A Great Meeting and Another Proof of Brotherhood of the Muslims

A Most Amazing Meeting

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet some noble brothers and discuss in depth the issues of transactions and the necessity of helping Muslims in the English speaking world be familiarised with this hugely unemphasised topics.

As with all good brothers, they came bearing gifts in the form of books (another evidence that these were brothers after my own heart) and I will be making it a point to read them with relish and review them extensively when I am ready, if Allah so wills.

Those texts that I received were:

This text is available here

this text is available here

this text is available here

Others may have read these books already but due to the fact that I am not a consistent English reader, to me this is quite exciting. If you have read these texts and have beneficial knowledge to give towards the matter, please let us know as we would love to hear from you.

The Politics of False Priorities…Where is the Insult?

The narrator and creator of Islam: The Untold Story.

I was unsure how to put into words my thoughts on the isolated embassy raiding in certain parts of the Muslim world where Muslims were angry about the film, “The Innocence of Muslims.” I wondered how many people – the same being the case for the “Satanic Verses” which I had read on its’ second release – had actually seen or viewed the material that was to be an attack on Islam.

The reason for the curious tone is that the scholars of the Muslims – today and in the past – when material was touted to be offensive, had either or asked to read or view material in order to give the legal judgement that it was indeed offensive. Someone viewing this movie (if we are generous by dubbing this material with cinematic quality) would come to a number of conclusions.

The first is an overwhelming amount of pity, yes eye watering, tissue yanking, shoulder shrugging due to weeping pity. Someone had actually paid $5 million to have this menagerie put into a workable format for people to view it.

Then there were the actors. Every individual in the movie should really be more scared about what the movie unions are going to do for the atrocious acting rather than the plot of the said offensive material.

Then finally comes the fact that there is material that is more sophisticated, more diabolical and indeed more vitriolic than this B- stoner movie meant to attract offense that was directed by an ex-con Coptic who can’t even take communion from the patriarch of his area.

More attention should have been paid to Islam: The Untold Story, by the historian Peter Holland, which showcased the theories of Patricia Crone. This first episode has shaken more people with its’ sophomoric offerings on Muslim civilisation and prophecy than the innocence has and will ever do to the Muslims.

Then we have the abysmally disappointing work from the BBC’s The Life of Muhammad: Episode 1: Muhammad the Seeker in which the Joe Louis of secularist name-tag wearing Muslims, Rageh Omaar, along with a cast of secularists and salafis, take a prophet and reduce him to the local post man.

Historical errors abound, with old canards offered like the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, having epilepsy, as well as taking his family on “spiritual retreats” to the “Mount of Hira” in a type of ancient Arabic ashram for seeking love, peace, solace and understanding of what to do about the world around him that left him “severely disturbed.”

The cast of this peep show documentary include `Abdur-Raheem Green (ranch worker for Salafiyyah), Ajmal Masroor (local imam and consort to secularists), Princess Badiya Bint El-Hassan (Jordanian princess who being born to Muslim parents has just as much right to speak on Islam as an English speaker to an academic critique of Shakespeare),

Merryl Wyn Davies (head of a Muslim Academy of international repute in London that no one has heard of), Karen Armstrong (the stalwart and objective drop-out-nun), Peter Holland (host of Islam: The Untold Story in which he wanted to discover the early history of Islam and Muslim Empires consulting entirely English sources – after all, didn’t everyone write down their ideas and speak English?),

Michael Nazir Ali (former Pakistani Christian of a London parish who fled to Pakistan to escape British Muslim “no go areas” in the UK), Nonie Darwish (apostate and “born-again” Evangelical Christian), Tariq Ramadan (aider and abetter of secularisation of the Muslims) and a host of other court jesters and heathens guaranteed to give the uninformed Muslim plenty of cud to chew throughout the maiden episode of this lamentable exercise in monetary largess.