweer woke me up gently so that we could begin our day at about 10am. I made wudu’, waited for Zuhr, combined and shortened and then set out for the jamarat after Zuhr. We left at 2pm.

A the jamarat, we completed all of what Allah asked us to do as best we could. My favourite jalabiyyah was ripped in the process of leaving the jamarat area and someone stepped on it by accident.

Although shorter than myself, I used brother `Irfan as a shield while we ran forward to get out of the firing line of the stones. We arrived back at the camp for 4:45pm. Fortunately we did not get lost and the trip back was ideal.

The people of hajj are the most humble on the planet and also the most patient. Between 4-7 million registered and unregistered people were present and they flowed easily. A Muslim brother handed me a cup of water which I was grateful for and I thanked him a great deal.

People in the United States fight in line at McDonalds so how on Earth could someone put the finger at the believers of Muslim Orthodoxy? Time at the camp flew by and I waited eagerly for Maghrib prayer.

Masjid Hujjaj il-Birr bi Mina, better known as Masjid Kuwait, was my destination with our amir, Mumtaz, and some of the other Slaves of Allah.

The prayer of Maghrib was decent but right after we had to hear about the takfir of the Ummah, how most of us don’t have a valid Hajj, and how intercession is not viable.

I just wanted to go and the sign on the wall claiming it as impermissible to offer Jumu`ah prayer at the Masajid Masha`ir as the people are not resident. They have stopped people who might validly want to make Jumu`ah.

We quickly went back to the camp and that was the end of it. Annoyed at the takfir and time wasting we were subjected to with Salafiyyah, reading a qualified text by a qualified scholar took the sour taste from my mouth left by the divinely cursed and wretched Salafi movement.

All the believers slept fitfully at the camp. I woke up at 3am unaided and took a shower. We were about to pray fajr when Al-Hajj `Ismah had a heart attack. The walking he should not have done the night before had caught up with him.

Pandemonium ensued as everyone was talking at once over the collapsed body of the senior most of our camp. One brother did CPR while I and a Moroccan brother did translation work to the emergency services of the situation.

Al-Hajj `Ismah was taken to the camp clinic, which had more confusion, with one of the doctors telling Dr. Tanweer, another believer with us and a doctor, “I’m going to kill you.” No you’re not, I thought while I blocked the way. We broke up the situation and calm was restored.

When the ambulance arrived, they were still too slow. Brother Khubaib and his cousin commandeered the keys from the driver and assistant (and left them standing there looking puzzled) and took the ailing al-Hajj `Ismah themselves to the hospital at the end of the camp. This was called al-Wada Hospital.

Fajr went on after that but it was very worrying what the fate of our senior member would be at the hospital. The rest of the day passed without incident and I prepared to get ready to go later as the following day we had to be gone before Maghrib or you would have to do the other day at Mina.

My decision was to do the stoning before Zuhr. “But is that valid in all the fiqh, brother,” a worried brother in our group asked. “I don’t know but it’s valid in mine. If Imam Al-Buhuti says that’s the end of the discussion.”

And so it was the case. The plan was for the next morning we would arise and head to the jamarat and then make our way back to Makkah. There we would complete the final rite of Hajj: The Farewell Tawaf.

If this was done, then all the rites of Hajj had been completed. Whether Allah accepted it was something else.

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