Book Review Feedback: A God Who Hates

Figure 1A: Wafa Sultan arouses passions wherever she speaks.

Figure 1A: Wafa Sultan arouses passions wherever she speaks.

The following was left by a reader. Again, I appreciate the people that have read the blog.
I’m not astonished that you (pseudo-)intellectualize your hipocracy (read: narcissism) against a woman who still found very serious, (ACCURATE from many reports over the last & current century) defects against the Islamic(a perversion of Christianity, Judeism, with even elements of zorastianism & hinduism included) cult. FYI, ISLAM is the primary religious cult that captured (over several centuries) & transported to the African coast, Africans of many tribes, to SELL to the European slavers. In Addition, with Saudi Aribia leading the charge, CURRENTLY slavery is practiced & widespread in the Muslim world, mostly against women, AND often against Muslim women, eg.- Phillipinos, Indonesians, etc. I’ve often been amazed that American Blacks associate with Islam, apparently not knowing that the very reason that MOST of Am. Blacks are in the Americas is because of Islamic Slavers (often from their forts in the interior & coasts of Africa). Reports of slavery all have similar presentations, in terms of brutality & isolation. These reports are primarily from the islamic world, & secondarily to a much lessor extent, still in the communist world. BOTH operatives of Satan (though I believe that many Islamics are unaware of this).
You fail to illustrate the genocide of peacefull Byzantine & Coptic Christians From the 700′s, onward. Millions of people slaughtered. Islam, Peaceful? What Dog shit. You constantly talk of our Crusades as horrible acts(many were, & I don’t think that they have any chance in front of the 1 God, Jesus Christ, at the judgement). What you fail to illustrate is that Islam murdered millions In Those Areas, 3 -4 centuries before, if they didn’t convert, at a swords point. Possibly (& possibly= rhetorical for disscussion), Christians were simply taking back what belonged to them, IN THE FIRST PLACE.
Islam is violent to people individually & as nations, throughout its’ Entire History, from the start. That’s ALL Historical FACT, in spite of your attack on a woman’s possible defects (& I doubt they are as extant as you surmise, which is typical of hateful, narcisistic ideologes).
I think that I Might even understand (not condone, due to Christ’s commandment “to LOVE your Enemies”- I applaud the Byzantine & Coptic Christians for their Godly behavior among a sick, cultic thought pattern) some of the Crusaders brutality considering that, typically, the only way to convince a genocidal ideologue is to kill them.
You’ve got to be immediately suspect of a “religion” whose main come-on to mass murderers is that they will get to have sex with 40 virgins, in perpetuity. Mohammad has a 9 year old as a bride/sex partner. PERVERSE? DISTURBED? YOU BET IT IS. No NORMAL (to use your verbage) person, In All of History, No Normal person would see sex with a 9 yr. old girl as anything BUT Pedophilia. Explain the pervasive cultural/cultic focus on dominant, often brutalizing, sexual posture towards women As a Common Practice, In Afganistan, Saudi Arabia, and Many other Islamic countries, the practice of selling girls and young women, to people (often pedophiles, or men brutal in other ways) that they don’t know & can’t be protected from, as their fathers are No longer their Owner. This is a CURRENT practice of effective slavery towards women. Suicide is a Very Common Practice/Result among muslim women, as a consequence of the brutalizing of women across the muslim. Women are treated like livestock, for financial gain. In the USA we have to jail muslim men for these routine practices. Sick? Yes, Don’t bring Your Disturbed Behavior Here. It’s bad enough that you do this perverse behavior in your own countries.
Homosexual use of young boys is Common, (do I need to go there?). I CAN go there, with Arabic verbage, describing & ACCEPTING of the practice, ALL over the Muslim world. You buy young boys (read: sex slavery) for your perverted practice of domination. Domination, as common pratice both individually & nationally, was well described by by Mrs. Sultan(In: A God Who Hates).
Islam is the ONLY “religion”, worldwide that CONTINUES Violence toward ANY other Religion, under the cloak of a jihad/crusade/holy war. Hypocracy? You & millions of your sick duplicates need a mirror, for a reality check.
I can go on, but most muslim Men, are filthy, persverse members of a cult that is dangerous to the world.

Dear Reader,

Thank you for the comment. However the points that you made in the beginning, being laced with profanity and also in addition to that written without a clear pattern of progression led me to not render a reply and also to request that you rethink the message you would like to send, avoid profanity and then send the message in some form of discernible English.Thank you again for considering us worthy of a message.

al-Hajj Abu Ja`far al-Hanbali


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