…And So It Comes to Pass


10 Jumada al-Uwla 1433 AH

Faceless cowards let off a bomb in Masjid al-Iman in the neighbourhood of Al-Mazra`ah in Syria, killing more than 15 people, one of them by Imam Muhammad Sa`id Ramadan al-Bouti.

The situation in the country has escalated to the point now that marja` people are being killed, the very land of the High Ranking Saints being overrun with two groups, both fighting for a throne.

On one side is Bashar al-Asad, the inheritor of the throne; on the other are various demonstration groups that have transmogrified into the Free Syria Army. The war for the throne unfortunately has not just engulfed these two groups.

If it had, we could have just merely said, “Well, let them kill each other and let them leave our affair.” The problem is that it is not just that. It is the very case that those in the throne currently are striking back with ferocity at those trying to remove them.

Those desiring the throne are now showing that they are just as vicious as the regime is in killing, halting Jumu`ah due to gunfire and scaring people to the point that they are barricading themselves into their homes or areas.

Common laity are dealing with the problem and taking the brunt of the civil unrest. Access to bread, water, basic facilities and amenities are now luxuries with more than 1 million people dashing over the border towards Turkey, Iraq (it sounds strange to read Syrian refugees saying that, “We came here as we found it more stable.”), Jordan, Lebanon and further afield toward Europe.

Imam Muhammad Sa`id Ramadan al-Bouti, may Allah have mercy upon him and accept his martyrdom,  warned what would come to pass and we have 17 pages of fatawa from the beginning of the demonstrations up until his death that demonstrate this painful fact. I suppose an old marja` knows a couple of things more about the world than we think.

In his death, cowards, well wishers and capitulation specialists now call him, “one of the most important scholars of the Ummah,” “a mujaddid of the time,” and a really “eminent teacher and `allamah.”

Why only moments ago, our post-mortem bootlickers had called Imam Al-Bouti a stooge, a government scholar, hater of jihad (even though he is one of only four mujtahids who gave the landmark fatwa that opened to door to what we now know as suicide bombings in Palestine based upon strict principles) and even “discovered” a fatwa giving the “go ahead” for pornography (a spectacular lie that is easily unseated by looking at the fatwa itself and the translation) and many other pejorative titles.

The Imam was patient and continued to say what should be said and stuck to his guns. Yes, he did call the demonstrators scum and Marxists (keep in mind that many of them did not pray, so the word scum is gentle compared to being called kuffar by Allah in the Qur’an).

He also warned that if they carried on, the battle between them and the regime would produce nothing. Indeed this is the case. So the question in the destruction of masjids, madrasahs, burning of mushafs, killing of maraji` (10 of the 30 maraji` of Duma that gave the rulings against demonstrations and demonstrators are dead from assassination attempts) is this:

Are you now happy with what you’ve done? How do you like the country now? Enjoy the land you’re ruined.

Rest assured that Allah will avenge his authorities and the High Ranking Saints and He is never mocked.

5 responses to “…And So It Comes to Pass

    • as-Salaamu `Alaikum wa Rahmatullah,

      Noble brother,

      The Imam was a level four mujtahid, which is mujtahid mukharrij. His madhhab was that of Imam Muhammad ibn Idris ash-Shafi`ii, may Allah be pleased with him.

      • wa ‘aleikumus-salaam wa-rahmatullah Shaykh. May I also ask who the other 3 mujtahidoon are and there levels? jazakAllahu khairan in advance. : D

  1. Your recent lecture on Shaykh al-Buti, that was made available on youtube, was very informative and must listen for others out there. May Allah reward you!

    I hope you would spare a similar recorded session to talk about political Islam and its various manifestations that exist today whether militant ones like Al-Qaeda or the democratic or populist or revolution seeking ones like the Brotherhood or Jamat-e-islami or Khomenies, or the secular liberal modernist ones.

    Also a lecture on concept of Jihad in the hanbali madhab would be very helpful too.

    Jazakallah khair.

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