The Onward March of Universalism: Kufr in Perspective

Figure 1A: Smiling through it all. Are these men being honest with eachother regarding how vastly different their beliefs are or are they being economical with the truth?

As-Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah,

Dear Slaves of Allah,

Yet again, we have seen the kufr of universalism spreading. This time it has been done by members of Jama`ah Ahle Sunnat, which is not much different to that which was done by the Deobandis.

This is not to mention helping and advising Muslims to involve themselves with earthly rulers and their demonic policies.

It is for this reason that we released the original documents so long ago. These things were not because of any intelligence on our part; but they were proof positive of what was bound to happen if one embraces democracy, human rights and unlimited application of the concept of ‘human brotherhood.’

Likening Revealed Law to Earthly Laws is Kufr

Interfaith is kufr

Universalism of Religions is Kufr

The Mardin Fatwa is Falsehood

It is for the writer to merely ask Allah that He accept the slave as having said what should have been said to the best of his ability. It is also in this difficult time that we ask the Slaves of Allah to protect themselves from the wickedness of equalising all religions. Amin.

Only Allah has the Might and Power to give us the true Success, in this Life and the Hereafter.


Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far al-Hanbali