The Homosexual Revolution…Still in Progress

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Figure 1A: The revolution of homosexuals is increasingly utilising legal and executive protection.

Whistles were heard in bursts of three. A second time. Then a third time. The police were here. “Hasan, scramble to the door and find out what happened,” Luqman commanded while looking over his shoulder and putting on his lifer coat.

I bounded down the steps in time just to see a scuffle between the Muslim brothers and a melee erupting. Why is all this happening on such a sunny day? Just across the street we could see a large black device resembling a tree trunk with grips on the sides. Men with navy blue jackets gripped a portion and then began their charge.

What the…

The men with the battering ram cleared the grass in front of the masjid and picked up speed. They made their way across the sidewalk and accelerated.

“Get away from our door! You’re not allowed in here!”



I ran around the side of the masjid to go in from the back and could see black vans coming to side of the building. I was inside now and saw the brothers suiting up and preparing for a final stand in the masjid.

“Barricade the back door!” One of the brothers shouted to me. Just as I had closed, locked and barricaded it, I heard a black boot stomp against the door. “Open this door you half breed son-of-a-bitch.” The front door flew open and folded into two pieces on the floor like a grilled cheesed sandwich coming out of a George Foreman grill.

They were now inside. Subhanallah! Up came the authorities, bounding up the stairs while the brothers and I ran down the stairs. The sheer momentum of the downward charge drove the Burea of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms down the steps and outside of the house turned masjid.

Why had the ATF come? What did they want? All these questions ran through my head. Each officer, blond haired and blue eyed, scowling with Aryan might, stood his ground. The leader among them and the most Nordic looking, shouted up at us. “Where is the leader…the eemom, motherfuckers?!”

We pushed back and back but the ATF continued to hold their ground. “What do you fools want, cuzz. You don’t have a search warrant. Where’s your search warrant?” Salih pushed back and shouted over the chorus of raised voices.

“Don’t need one. You see the jackets?!” He proudly pointed to the flack jackets. These soldiers for America normally appeared to do these types of invasions when busting a drug baron, charge into compounds and kill people living communally, slaughter families living in Idaho that had renounced civilisation.

Standing our ground, the American patriots were not able to get inside of the masjid, so every window was smashed and every square inch was soiled. This left the building in ugly shape and the officers delighted in what they had done.

“If this is a public institution then you carry out public duties. You don’t decide who does and does not get married. You don’t decide in America who has a right to do what. If you’re tax exempt you won’t be after today.”

“First of all, this is private property…everything about it. Second of all, we don’t care where we are, we don’t let any limp wristed, dykes or anything like that come in and dictate to us what we do in our private building.”

We just received angry scowls from the officers and they left. This would be the beginning of a period of harassment that eventually led to the arrest of a large number of brothers on false charges and then ultimately released. This was all for the sake of harassment and provocation due to one decision that had been taken.

So what happened? “What did you do, man?” I asked the Imam of the masjid. Slowly, after some time, he began to explain that he had been approached by two people to conduct a marriage. He had no problem with this initially until upon further inquiry found that they were both of the same gender.

They were quickly brought up to date with the fact that such a thing would never happen, the appropriate texts were recited along with the rulings of the scholars and the fact that it was the death penalty to publically engage in or endorse such acts.

The two left promptly and then not too many days after, complete fury broke loose. Only two weeks later, driving up the road and trying to navigate away from the Gay Parade, we noticed people preparing to join the festivities. Bearing banners in Arabic and Farsi, they were quickly unfurled and read: AL-FATIHAH SOCIETY: ALLAH MADE ME GAY.

What?!! “Hey, speed up!” I commanded the brother, who then floored it. “You know, this is going to be the next big battle,” brother Musa told me thoughtfully while driving. Indeed it was and it began not long after that. A homosexual masjid was opened in New York, one of the Imams on the West Coast of the United States “came out” as a homosexual and tried to argue his case.

He then began conducting marriages and saying it was licit in Islam. I was embroiled in a huge battle. Then I left the United States; but there is no escape from this social war. It is still there. There will be no escape.

In a very strong article in the Independent (article: Same Sex Marriage: What MPs Really Think, pp. 10-12, Opinion Ed, pp. 16-18 Wednesday 13 June 2012), the raging battle about same sex marriage law in the United Kingdom was addressed by lawmakers, most of whom support legislation making it possible to engage in such behaviour.

The Anglican Church (which is as relevant in England as Jainism is in Compton, California), embattled and already beaten into submission by the secularisation revolutions of the 1960s, stated that the church faces being disestablished if such legislation comes to fruition.

Furthermore, they asserted that there could even be discriminatory legislation brought against bishops and priests who refuse to consecrate such unions. The parliament, seeking to calm the geriatric clerics, stated that they had a special exemption that would be available in the law.

The problem with the dog biscuit thrown out to the Anglicans is that the legislation could be challenged in the European Court of Human Rights on the basis of discrimination and hate crimes. Churches would be batter rammed just as our masjid was on that fateful day in AD 1997. The only difference is that the church would be just as impotent then as it is currently.

Some 30 states in the United States rushed through state-wide legislation that defined marriage as between “a man and a woman” and dashed the hopes of homosexual unions being given religious sanction. How long this remains will be a mystery as the United Nations has its’ headquarters in New York City.

The US could face time in the hot-seat like their counterparts in the UK or the UN could turn the same blind eye to this as they did when the US flooded neighbourhoods on the West Coast with heroin with the assistance of the Mafia in the 1960s,

wiped out the Arab, black and Mexican intelligentsia of many self-help groups in the 1970s with COINTELPRO, flooded the neighbourhoods of the West Coast with crack cocaine in the early 1980s, allowed the School of the Americas (SOA) to be trained in US torture techniques in Central America in the 1990s,

used laser technology and invasion to keep the Panamanians indebted so that the United States would not have to hand back the Panama Canal in the 1990s, along with support for far right, right wing and centrist military governments that otherwise could not survive in Central and South America, the Middle East, Central and South Africa.

So then what happens with Muslims in the situation of same sex marriages and such? For most of these groups, the same thing that will befall the Christians as most of these are on tax exempt status or working with charity commissions.

When the government allows you free money and gives you exemptions, they will expect a return. One of the reasons why myself and the brothers that I knew had so much freedom in the US is that we were private, we had no mortgage (this was even during the first con-artists that tried to offer us a Shariah compliant mortgage from Kuwait Bank).

We also soundly rejected tax exempt or charity status or any of the other bureaucratic playthings to which some of the Slaves of Allah have become accustomed in these organisations. As long as one is unable to separate from the beast and take money from it, they will have to accommodate the beast.

So then here is what will happen with the Muslims. There will be four periods to bring state funded or charity based masjids, “Islamic” schools and other similarly funded prospects to heel: 1) implementation of legislation, 2) warning given to organisations that are not compliant to same sex marriage, homosexual sex taught in texts books to comply,

3) pulling of funding and removing charitable status of any organisations that do not submit to the authority and 4) widespread capitulation which will start on an underground level and then go public once it is snowballed with sufficient backing.

Implementation of Legislation

Once the relevant laws are passed, everyone in question – but more particularly Muslims as they are the only ones who still stand for family values – will be required, under pain of having a visit to the European Courts, to adhere to what the United States of Europe espouses.


Organisations that refuse to comply will be formally visited and told to comply. Very clear consequences will be laid out for those who might be thinking about going rogue. Most of these “Islamic schools,” Dar ul-Ulooms, madrasahs and Jamias already teach the curriculum and opt out of the more saucy portions of the secular literature (which is one of the conditions for them receiving funding and their continued subservience) so they will only be told that they must implement.

Their reading list will most likely include books like Heather has 2 Mommies, homoerotic games, lectures and presentations that may even be given by homosexuals that will visit. There will be a trickle of Muslim parents that make a widespread exodus from Muslim schools in a bid to protect themselves and home school while it is still legal.

Others may see more writing on the wall than others and actually leave the country while things begin heating up.

Pulling of Funding

Upon realisation that some of the organisations headed by the “Islamic groups” are still not compliant, swift action will result in tens of mosques, “Islamic” centres and schools being closed. The swiftness of this will leave whole sections of Muslim enclaves with no Friday prayers, Qur’an classes, gathering places for mehfils, bayans, taqreers and other currency generating tools.

Widespread Capitulation

Once the rest of the Muslim majority communities witness that this legislation has teeth, they will then capitulate. This will involve private meetings between the respected imams, shaykhs and the wider intelligence community, after which time a synchronised set of khutbahs will be organised by all masjids under the umbrella group Muslim Mosques, Incorporated (MMI).

This khutbah will start by mentioning the importance of equality, moderation and inclusion and acceptance in society. The following weeks will then cover issues and statements in which claims will be made that there is no prescriptive in the Qur’an, Sunnah and Consensus against homosexuality other than promiscuity.

However if homosexuals engage in monogamy, then this will be rewarded. After this will come further lectures about the importance of family (no matter what the composition). Now while all of this is going on, many of these organisations will start to do underground homosexual marriages at the masjids at quiet times between the five daily prayers (many of these places already have permission to conduct/officiate registered marriages).

The following Fridays will cool down and go back to subjects such as wudu,’ voting (they will bring in police commissions, display flags over the mimbar, which will meet with little or no resistance from a spiritually sedated congregation), good deeds and other seemingly non-political fluff.

Then the final phase or coming out, will lead to the presentation of the first homesexual married couple. This will be touted as moderate, pragmatic and “keeping with the best and most important parts of our shared traditions with humanity.”

Those who will oppose this chicanery in the interim will be reported to the wider intelligence community (with the Prevention of Violent Extremism (PVE) in the UK and young children being paid to spy on dissidents, most of this apparatus is already in place) and face landmark sentences using some of the toughest legislation rolled out in Europe. Do not be surprised with cases of people doing 10 and 15 year sentences.

Organic Islam will have suffered another but then flower independently and mostly underground away from and under the radar of most legislation. This will lead to tiny networks dotted throughout the United Kingdom that are likeminded.

Although tiny, they will be able to fuel their resources. At this point, the separation between actual Islam and its’ folkloric components will be complete. There will be Orthodox Islam and then other islams that will be other religions, perhaps no different than the paradigm shift between Ultra-Orthodox Judaism and Reform and Conservative groups.

I advise myself and Muslims to begin to invest in local businesses, farming, likeminded and tiny parenting groups, school programmes that are homebased and centred around guilds and trades and steel yourself for the coming apostasy, which will catch a good many of the 1.2 million Muslims (or less depending on how many recent apostasies with conversions to Christianity) by surprise in the UK.

The ten million Muslims in the United States will also at one point fall under the scabbard of the sword of progress and will have to prepare themselves. Remember, it is better to work as cohesive, tiny groups of concerned families than sprawling organisations. I ask Allah that he protect us in these trying times and make us among the steadfast. Amin.

Your brother,

Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far al-Hanbali

6 responses to “The Homosexual Revolution…Still in Progress

  1. Salaam ‘aleikum Shaykh Abu Ja’far. This is the reason why I always felt in my heart even as a teenager that it’s best for us Muslims to not take money from others and try and be self-sufficient because “favors” come up with strings attached. A lot of ppl fail to understand that. jazakAllah khair.

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  3. ” the coming apostasy”

    As-Salaamu Alaykum, Shaykh.

    What did you mean by this? Will there really be some sort of mass-apostasy from Islam in the West? Is that what you’re saying?

    • as-Salaamu `Alaikum wa Rahmatullah,

      Noble brother,

      Yes, this is indeed what I am saying. This has already begun in the UK among some of the Muslim groups, particularly in Bradford where a church has been opened to cater to the needs of a growing Christian community of Pakistanis. This church, which I have seen while in Bradford, is composed almost entirely of apostates with the exception of the Pastor who is English. The same thing exists in Nottingham where there have been (to the best of my knowledge as I have met them) some thirteen cases of apostasy. I hope that this answers your question.



      • As-Salaamu Alaykum.

        “composed almost entirely of apostates”

        How will we go about dealing with this? Or at least how will we prepare for it like you said?

      • as-Salaamu `Alaikum wa Rahmatullah,

        Noble brother,

        Thank you for your interest and may Allah reward you. Yes, there are some things you can do. You have the following steps to be aware of:

        1) You need to hold a seminar in your local area about the risks to the youth from Evangelical Christianity. I did one in the Midlands and brought out all of their literature on the table and discussed their techniques. It would be good if it is power point as it is likely to hold their attention and when they see the different teachers and preachers this will put them into action.

        2) Find the location of the local Christian bookstore and go the section on Islam. It is usually filed under, “Satanism” or “False Religions.” You need to take a quick skim through the books just to find out what they are using and their methods. Many of the books will have authors who specialise in preaching to Muslims or former Muslims as well.

        3) You need to start canvassing and finding if there are any people that have any of these issues or doubts. So you start circulating information through channels that if there are people who have these doubts about Islam they can come forward and deal with it anonymously. Do not be overwhelmed if your response is huge because this is a very underground thing that is growing. The Cornerstone Church of Pastor John Hagee in San Antonio, TX, just opened a branch in my local area. So the spiritual war has kicked up a notch.

        4) organise a meeting or some type of dinner or such in an undisclosed location where they will feel comfortable sharing their doubts and suspicions about Islam. I often use a house as it is more cozy as by this time they will already have a deep suspicion and disgust towards the masjids, which they blame for much of their condition (especially if they are women).

        5) have the meeting. When you have the meeting, try to listen to them state their issues. There will be MANY. Resist the urge to jump and correct them about doctrines or principles that they have wrong. You need to hear them out completely as most of what they know is from perception and what they have heard from the masjids. Take note of what they say, whether it is mental note or written down (depending on what is the least intrusive in their eyes).

        Do not attack them or go on a tirade if one or two of them tell you that they have taken some of the formal steps to renounce Islam. You have to understand that as you have just found out and organised these meetings, they have had years of evaluating their time in Islam.

        After this you need to gently start to answer those doubts at that meeting or the follow up meeting. You or the one responsible has to be 1) mature in the faith so they know the Book, Sunnah and Understanding of the first three generations, 2) patient in listening to their doubts and questions, many of which will be or sound offensive, 3) accepting of criticism in which if the individual states that the masjid has oppressed them by shutting women out or patronising the youth, acknowledge it and take it on board.

        Even if it is based on perception, acknowledge that you understand their complaint. This will put you on the road to reconciliation. Out of the amount of apostates I have dealt with and tried to reason with, out of some 13, four returned to the faith. You have to realise – as one of them told me – that you are just beginning to scratch the surface. There are whole families in the Midlands that have apostated. I know a family in which the daughter is a circuit overseer for the Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses.

        Be strong, be prepared and most of all be in du`aa.

        brother in Islam,


        al-Hajj Abu Ja`far al-Hanbali

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