Figure 1A: The Parliament of the World’s Religions, the first order of business before this was to try and establish that there was not one but THREE religions of Abraham.

Dhul Qa`dah/Dhul Hijjah 1429





Glorified are You! Our Lord! You have spoken rightly when You said of the members of false religion,

And you will find treachery and deceit in all but a few of them.[1]

You have commanded us to preach and to do so fearlessly. You have never told us to do anything but righteousness.

Say, I preach to you but one thing: that you stand up for the sake of Allah in pairs or singly.[2]

The ‘Trialogue of Abrahamic Faiths’ was first popularised by a Mu`tazilah cultist by the name of Isma`il al-Faruqi.[3] He used this expression to point to his position that Islam, Judaism and Christianity, all issue from the same source and the adherents worship the same “God of our Father Abraham.”

This type of thinking, especially in the English speaking countries that Muslims inhabit, is being pushed forward with an aggressive agenda funded by government projects utilising the coffers of the taxpayers.

It is now that we can see for a surety-those who have taken authority in these very countries-that the Islamic establishments here and in Muslim heartlands are to a large degree in a state of apostasy. This does not mean that all within them are apostates or those that occupy their ranks are outside of the fold of Islam.

But rather, the apostasy referred to is in the organisations when they attempt to speak on behalf of Islam. During times of need, when a mouthpiece is required to moralise on “what Islam says,” these organisations are chosen. And from the time they open their mouths to the end, they espouse every blasphemy and word of evil that exalts itself against Allah.

The words they speak-couched in piety and righteousness-when tasted and ingested by the believer, act as theological poison, destroying every good deed intended to spread this faith and be a witness to the testimony of Allah. As this war is already here, it must be faced head on, resisted masjid by masjid, street by street, city by city, county by county and country by country.

The Orthodox must again go on the march as the organisations that have insinuated themselves into positions of responsibility have ceded their mantle of authority and are calling the Muslims to nothing in reality but mass exit from the faith. It is therefore the duty of the writer to call to the reality of this matter.

We ask that you give a careful perusal to the following text and if your heart has been burdened with what is in it, let us know and let others know. Contact us and let your name be added.

Disseminate this and defend Muslim Orthodoxy from the wolves and vicious lions that are tearing at its’ flesh. Let other believers know that the time is always ripe for preaching the faith and they now, as was 1200 years ago in Baghdad with government scholars and cultists, are required to discharge their duty and defend the faith.

[1] Surat ul-Ma’idah (5), ayah 13

[2] Surah Saba’ (34), ayah 46

[3] AD 1921-1986. A Palestinian writer greatly affected by the Mu`talizah takeover of Al-Azhar in the 1960s by Mahmud Shaltut, he helped revive the centuries dead cult and even brought it to the United States in English. The writer was disturbed to find college students arguing about the “createdness of the Qur’an” at a rally in Portland University (Oregon) among members of the Saudi Communist Society, who quickly referred him to these works in translation.

His other abysmal works include texts outlining the use of Arab nationalism as viable means to spread Islam. He and his wife were later murdered by a knife wielding psychopath that gained access to their home. To this day, it is still unknown who committed the murders.

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