Q and A with Feedback: Question from Bosnia


Figure 1A: Bosnia

There was a very good conversation that I had with someone some time ago. I thought that the readers might like to read some of what I receive. Please enjoy!


— On Wed, 7/9/11, 

Subject: Hanbali Text Society: Some questions/suggestions
To: htspub@yahoo.co.uk
Date: Wednesday, 7 September, 2011, 11:01


Assalamu `alaykum respected Shaikh,

May Allah The Exalted forgive you and us our sins, and may He reward you and us!

Wa `Alaikum us-Salaamu Wa Rahmatullah,

I’m sending this message from Podgorica, Montenegro (near Bosnia).

These days I’m reading your book “The Divine Texts” and enjoying it.

I have some questions/suggestions:
1) Do you have errata for this book (and other books)?  Can you please send it to me?  It would be nice if you kept an updated errata PDF file on your site http://www.htspub.com

Yes, I have some 56 mistakes, those that are slight spelling mistakes, .like Muhammd and similar things and then maybe other mistakes where there should be more filling. However at the time of completing it I thought that if I continue with this many notes it is going to become two volumes rather than a slim one.

I have also taken suggestions for a second print that will be coming soon. I am going to take the end notes and move them to the front so they are footnotes instead. Most of the Slaves of Allah, editor included, say this is a good logical step and should be continued.

This is based on the success of the Divine Lightning, which has the references as footnotes rather than end notes. If you have suggestions or input on this I would appreciate it.

2) I’m finding some of your remarks regarding science (my background is Electrical Engineering/Computer Science) a bit vague:

a) The one regarding meteorology/weather forecasting.  Isn’t meteorology/weather forecasting based on experimental science?  You haven’t even mentioned astrology, which, in my opinion, should have been mentioned in this context.

The statement about weatherforecasting was particular to people who claim that they know for sure how the weather is going to be, such as soothsayers and the like. It is one of the things Allah promises no man has sure knowledge of in the last ayah of Surah Luqman.

I apologise if it seemed vague.

b) The one regarding theory of relativity (and E=mc^2).  Similar to other scientific laws, it’s a law that is very useful (although it has been misused in nuclear weapons), and subject to Allah’s Power.  I don’t understand on what basis (you sound very general in your remarks) have you found this theory problematic?  The gist of this theory is that subatomic particles don’t interact with each other like billiard balls.

The statement regarding relativity had to do with (as I connected some aspects to Fred Hoyle) the belief in the universe being created. This was used as a means of asserting this claim by some people and Fred Hoyle is a sort of candidate for a proto-relativity US type theory with is steady state assertion.

It took Dr Jeffrey Weeks to finally expose the point that the universe is not eternal and has an end, a shape (similar to “a soccar ball” to quote him exactly). It is for this reason that the scholars of Islam went after the theory of relativity.

3) Do you have any plans to release Kindle versions of your books?  Shipping real books via Amazon to my country (I guess it’s similar for other countries) costs almost as much as half the price of the book.

I am thinking about it and it is on the cards as my publisher and other people have badgered me about it. They have just about worn me down.

4) I found a freely available PDF of your book “A Word of Advice”
Was this made available with your consent?

No, and I alerted my publisher and editors of this but I don’t know the legal ramifications and why those individuals keep displaying it. I use the money from royalties to pour into other projects. I just love for the texts to get out there so anything that comes back goes into projects. When someone does that, they are attempting to slow projects, accidently or with purposeful intent.

That’s it for now…  May Allah preserve you!

Please pray for guidance, tawfiq and baraka for me, my parents, my relatives…


Thank you for your kind words and the update. I hope you have found some benefit in my words. It is mainly the fact that I love for those scholars to come into English.

It may help to keep in mind that when the scholars normally go after something they do so with a mind to demolish false concepts and other things. So with the theory of relativity there have been side effects that have been good, but this was neither the original intent of its’ creators or the first principle to come from it.

The beginning point was to “try to posit a universe and explain it as if there was no god,” a point similar to how Charles Darwin tried to explain the origin of life.

I hope that clarified the point better on the reasons behind why the theologians made certain remarks that I footnoted.


brother in Islam,


P.S. I apologise for not addressing you as sister/brother, but I am unfamiliar with Bosnian gender names so I could not ascertain you to be male or female.

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