Women in the Masjid…Apartheid Revisited


Picture this…

It was Friday and I was excited. The brother had picked me up from the house at 11:30am sharp. I know. In the winter, Jumu`ah will begin at 12:30pm so I’m going to be really early; but still, I want to be there early and get the reward. Maybe sit down and read the Qur’an.

It was the busiest day of the week and the brother driving and I were giddy with the great worship we would soon indulge in at the new local masjid. It had just been built so not only were we wearing fresh Jumu`ah clothes, but we had also bought new clothes for the occasion.

Although it was a fifteen minute car ride, I imagined it as merely five when we had now approached the masjid after stepping from the still warm car. I smiled instinctively. Now we were at the front door and I immediately walked inside.

A sister dashed over and confronted us. “As-Salaamu `Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.” I looked expectantly at the prayer area. There was a pause where the salam should have been and then I received a hard stare. “What did you want?”

“We came to pray. I wanted to…” She waved me off and left for a moment behind an ajar door at the office. “Yeah…is there a brothers section? There is a brother that came to pray.” She looked back at us and glanced back quickly. “Wait, there’s two of them.” I heard the alarm in her voice.

I looked at my watch and after about 15 minutes, the sister returned. “Yes, we have a brothers section. You come with me,” she called us with her index finger shaking, as if coaxing a goat. We both followed behind through the prayer area, to have piercing stares peel the flesh under our clothes.

We were relieved until we saw the broom closet that the attendant sister cleared out. “Okay, this is the area. Here you are. We don’t use it often. It’s better for brothers to pray at home.” We knew that but at the prospect of praying in congregation, we could only be but hopeful.

We sat down with the door ajar to the broom closet, the speaker on the wall so ancient that every time the Friday preacher spoke the tweeter crackled and the woofer didn’t so much as whimper.

The khutbah was a warning against lust and evil and all of a sudden brothers were brought up when I coughed with the brother that drove me to the masjid. “Can we keep quiet, brothers,” the sister bellowed into the mic.

“You have to look out for sin and alluring sisters with your voices. Brothers, perfuming their beards, jalabiyyahs too bright and their `imamahs wrapped where they reveal the neck.”

She then went through a catalogue of statements – some of them drawing peels of laughter from the sisters in the congregation – when she discussed the clothing that the brothers wore that were impermissible and unacceptable.

“If the brothers wear clothes any tighter, I’ll be able to see what’s in their stomachs,” the preacher half chuckled along with the other sisters that guffawed. We felt stupid sitting there and checked our clothes.

Then the time for prayer came. We stood up, hoping that there would be enough bark in the woofer and chirp in the tweeter to hear the sister leading. The door was open so any ayat we missed would be accounted for by the live recitation.

Then the unimaginable happened. Another sister, thinking it was purer for us to be completely isolated, went and closed the door. Now we were at the mercy of the ancient speaker. We heard maybe 16% of the prayer.

When we finished, sisters prayed additional prayers and the situation was exacerbated by the fact that they were blocking the door while praying and we could not come out to get to the car. It would not be until 30 minutes later that we could finally leave and dagger stares pierced through our clothes.

This might have to be our last Jumu`ah. I know. You’re shaking your head right now. Such a thing is laughable and unimaginable. Brothers would never put up with that; but perhaps as much as 60% of the Muslims in the UK, US and Canada have had to deal with this issue.

It is our sisters, the “fairer sex” that have had to carry this burden. I did not fully understand this type of religious apartheid until I war married and I went to take my wife to Jumu`ah. Not a single place for her.

“Jumu`ah isn’t compulsory for sisters,” the brothers would counsel me, cooing their words as if trying to lullaby me from further inquiry. “Neither is meat for brothers, but it’s still available in case you want to have it, right?” I received only a scowl.

There were no places for her to pray and the places that had a “sister’s section” did not have it opened that day because the amount of brothers ran over and they had to “maximise the space” (why is it that accommodation for brothers in these communities involves pushing sisters out?).

Figure 1A: An example of a sisters only entrance at an event.
Figure 1A: An example of a sisters only entrance at an event.

I grew up in a segregated West Coast in the United States, was forcibly bussed to schools only to be later segregated at school. At that point, lunch time was to be spent with your own race.

Figure 1B: An example of a segregation sign based on race.
Figure 1B: An example of a segregation sign based on race.

I remember walks home filled with this same behaviour. I remember Port Orford, Oregon and its’ sun down downs (“Nigger, don’t let the sun set on your ass”) and now I see the same thing among some people in my faith.

This type of asexual apartheid has occurred in three main areas: the masjid, lectures and learning and social gatherings outside of the first two. Slaves of Allah seeking to glorify Allah have not been spared this harassment in their day to day lives.

Sisters cannot be left to grow and learn their faith without being relegated, new converts have to choose a gang (read “group” among the Muslims), born Muslims who were wayward and are returning to the faith have to submit to the group think of their parents even if they don’t want to (“We were all Ahl –i – Hadith and damn it so are you”).

Rather than teaching people about the fundamentals and then building on that, we must terrorise with ancillaries and obfuscate the obvious.

The Masjid

I always fondly remember the statement of the Messenger of Allah,

“The most beloved of places to Allah are the masjids and the most disliked places of Allah are the markets.”[1]

The masjid was a place of enjoyment of the faith and when I found one that carried out the faith in a systematic way I was finally home. Masjids on the West Coast of the United States like Dar us-Salam, At-Taqwa, El-Ekhlas, Al-Ikhwah and others that were store fronts and had no name but were in no short supply of righteousness.

When I prayed behind them after listening to their khutbah, the desire to please Allah was apparent. They might not have been scholars, but what they knew they knew and they acted on it consistently.

Imams such as Jamil Al-Amin and his satellite masjids and communities, Luqman Amin `Abdullah, Ramee Muhammad, `Abdul `Alim Musa and so many others filled me with great pride about Islam and being a Muslim.

Brothers prayed in the front and sisters prayed in the back. This was just how it was done. When I was wayward from the faith, the few times I entered my Arab masjids, I saw the same thing but was not there long enough to know what it meant.

Now I had adulthood to understand the power of this public declaration. When there were community meetings, the sisters had their own semi-circle right behind that of the brothers and offered feedback, food for thought and often gave stinging criticisms – as bitter as the vinegar was to drink, we had to and it made us better men – and when we were on the right track we received glowing complements.

Things that we often missed the women of our communities brought to our attention, i.e. inclusion of women and including activities for them, making sure that the brother’s rows don’t spill into the sisters rows on Jumu`ah,

The imam in Ramadan recites loud enough in Tarawih so that we can all hear him, the imam had to represent convert sisters as their wali when they wanted to get married, new converts with terminal illnesses needed visits organised and so many other things.

So when I came in and the brothers were praying in the front and the sisters in the back, I was proud of the fact. When the imam made a mistake, one of the sisters would make a solitary clap for him to know.

During the jumu`ah khutbah, the imam forgot the ayah that he was elucidating and the brothers did not remember; but the sisters did. It is that dedication and fearlessness that I never forgot in my life.

And when people “upon Qur’an and Sunnah,” came to “correct” our having women in the masjid (“Brother, what are they doing here?” He motioned to the sisters as if there were termites gnawing at the foundation of the House of Allah), brother `Abdur-Raheem fought them like a good imam and with the Book and Sunnah.

“You better get that cultural stuff outta here, man. If ya’ll want to keep that ‘back home’ crap going, you go ahead. You don’t feel comfortable or think that you might have some perverted fantasies, then get out; but this masjid is firmly based on the Sunnah.

And that’s the real and that’s what’s up.” And for good measure, he showed them ahadith in the collections in Al-Bukhari and Muslim that froze the Pharisees in their tracks. Let’s look first at the evidence in the collection of Imam Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj:

(#440) Zuheir bin Harb related [1] to us, Jarir bin Suheil related to us, from his father, from Abu Huraira, who said: ‘The Messenger of Allah, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “The best row for the men is the first, and the worst of them is the last. The best row for the women is the last, and the worst of them is the first.”

Now look at the commentary of Imam Yahya an-Nawawi, may Allah be pleased with him, that was translated by one of our brothers in faith,

Imam an-Nawawi: Regarding the rows of the men, generally speaking, the best is always the first and the worst is always the last. As for the rows of the women, this hadith is referring to the rows of the women that pray with the men. If [the women] pray by themselves, without the men, then they become like men in the sense that their best row would be the first and the worst one would be the last. What is meant by ‘the worst row’ for men and women is the row that has the least reward and virtue, and is the furthest from what is sought by legislation. The best row is the opposite. The only virtue of the last row of the women, who pray with the men, is their distance from mixing with the men, seeing them and their hearts being attached to them upon seeing their movement and hearing their speech and so forth. The dispraise of the first row is the opposite of that, and Allah knows best.

(#441) Abu Bakr bin Abi Shaibah related to us, Waki’ related to us from Sufyan from Abu Hazim, from Sahl bin Sa’d, who said: ‘ I saw the men tying their lower garments around their necks, like children, because of the shortage of cloth, behind the Prophet may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, so someone said: “ O women! Don’t raise your heads until the men have gotten up.”

Imam an-Nawawi: (‘I saw the men tying their lower garments’). This means that they tied them because of their inadequacy, so that none of their nakedness would be revealed. This is a caution to cover nakedness and to be firm in maintaining that cover.

(‘O women! Don’t raise your heads until the men have gotten up’). This is so that no woman would see the nakedness of any of the men being revealed, and so forth.

(#442) ‘Amr an-Naqid and Zuheir bin Harb related to me, and both of them from Ibn ‘Uyainah. Zuheir said: ‘Sufyan bin ‘Uyainah related to us, from az-Zuhri, that he heard Salim narrate from his father. The Prophet, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, came to him and said: “If any of your women should seek permission to go to the masjid then don’t prevent them.”

I remember these and other cases of arguments in favour of the popular “sisters section” but never accepted them. This was especially in light of two sexual assaults against Muslim sisters in masjids while residing in the “sisters section.”

Yes, indeed. There were cases of sisters being raped in the “sister’s section,” as they were completely isolated and cut off from the rest of the masjid.

No one heard their screams (“Akhi, what are they screaming for? You know the woman’s voice is `awrah. She should have put her hand over her mouth so that her scream did not allure anyone, like in the hadith of `A’ishah”).

It was close to home as well as my own sister had to face the Pharisees of the Ummah.“I don’t understand why I can’t come in and why I was turned away,” my younger sister of 5’1’’-5’4’’ (with or without burgundy Chuck Taylors on) mused, herself holding a degree.

“This is what it is…this is why you were turned away,” I showed her the 1995 commissioned Islamic Encyclopaedia which argued that the reason why women were commanded to wear hijab and other laws is due to the fact that they were more “fragile.”

Following that were discussions and diagrams showing comparison studies between the skeleton and brain of a woman and that of a five year old child. They had the brain structure and bone structure of a child so that’s why we had to take care of her (insert Jew or black in that section and read it out in a university setting and I wonder how far you would get before arrest).

“What?!” My pint sized sister sent the book sailing through the air past the kitchen table and onto the floor. “You don’t have male plumbing. That’s your problem!” For some reason she did not find this facetious declaration humorous.

But she did understand the logic of what I was saying. This was the reasoning. You poor little thing with the cranial capacity of a five year old child and the bone structure of an adolescent! Let us “take care of you (read pity you)” and “protect you from harm.”

The women in the time of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, used to pray in Al-Masjid un-Nabawi behind him, including the Fajr and `Isha’ times no matter the weather.

This is established in the collection of Imam Muslim and can be seen with the quote from the article that I quoted form the brother. The translation coincides definitely with the original Arabic (I know as many nights we discussed how important a matter this was together at my house).

Further to this, we want to know what the scholars of Muslim Orthodoxy have said of this matter. Read the words of these scholars – some of whom were known for their strictness – as well as the principles they deduce for us.

Women have always prayed behind the men and there has never been any difference in this point. Men were in front, then the children and smaller males and then the women came after that. This is demonstrable from so many texts.

Al-Qadi Abu Ya`la al-Baghdadi (d. 458 AH), may Allah have mercy upon him, remarked about women praying in congregation,

“It is praiseworthy for the men that when they gather together to pray their compulsory prayers that they do so in congregation in one narration; although in another narration it is stated that is not praiseworthy.”[2]

Imam Mahfuz al-Kalwadhani (d. 513 AH), may Allah have mercy upon him, stated forthrightly,

“It is disliked for the Imam to lead prayer when there are woman that are strangers to him with no mahram behind him or when there is no other man or men to pray with the Imam. The same thing holds when he is leading these women and other people dislike it.” [3]

Imam Fakhr ud-Din Ibn Taymiyyah (d. 622 AH), may Allah have mercy upon him, mentioned that women,

“…are in the rows behind the men when praying in congregation in the masjid.[4]

Imam Muhy ud-Din Yusuf ibn al-Jawzi (d. 656 AH), may Allah be pleased with him, said of the woman’s prayer in congregation,

“If there is a woman praying in congregation, she prays behind the imam. The order of rows in the prayer is men first, then children after that, then hermaphrodites and then the women behind them.” [5]

Imam Shams ud-Din Ibn Qudamah (d. 682 AH), may Allah have mercy upon him, said of women attending the masjid and praying behind the men,

“If the woman should ask permission to attend the masjid, her husband should not prevent her although her home is better for her.

This is due to the statement of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, ‘Do not forbid the maiden slaves of Allah from the masjid while if they do go out, they should come out without any perfume.’ This is collected by Imam Abu Dawud in his Sunan.

So the women should come to the masjid while not wearing any perfume and the hadith aforementioned mentions this point. It is praiseworthy for them to attend the congregational prayers with the men based upon the statement of `A’ishah, may Allah be pleased with her,

‘The women would attend the congregational prayer with the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

When the prayer completed, the women would leave wrapped in the garments and could not be recognised due to the darkness.’ This is collected by Imams al-Bukhari and Muslim and agreed upon in authenticity.

Prayer in their homes is better for them based upon what the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said, ‘The prayer of a woman in her home is better than the prayer in her chamber. The prayer in the solitude and quiet of her room secluded away is better than the prayer in her home.’ This is collected by Imam Abu Dawud in his Sunan.” [6]

Imam Abu Talib al-Basri (d. 684 AH), may Allah have mercy upon him, mentioned congregational prayer,

“Praying in congregation is sunnah for women and they are to pray behind another woman, or a hermaphrodite or a man that is from their direct family when other men are not present; but it has also been said that praying behind the hermaphrodite is disliked.

It is disliked to forbide one’s wife from praying in the masjid when she is safe from tribulation and there is no harm; if there is tribulation or harm, then he may stop her from attending. The old or the young women may attend the congregational prayer with the men in the masjid.

Imam Ahmad mentioned that they are to be present for the compulsory prayer in congregation only. Their houses are better for them and this is more emphasised.” [7]

Imam Badr ud-Din Asbaasalaar al-Ba`li (d. 777 AH) said the following:

“It is disliked for the Imam to lead prayer when there are woman that are strangers to him with no mahram behind him or when there is no other man or men to pray with the Imam. The same thing holds when he is leading these women and other people dislike it.

It is the sunnah to have ranks set up for the prayer and for them to pray behind the Imam while the woman is to pray behind the rows.”[8]

He further said, “The order of the prayer is that the men are behind the Imam, then after that the children, then hermaphrodites form their own row and the women form their row after them.” [9]

“And it is disliked to forbid the woman from the masjid although her prayer in her home is better for her.” [10]

Imam `Ala’ ud-Din al-Mardawi (d. 884 AH), may Allah have mercy upon him, stated the following,

“Women praying in congregation is praiseworthy according to the depended upon position in the madhhab. This is also the position of the vast majority.” [11]

Imam Mar`ii ibn Yusuf al-Karmi (d. 1033 AH), may Allah have mercy upon him, the great Palestinian authority, mentioned this issue with a simple pithy remark,

“It is sunnah to pray the compulsory prayer in congregation in the masjid and the women may do this but have to be separate from the men.” [12]

Imam Mansur ibn Yunus al-Buhuti (d. 1051 AH), may Allah have mercy on him, the great Egyptian scholar, stated,

“It is sunnah for the women to pray in congregation in the masjid separate from the men; but in the case of women bearing much beauty, her presence is disliked with the men while it is not for women other than that. The same ruling holds for the women that attend circles of preaching and admonition and the uppermost is the position mentioned.” [13]

The Imam went on further to say,

“It is disliked that a man act as an Imam for a stranger that is a women. The same thing holds when there are a large number of women and there is no man to pray with the Imam or male relative for them.

This is due to the fact that the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, forbade a man from being alone with a strange woman. If the leader in the prayer was leading his mahram relatives or a number of strangers that are women but there is a man with them, then this is not disliked .

The reason for that not being disliked is that women used to attend the prayer with the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and this was known. It is also disliked for the man to lead the prayer with strange women behind him while most of the people dislike it due to some right or reason.

An example of a right or reason they might have is a flaw in his religion or his virtue, just as the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said, ‘There are three people that will not have their prayer ascend past his ears: 1) he rebellious servant until he returns, 2) a woman whose husband is angry with her and 3) one who leads the prayer for the people and they dislike him to do it.’ This is collected by Imam at-Tirmidhi.

Imam Burhan ud-Din Ibn Muflih, may Allah have mercy on him, said of this matter, ‘The hadith in At-Tirmidhi on this topic is authentic but strange in wording and form and it has some flimsiness in the transmission. If the leader of the prayer is someone of religion and sunnah and the people dislike him to be the imam due to him leading women, there is no ruling of it being disliked for him.’ ” [14]

Imam `Abdul Qadir at-Taghlabi ash-Shaibani (d. 1133 AH), may Allah have mercy upon him, gave a strong ruling,

“It is sunnah for the women to pray in congregation in the masjid but to be separate from the men. The women are from the people who have been commanded to pray the compulsory prayer so they are like the men in that regard.” [15]

Imam `Abdur-Rahman ibn `Abdullah al-Ba`li (d. 1192 AH), may Allah have mercy upon him, mentioned that women in congregational prayer are to,

“…pray behind the imam as this is praiseworthy.” [16]

Imam Mustafa ar-Ruhaibani (d. 1243 AH), may Allah be pleased with him, said the same thing and concurred with past authorities on this point. [17]

Some diehards, worn down by the constant “pestering” (read: challenging with evidence) of women, allowed to include a section for the women but still maintain the same structure as had previously been. Let the sisters have their section but it is nice and far away where they cannot contribute, ask questions, correct mistakes or be a direct part of the community.

Their favourite was to create two possible areas to keep women out of the picture:

a. A balcony to keep the women far enough away where they could “do not harm” but in the masjid where they could not cry foul. The birds had a beautiful cage but their wings were clipped.

Figure 2A: An example of a sisters balcony in the masjid. Notice how far this is from the rest of the congregation.
Figure 2A: An example of a sisters balcony in the masjid. Notice how far this is from the rest of the congregation.

This is also the practice of Orthodox Jews (who did it first and have been followed by Muslims since that time)

Figure 2B: An example of a balcony in an Orthodox synagogue. Please compare between this image and the one in Figure 2A.
Figure 2B: An example of a balcony in an Orthodox synagogue. Please compare between this image and the one in Figure 2A.

b. The curtain. By having this curtain, it was purer for them.

Figure 3A: An example of a curtain in a masjid with sisters facilities. Please compare this with the mechitza picture in Figure 2C
Figure 2C: An example of a curtain in a masjid with sisters facilities. Please compare this with the mechitza picture in Figure 3A

I remembered this statement being told to me by my school chum Chanan (Hassidic Jewish) but instead of the curtain, he referred to a mechitzah. Diagrams have been recorded for you to consider and reflect on the matter.

Figure 2C: An example of the mechitza veil used in Orthodox synagogues to keep people pure.
Figure 3A: An example of the mechitza veil used in Orthodox synagogues to keep people pure.

All of this made me think about the time the second khalifah, `Umar ibn al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him, called for a reduction of the bridal gift for the women (ar. mahr) but the woman protested (“What was the sister doing outside of the sister’s section and who told her to use her voice?” The Pharisees would probably ask in shock, wholly ignorant of the first three generations).

The lady stated that whatever extravagances he might fear, this was not his affair and the bridal gift could not be reduced when it was agreed by both parties nor could it be taken back. She then promptly recited

And if you should give one of them a chest of gold as a gift, then do not take any of it back. If you were to take any of it back, it would be a grave and open sin. [18]

This triggered a response from Sayyiduna `Umar, may Allah be pleased with him, “Well, then the woman is right and `Umar is wrong.” [19] You will not find that in your “Islamic Studies” curriculum purchased from the local bookstore with phallic leanings.

Even more so is the case of the woman who stood up when the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, stated that a large proportion of women will be in the Fire due to ungratefulness to their husbands and rebellion.[20]

“She was wearing hijab,” the kneejerk reaction is brought (question: what on Earth does that have to do with whether or not the women are in the masjid? The point is they were there). “Yes and there were in the masjid,” we answered in the verbal volley.

Lectures, Learning and other Social Gatherings

Not satisfied with trying to destroy their faith in such a matter as accommodation in the masjid, our segregation guardians also have to guard the sisters from learning anything about Islam.

“Look out for free-mixing, akee. In this day and age, it’s just safer to not have it. We’re not as pure as the times before. It’s just much worse now. Oh, Astaghfirullah!”

One of the famous refrains of the intellectually indigent, this style of reasoning is often used to stop any forward momentum with sisters in their faith. Now ask this same scion of the faith whether he and his sisters have been to college (which really do have free-mixing and men sitting directly next to women), university or any other settings.

“Yeah…I mean it’s difficult cause we kinda gotta get an education. We can’t do anything about that…” You’re nodding your head right now aren’t you? You have heard this one before. So have I…

“So women completely uncovered sitting next to you (with perms, perfume and full make up) and men sitting next to your sister (with crew cuts, cologne and caps), doing PE with them, square dancing, sex education, spending lunch period and about eight hours of your day, that’s alright…gotta do it.

When you are coming to an event and sisters might be selling things from stalls or in the market…gotta put a stop to this?”

Brother `Abdul Karim, from Watts and not with as many social graces as I possess, gave the only reply he could, “Man, get outta here with that oppression stuff! Do this look like Oklahoma from the 1960s?!”Slang aside, he is right.

If matters are that serious, then what do we do about the fact that women such as Khawla bint Qais, mentioned that they used to sometimes loiter around the masjid and flirt with the men and the second khalifah, `Umar ibn Al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him, broke up the practice but did not stop women coming to the masjid? [21]

I came to know of a shaikhah who was Turkish in origin that was a hadith scholar in the United States and brothers invited me and some other Slaves of Allah to listen to Tabarani in chunks from her.

“Akee, don’t do it. It’s haram to do that ‘cause it could be freemixing.” I attempted to explain that the class will be men in the front and women in the back and that the teacher will not be fondling any other class mates and no orgy has been listed in the class programme.

In loving manner, I ignored the brother like nobody’s business and went. It was a wonderful opportunity to hear hadith narrated real time and to ask questions and take knowledge. A much older women, perhaps her fifties or sixties (as I was told by one of the organisers), she was stern on class participation by way of writing and stated that if anyone felt tired to go as she wanted everyone attentive to the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

Then we have other gatherings. Sisters are told that they must make hajj and `umrah just like the brothers and afterward to visit Madinah but then they are treated like cattle when they do arrive to try to collect benefits.

Brothers have full access to walk the line and give their blessings to the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, Abu Bakr and `Umar, may Allah be pleased with both of them.

Figure 3B: A direct camera view of the grave of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, as seen from the brothers section. Notice the unfettered access.
Figure 3B: A direct camera view of the grave of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, as seen from the brothers section. Notice the unfettered access.

But if you are bearing the X chromosome?! Don’t worry ladies. Gotta keep you pure…we’re gonna look after you. We have kept a cage near the tunnel on the way to the Rawdah that you can just look though.

Check that view out! Now you really have something to write out and crow about when you get home. Years from now, bearers of oestrogen can tell their grandchildren, “You know grandma got to go to the cage near the grave and look!”

Others with even more honour can say that they have been a bit closer behind a partition and had the honour of signing their names, those of their children and a prayer to come again next year addressed to the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

(This is suspiciously similar to the Shi`ii practice of doing the same thing when notes are signed off to the 12th imam in the location he is believed to have gone into major occultation; but these innovations are taking place when we are leaving the Revealed Law and mocking our women)

Figure 3C: An innovated practice that has begun in Madinah due to barring sisters from visiting the normal Rawdah section of Al-Masjid un-Nabawi.
Figure 3C: An innovated practice that has begun in Madinah due to barring sisters from visiting the normal Rawdah section of Al-Masjid un-Nabawi.

“You see, akee,” one street level Islamic pamphleteer told me, “We’re not like these kafirs. Our women are like precious jewels. We keep ‘em covered up and safe, at home and not all out in public.” I looked at him and followed the logic. “Yes, but Zales Jewellers still allow the diamonds to be put out on display and they are protected with bullet proof glass and guards.”

“Akee, don’t contend wit’ the Rasool after the dahlil has been made clear,” he offered his only defense from a bankrupt mind.

When we first started praying according to the Sunnah with brothers in the front and sisters in the back, the Pharisees were out in full force. I was accused of encouraging free-mixing as “Brothers had heard,” as well as, “It has been said” and the more worthy, “It’s become well known.”

Around this same time, I was approached by a distraught father. He was fraught with anxiety that his daughter was going to Qur’an classes and other lectures at the local masjid a great deal and he wanted to do something to encourage her to stay at home more.

Figure 3D: A Clear Contradiction. Please look at the name of the Masjid and observe the caption at the bottom. A phobia of the X chromosome leads to gross follies such as these in the picture.
Figure 3D: A Clear Contradiction. Please look at the name of the Masjid and observe the caption at the bottom. A phobia of the X chromosome leads to gross follies such as these in the picture.

Upon enquiry, I found that the girl was going to a school that was co-ed, with men in tight jeans and gelled hair sashaying around and gazing at his daughter along with people sitting directly next to each other, in front and in back of “daddy’s little sunshine.”

I then stated that if he was concerned and wanted his daughter to once and for all come home, I would help him but I would need a translator. I found a brother who translated to Urdu the words I said.

I gave directs to a local hardware store and told him to pick up some lumber and nails. After that time, I guided him through the process of making a T-frame and nailing it together.

After that, I stated that he would need to nail his daughter down through the wrist joints and the ankle bones and this would support her weight. Once the T-frame was hoisted upright, she would die in two to three days.

Our friend did not understand. So I helped him. “You want to annihilate your daughter or kill her? Do it right.”

Figure 3D
Figure 4A: Young girls killed in Gaza. Some locals in the English speaking countries are looking to do the same thing over a longer period of time with our women. If something is not done, circumstances can only be more drastic.

Let me tell you what I am not saying. In no way am I commanding women and men to sit directly next to each other, to spend time alone as couples in secluded areas and get involved with the dating scene and other social ills.

I am also not calling for men and women, young or old, as couples, to act as familiar as a married couple when they are not married; nor would I advocate promiscuous behaviour or its’ antecedents as a healthy way for young people to “let their feelings flow.”

The infallible texts against this are clearly known and obvious as well as the fact that the rulings can be referenced in all the reliable books of fiqh (i.e. those of Imams Yahya an-Nawawi, Muwaffaq ud-Din Ibn Qudamah and the great scholars of North Africa, Sudan and the Muslim heartlands).

Here is what I am stating unequivocally. This attitude of religious apartheid has led to a number of things:

Firstly, by leaving women out of the masjids –which has no basis in Revealed Law – and chasing them from the Houses of Allah, they are not part of the community, cannot contribute and level valid criticisms when necessary.

Secondly, by trying to create a segregated society (which did not exist in the first three generations and we know this as the markets had both men and women in them), we have created more severe outcomes.

When men and women are not able to go to markets and other places, they do not learn what is permitted and not permitted in social interaction. Here is an example.

While on Hajj, Al-Fadl ibn `Abbas was with the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, on camelback. A woman approached to ask a question and he was answering her when he noticed that Al-Fadl was staring at the young lady and her at him.

So he took his face and turned it away. This is a direct demonstration of how you are to treat women. You must not stare or canoodle them. You are not to do these things. You cannot learn social lessons like this except by experience and teaching.

Balance this with my cousins, particular Hatim, who came to the US out of an environment of complete social segregation. We were driving through Malibu and his words out of his limousine window were, “I love you! I love you all!” These words were directed to the bikini clad women on the beach.

We rightly corrected him but it became apparent to us that he had not learned any social graces and did not know how to carry himself in such situations.

Thirdly, I have dealt with a large number of apostates from Islam since arriving in the United Kingdom and a good chunk of them are women. All the apostate women give inclusion as one of the greatest reasons for leaving after the fact of “never being taught anything.”

In East Sussex, I spoke at the masjid about the 50 hadith of Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali’s (d. 795 AH), may Allah have mercy upon him, collection and suddenly sisters barged in past the curtain and sat down behind the brothers to take notes.

I was later told (by sisters who had lots of questions and also clarifications on points they thought I should have elucidated more) that this had been brewing all week and that they along with their children had been told that it is not permissible to come to the masjid.

Armed only with the ahadith from Al-Bukhari and Muslim mentioned above, they challenged the leadership and came right into the masjid. Sisters demanded their respect and they received it.

Fourthly, when we do want the women to become engaged, there is such a sense of apathy that perhaps the same amount of force that was used to push them out has to be utilised to encourage them to come back into the community.

Fifthly, the amount of cases of women running away with pagan men and men doing the same thing with pagan women (although it is seen by these cultural dinosaurs as more disgraceful for women as the men are just “young and that’s what you do when you’re that age.” If you add to the dynamic in either case that the chosen lover is black, then everything equals out because all are agreed that this is one of the unforgivable sins, perhaps next to idolatry).

Why wouldn’t they run off with them? There is no opportunity to understand what a Muslim man/woman is like in a context of the masjid, lectures or public discourse and there is no social construct.

They spend eight hours of their day, five days a week, going to school with unbelievers and pagans and another eight at night dreaming about them in their sleep. The eight hours that they are conscious, you spend arguing with them and trying to de-programme or programme them along with their eating, drinking and emptying the bowels and such.

They laugh, joke, play, eat, drink, square dance, jump rope, annoy their teachers and do all other forms of social discourse with these people. Why are we then surprised that they have run away and adopted their customs?

Y Chromosome Avengers have done nothing to create an environment to safeguard against this issue. In fact, they encourage it by telling them that when they finish this round of brainwashing, they have to do it again at college and university.

If we want to really help Slaves of Allah in this difficult time and in these trying situations, we will need to caste this cultural filth behind our backs and really adhere to that which has been passed down infallibly.

Figure 4B: An example of women praying, sisters in the front - brothers in the back in a normal masjid. If we are to return to the Sunnah in a more meaningful way, more masjids like this are incumbent.
Figure 4B: An example of women praying, brothers in the front – sisters in the back in a normal masjid. If we are to return to the Sunnah in a more meaningful way, more masjids like this are incumbent.

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[20] This is collected by Imam Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj in his Al-Jami` us-Sahih, Book of Prayer under the chapter of the Two `Eid Prayers and classed by him as authentic.

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Keeping Pets in the House

Figure 1A: Photo courtesy of dog-milk.com
Figure 1A: Photo courtesy of dog-milk.com

One of our noble brothers asked the following question:

What is the ruling on keeping birds as pets? I have a friend who has two love birds, domesticated since birth and imported from Holland. He wants to give them away and my wife is interested. I don’t want to keep animals in captivity but these two would die if released, especially here on the peninsula.

Please advise.


Wa `Alaikum us-Salaamu wa Rahmatullah,

Noble brother,

Thank you for your question and may Allah reward you. When discussing “pets” in Revealed Law, we have to keep two things in mind:

1. The animal is permissible to sell and buy in for commerce. Thus any animal that is permissible to sell is permitted to buy and so forth. Thus possessing one is permitted.

2. As this belongs to the book of transactions, only animals expressly forbidden for sale and purchase may be rejected as possessions. Anything outside of this prohibition in Revealed Law is permitted for buying, selling, possession and so forth.

Imam Muwaffaq ud-Din Ibn Qudamah (d. 620 AH), may Allah have mercy on him, has established this rule for animals when he said,

“The general ruling is that all that can be owned that is permissible to make use of and take benefit from is permitted for salel except what has been exempted in the Revealed Law, such as in the case of the dog which is not used for hunting or security, the servant mother of an infant and the endowments that have been set.” Al-Mughni Sharh Mukhtasar il-Khiraqi, vol.4, pp. 327-328, masa’il #’s 3164-3168.

The Imam carries on further,

“Whether the sale is of something pure – like in the case of clothes, real estate, cattle, horses and hunting creatures – or there is an item in which there is a difference of opinion about whether it is impure or not –

an example being mules, donkeys or beasts and birds of prey used for hunting like the lynx, the hawk, the falcon, the shahin, the eagle, the bird that one owns just for its’ voice, like the the myna bird, the nightingale, the parrot and similar to that – all of these things are permissible for sale.” Al-Mughni Sharh Mukhtasar il-Khiraqi, vol.4, pp. 327-328, masa’il #’s 3164-3168.

Imam `Abdul Ghani al-Lubadi (d. 1319 AH), may Allah have mercy upon him, also mentioned,

“The general statement and ruling in the matter by Imam Mar`ii ibn Yusuf al-Karmi was that it is permissible to conduct the sale of a bird for its’ voice, worms for their raw silk or by-products, bees for their honey, kittens for control of household pests, elephants for their tusks or pelt, mules and donkeys for uses such as transport and carrying burdens and such, beasts and birds of prey taught to hunt.

The exception to the rule would be the dog not used for hunting or security, which was previously mentioned as being forbidden to sell.

In addition to this, what is also permitted is the sale of monkeys or gorillas for the security of property or environments, human milk and also leeches or implements for the extraction of blood.” Hashiyat ul-Lubadi `ala Nail il-Maarib, pp. 168-169.

Epilogue: The Legacy of the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Figure 1A: Tuareg rebels with their weapons. They are thought by many to have been the instigators of the present conflict in Mali.
Figure 1A: Tuareg rebels with their weapons. They are thought by many to have been the instigators of the present conflict in Mali.

At the end of this series of articles, I wanted to then discuss the theology behind the Transatlantic Slave Trade. If you have as many as 100 million people being snatched from one area and moved to another in two centuries, someone had to have seen it.

Someone witnessed it. Someone saw it. It is impossible to ignore and for those that are the product of it, this is impossible to forget. Every year, I receive e-mails on the 6 million, the 6 million, the 6 million.

People send pictures of themselves standing at Auschwitz, teary eyed with their lips pursed, some clutching their bags in grief. Then what about 100 million? What about 100 million? If we must say HaShoah, the Holocaust, should be not also say Maafa?

Since we’re in the mood to remember everyone, including the Armenians and their 1,500,000, then what about 100 million (if you’re asking whether or not I’m making this a number game…of course I am. Who remembers six million at the expense of 100 million? What is a larger catastrophe?) and all of what has transpired?

Let us be proportional. No, I am not black so I might not have a truck in it; but I do have an agenda regarding holocausts or genocides or mass exterminations. If we remember the 6 million, the 100 million, the 1.5 million, the 55 million from the Second European Civil War (ECW II) and the First European Civil War (ECWI) death toll of 37 million…

Then we need to remember the 40 million Muslims that Mao Tse Tung killed, the 30 million+ that Joseph Stalin had killed, the 12 million Muslims in Eastern Europe that disappeared under Hitler, the 2 million Cham Muslims murdered during the Viet Nam War and other Southeast Asia excursions,

The 2 million and counting dead Muslims of Iraq in the years 1990-2013, the 2 million and counting dead in Afghanistan which are Muslims, the Tibetan Muslim massacres by the Indians and the Chinese, the Moro Muslim massacres in the Phillipines,

The 100,000 Muslims killed in one day in Antioch about 900 years ago, the 100,000 Muslims in Jerusalem killed on one day 900 years ago and also those 1.6 million Muslims deported from Spain in the year AD 1699 who even had to dig up their dead loved ones and carry the biers on their backs as well as the Palestinian tribulations.

Yes, let’s remember. Let’s remember all of that stuff. Let’s really think about it. Let us remember all of these outrages and what I did not mention…all of it; but I return to my original point.

A mass movement of people that great had to be seen by someone. I have never seen a single preaching on this by a pastor, rabbi or imam (and in the case of the latter I know I will not because some of them are too busy protecting institutions like forced marriages, acid throwing and fathers raping daughters so they have their hands full)

So I thought that maybe I would try to present a theological framework to this matter. Anything as large and horrific as this has to have a theology behind it and principles that will ensure that this never happens again. So then let us remember.

Debt Slavery is Unacceptable

We have been told without any compromise,

If the debtor is in hardship and has no money, then give such a one time until it is easy for him to repay the debt. If you remit the debt as charity, then that is better for you if you knew. [1]

Allah has said further,

The Charity is only for those that are in severe poverty, the needy, those employed to collect the charity, to soften the hearts of those inclined towards Islam, to free slaves and captives, for those in debt and for those fighting in the Cause of Allah and travellers. This is a duty by Allah. Allah is the All Knowing, the All Wise. [2]

Prostitution is Unacceptable

Prostitution, even if consensual, is unacceptable. Let us remember what we have been told about this matter in no uncertain terms. The King and Sovereign has revealed,

So do not force your young women into prostitution in order to make some worldly gain while they desire chastity; but if they are forced, then indeed Allah is Forgiving and Merciful after their compulsion.[3]

Religious prostitution is unacceptable. It is for this reason that, no matter the cost of life and no matter what those women might have thought, the last of the temples dedicated to Lat were demolished and these prostitution orders broken up and many of these women were married.[4]

POWs are Not Permanent Slaves According to the Revealed Law

Permanent race based slavery is never permitted. Muslims have no history of stating that a particular race or skin colour or complexion of people deserve to be slaves in perpetuity and then reinforcing it in their laws.

When someone is a war captive or POW, you have to feed them with the same good food you eat as you have been told,

And they give food, in spite of their love for it, to the needy, the orphan as well as the prisoner. [5]

POWs have the offer of freedom and those in charge of them should be informed. If they have the option to be freed more swiftly, they need to be told,

Say to the captives in your hands: “If Allah knows any good in your hearts, He will give you something better than what has been taken from you and He will forgive you. Allah is Forgiving and Compassionate.” [6]

If they need to be escorted back to their place under cover of troops, you have to do so. They might express an interest in Islam, but if they are to go back to their people, let them go, as Allah has said,

If any one of the idol worshippers seeks your protection, then grant him protection so that he might listen to the Speech of Allah and then escort him back to where he will be safe; that is because they are men who do not know. [7]

Freeing Slaves is a Righteous Act

Allah has mentioned the virtue of freeing slaves in numerous places,

But such a one has not passed the steep path. What is the steep path? Freeing a slave, or giving food on a day of hunger or sustaining an orphan from near relatives, then he became one of those who believed and enjoined patience and mercy. They are those on the right hand. [8]

He also said,

Those who have made a vow about coming near their wives and wish to free themselves from what they said, in that case they must free a slave before they have any physical relations with each other. That is an admonition for you so that you do not repeat that action. Allah is All Aware of what you do.

Whoever does not have the money to free a slave, then let him fast two months consecutively before they can have physical relations with one another; and if he cannot do that, then let him feed sixty needy. [9]

Freeing of the slaves is manumission. Manumission means making sure they do not fall back into slavery due to poverty. Allah has said of this affair,

And if your slaves seek manumission, then give them that in writing if you find that there is good in them and they are honest. Also, give them some wealth which Allah has bestowed upon you. [10]

We must make sure that not only do we free slaves, but also make it possible that they can rebuild their lives and they do not become a permanent underclass, as they have in the United States.

In every book of fiqh, in all the legal schools of the Muslims, there is a chapter entitled, “The Manumission of Slaves,” and another entitled, “The Emancipation and Freeing of Slaves,” which is compulsory for students to learn as part of their curriculum.

I may be wrong, but for some reason I have not found this in the Magna Carta (AD 1215), Bill of Rights (AD 1689), Settlement Act (1701) or the US documents (AD 1776) until much later and these had to be amendments. Looks like the Muslims had it right the first time.

During the period in the United States after the Emancipation Proclamation and the 13th Amendment were passed  (and after him the14th, 15th amendments passed) – which was only done by then president Abraham Lincoln due to lack of troops for the American Civil War against the South and also the inability to enslave aboriginal tribes that were held up on reservations –

nothing was put into place to assist the growth of these communities as most of them left these plantations with no property or wealth. In some cases, freed blacks that had abandoned plantations re-enslaved their employees who were looking for work.

They had no means of forming communities, resisting institutional racism by self sufficiency programmes, nor sustaining what they might have already built by pooling their resources. A classic case in point was that of Rosewood.

The blacks in the Reconstruction period built an economic base that was greater than that of any white community in the United States, but in one night of terror from Americans, it was reduced to ashes.

The Ottomans, Mamluks, Corsairs, Tatars and several other nations were all freed slaves and they came to be the very rulers of the Muslim world. In fact, the Ottomans ruled the Muslim world for 600 years, longer than the Arabs before them had.

Egypt has been ruled by freed slaves since the first conquest by the Companion, `Amr ibn al-`As, may Allah be pleased with him, some 1400 years ago. The vast majority of its’ rulers have been of that category.

Muhammad `Ali Basha, the son of freed slaves with green eyes and a red beard, was accepted as the ruler over the Egyptians, after defeating the previous rulers (also freed slaves), the Mamlukes. The same thing has occurred in south Egypt (today’s “Sudan” and its’ constituent parts) as well as the horn of the Great Continent.

In the United States, blacks make up a disproportionate number in the prison system although they are only between 14-17% of the population. Much of the celebration of Barack Obama I found strange as the man has one Kenyan father and a white mother.

No blood from those in the Transatlantic Slave trade runs through him. His wife and children…definitely; but no such blood runs through him. There has yet to materialise, a black president of the United States (no matter what spin you put on it).

Black neighbourhoods, schools are always the most impoverished and blacks are indicted much more quickly than Americans in the US and the same holds true for so many other things.

The laws have changed but hearts must change as well. Israel, which is a transplant of this same mentality, has the same problems that the US possesses until today. The Beta Israel, Jews from Ethiopia who have more Semitic blood in them than the entire Ashkenazi Jewish Diaspora, are second class citizens and often have to behave more cruelly than their masters in order to secure a meagre place in the “land of milk and honey.”

Yet, no one wants to deal with this fact. The US is a classic case in point that permanent, race based slavery is never acceptable and has long lasting effects in the destruction of peoples and the shaping of the mind set of another people.

As a social experiment, the next time you are in the United States, call the police stating that you saw a black man loitering outside of your house with his hat turned backwards and that he is about 6’0 and 250 lbs.

One week later, call the same police station and say that you saw two white men, 6’0 tall, 250lbs, each with a shiny object in his hand that you think is a gun and the two of them are looking at your house.

Record the time it takes for them to arrive at the address in question. Now ask yourself this question: how long will the legacy of the Transatlantic Slave Trade carry on in the US and be reinforced on the Great Continent?

[1] Surat ul-Baqarah (2), ayah 280

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[4] This can be read in the fourth volume of Imam Ibn Hisham’s As-Sirat un-Nabawiyyah.

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Shady Socialism Movements: The Legacy of the Transatlantic Slave Trade pt 3

Figure 1A: A map indicating the desired goal of the Great Game in Central Asia
Figure 1A: A map indicating the desired goal of the Great Game in Central Asia

“The Great Game” had begun, in which the British Empire, in order to ensure its’ current supremacy in Central Asia, had to ignore Africa for an eye blink and then jump to attempt to destroy the Ottoman Empire through inflation and interest bearing loans via bankers.

Although relaxing its’ more aggressive policies, native born chattel were told to take an aggressive stand against their own people and they obeyed.

In the 1314 AH (AD 1900), the British Empire could not control Afghanistan and were taking a beating there and in Bengal while the Indian indigenous governance was effete and ineffectual.

This brief breathing space gave natives on the continent of Zanj the opportunity to launch uprisings and to riot against their treatment by the “Great Powers.” The British had to turn back to their subjects in Africa and proved to be trendsetters to the others by coming up with new and cruel methods.

Dogs were introduced and used to set on those pesky protesters and natives who just did not know their place. Often used for attack, torture and to decapitate opponents, many people in this day and age from the continent still hate dogs and particularly the German shepherd.

Man’s best friend had been brought millennia before by the Arabs who also brought Islam. However the Arabs brought their sheep dogs and saluqis for herding sheep, goats, hunting antelope or other ruminants.

Four legged dogs were used by their two legged dogs the British, Germans, Dutch, Americans and others and set on women, children and elderly men. To this day I have met many people from the continent who despise these gentle, furry creatures (the four legged variety of course).

Then “out of nowhere” came the First European Civil War (ECWI), in which there was a massive shake up among Europeans, particularly the Germans, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Poland and a chunk of other nations.

The Ottoman Empire, bankrupted and overwhelmed with excessive wars, communist Young Turks and inflation coming from paper currency, finally collapsed in the year 1336 AH (AD 1919). It was a sound heard around the world like the eruption of Mt Krakatoa and the puzzle pieces of five continents was re-arranged.

By this time, the Bolshevik Revolution had occurred in Russia and the Soviet Union was born. The ideas of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were now no longer theory but now being put into practice. Das Kapital had become the shariah of the Soviet Union.

“There was no god but the socialist contrast and Karl Marx was her ‘prophet.’ ” The bosom companion of Marx was his successor or the ‘first caliph or socialism,’ Engels. The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital were the main sources of revelation while additional rules were derived from commentaries and the proletariats together were the “Ummah”.

Socialism was a missionary religion and like monarchism and communism was spread with much gusto. When the Second European Civil War (ECW II) erupted 1356-1362 AH (AD 1939-1945), it changed the map of Europe and in the process the Europeans decided to further change the map of “Africa,” often naming countries and their capitals or streets after places “back home,” a love interest or members of their family or armed forces.

Figure 1B: A map drawn up showing the end result of a new wave of colonialism.
Figure 1B: A map drawn up showing the end result of a new wave of colonialism.

In the “Americas,” those slaves brought over from the continent had their birth records destroyed, their names changed, were mated with their sisters, brothers and mothers and bred for menial purposes all around. They were given numerous titles, with everything from nigger, coon, shine, monkey, mongrel and then it gradually became nigra, negroes and then blacks.

A new artificial race had been created by destroying several others and a genetic behemoth had been made. This behemoth (the reference not being made to the people themselves but the amount of genetic abnormalities and illnesses among the slaves that the slavers produced by making siblings, aunts/nephews or uncles/nieces or mothers/sons copulate) was a tribulation that exists today.

This mixture of several different peoples retains no language of their own (other than the American “English” that they were taught) and the same holds true for names, culture, folk ways, ideas, worldview and such.

Thus the return to Liberia was not welcomed and this same collection of nations is not able to settle in any other location and be accepted; but if they stay in the “Americas” they are not wanted there either.

So they remain trapped. This is the very thing that the US has refused to have heard on the UN floor for quite some time and will not even acknowledge discussion about it. It appears –if conventional wisdom prevails – that they will make sure it is never heard.

Returning to the continent, the heads of the Soviet Union, United States and the UK meet to discuss a new era of colonialism – one from which Germany is conspicuously absent.

The Soviet Union and the US carve up the proceeds of their victory and the British – in their supporting role and as a good pooch – get the table scraps.

Figure 2A: (left to right) Winston Churchill of the UK, US ruler  Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin of the USSR meet to discuss how to divide the world into the new reality post European Civil War II (ECWII).
Figure 2A: (left to right) Winston Churchill of the UK, US ruler Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin of the USSR meet to discuss how to divide the world into the new reality post European Civil War II (ECWII).

Communism is allowed satellite nations in Africa, Eastern Europe (those countries smaller than Delaware that most people cannot pronounce) as well as in South East Asia.

This with the acquisition of nuclear weapons by the Soviet Empire and the US continuing its’ tests (not long after doing a real good test on Hiroshima and Nagasaki) triggers an arms race and a land grab contest.

Marxist – Leninist, Socialist, Communist…WHATEVER! Movements begin in the continent and spread far and wide. New puppet strings dictate to these peoples that the original nations and peoples of the Earth were all socialists, living in communes in the beginning.

It is the bourgeoisie that have reduced the proletariat to the miserable state; but not to fear…glory can be grabbed again. Now picture this…

Nations that had false French, German, English, US identities forced on them now begin to stand up and proudly wave these identities and demand freedom based on these identities. The former colonists step to the side graciously and allow the locals to rule themselves with the system that had been created by their masters previously.

Figure 2B: A current example of the residuals of the Transatlantic Slave Trade is MEND, a Marxist-Leninist group operating in the Niger Delta.
Figure 2B: A current example of the residuals of the Transatlantic Slave Trade is MEND, a Marxist-Leninist group operating in the Niger Delta.

They can now pull troops out and then return them to their home countries as now the only time they will be called upon by these “natives” will be to tutor them in how to run the system and refine it.

Colonial powers continue to get natural resources and women for free and their proxy nations continue to follow them. The Red Menace/American Menace proxy wars start and the money bags start rolling in with a new game.

Now picture this…some of the people on the continent begin to awaken from their slumber and have worked out what is happening. Actual, real and authentic uprisings occur because they want not just an end to colonialism but the end of its’ residue (including those who uphold it with French names, passports, so on and so forth),

The colonial Raggedy Annes cannot fight such force as they are caretakers, not governors. So they call the colonists back in to reassert control. I would like to ask the reader to take a good look at this huge mess and then start to read in detail about these false flag operations in the continent and the diabolical mind control presently evolving.

At least research it somewhat at your local library or book reading group before coming to any conclusion about uprisings and civil disturbances thousands of miles away. What would you want someone to do if it was you in that situation?

Consolidation: The Legacy of the Transatlantic Slave Trade pt 2

Signatories from five countries decide the fate of the population of the second largest continent on Earth
Figure 1: Signatories to the Berlin Conference from five countries decide the fate of the population of the second largest continent on Earth.

The Middle Passage had now begun. Slaves were transferred across the Atlantic Ocean to the continents of South and North America on a journey that took weeks to complete and half of this “cargo” of 100 million often died in transit.

It would be interesting to see what would happen if we were to drag the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean for skeletons. If we can find wreckage of Spanish ships that sank complete with looted gold from the Muslim world, the writer is sure that there are the hidden treasures of skeletons from that journey.

Back on the continent, deals were made with the various tribes that would cooperate to help capture any people from the horn of Africa that they could get their hands on; but the same people from the horn of “Africa” that assisted the Portuguese, Spaniards, French but mostly Americans of the future (which at that time styled themselves as “English”) in capturing people would then find themselves on the same ships once their usefulness had been exhausted.

It is for this reason that treachery between tribes was short lived and bore little profit. Sugar, cotton, rubber plantations began to appear on the American continent and help was needed but the aboriginal populations were still unruly to new rulers so the best option was to continue to use the Transatlantic Trade to enable them to work the land.

The Industrial Revolution’s wheels could not have spun into production without the trade. Yes indeed the United States could not have come into existence without the institution of slavery, both transatlantic and domestic.

It was easy for people to carry on such a despicable and permanent race based slavery as long as the understanding was established that the race in question was predestined for such a fate. The continent of Zanj (eng. Misnomer “Africa”) did not merely sit back and let this happen.

Huge resistance movements formed (one referred to interestingly as the “Zanj Rebellion”) and opposition to European expansion was well known but the level of extermination was incredible and some of the tribes did not possess repeat action rifles that their invaders possessed.

Many never had anything other than the common cold, so the small pox infected blankets and rape campaigns of gonorrhoea infected men against local women were unmatched and could not be resisted by a people that had no history of such.

This methodology would be adjusted and re-adjusted by these European invaders as they were found to be most effective against peoples in the horn of Zanj but also aboriginals from the continent named America.

Cannons could easily outgun catapults and mercenaries were able enemies, no matter how short lived. The final step came in 1302-1303 AH (AD 1884-1885) when the Berlin Conference was formed.

The carvers of Zanj held a private meeting (unfortunately, the populations under domination could not make it) composed of representatives of Portugal, France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

The US did not take part as it had enough slaves and did not want to share the takings of the continent with the other power. Rather, they would wait until sixty years later when the “American Century” began and then absorb the continent’s colonies and much more with their 300 military bases worldwide.

To show its’ willingness to further colonise, the land of Old Glory had formed Liberia as a nation in the year 1236 AH (AD 1822) as a place to deposit slaves that had gained freedom and became unruly. The people that later became part of the nation of Liberia were curiously not asked for their vote in forming another nation and giving them former slaves from all over the continent.

The French campaign into the horn of Zanj destroyed the Dahomey empire and countless others and imposed the French language. Perhaps the most intelligent of all colonists, they used a very simple and effective method of colonisation.

By replacing the native language with their own, making the people Francophone and Francophile (which ever way you want to understand that word) and shelving their books and culture, you created a codependent people.

A generation down the line, let the people have whatever religion they want but keep their books in the original languages. Those texts in the now “foreign languages” would stay in museums and libraries unread. There would be no need to burn any books. The people would abandon them as they could not read them.

Leaders over the people would be from their own ranks but educated and thoroughly cultured and the French morays and ways. Without having to directly rule, their hands could be shoved up the backs of the puppets and the show could begin.

Their ideas would become the ideas of the people themselves and seem like the “liberty, egalitarian, fraternity” sported on the French flag. The “revolution” was in full swing on the continent. Changing and destroying a people by changing their culture, language and inward state and counselling them on how to hate themselves was more effective than any initial crack of musket fire.

Recommended Reading:

A Little Matter of Genocide: Holocaust and Denial in the Americas: 1492 to the Present by Ward Churchill

Slave Nation: How Slavery United the Colonies & Sparked the American Revolution by Afred W. Blumrosen & Ruth G. Blumrosen

Saltwater Slavery: A Middle Passage from Africa to American Diaspora by Stephanie Smallwood

Slave Revolution in the Carribean, 1789-1804: A Brief History with Documents by Laurent DuBois and John Garrigus