Meeraath: A New Site and a New Beginning

Figure 1A: The Umayyad Family Central Masjid
Figure 1A: The Umayyad Family Central Masjid

I would like to introduce the advent of the new website that is to now succeed This is none other than Meeraath. This new endeavour represents the best of what Muslim Orthodoxy can offer and its’ scholars and sources.

The books are still to be published but will from now on be offered in the store listed on the website. New books that will be available will also be mentioned on this blog. Hanbali Text Society has now been shaped to its’ original purpose, which is a publishing wing that desires to assist all Slaves of Allah with the best texts possible from well known authorities.

I would like to thank all the well wishers that prayed for us and hoped for our success. All the affiliates and I from Hanbali Text Society would like to say thank you and we hope that your fasting in Muharram will be blessed.


al-Hajj Abu Ja`far al-Hanbali

Wednesday 29 Dhul Hijjah 1433
In the 89th year of the Holy Land Captivity