It Was No Surprise

Another abandoned trophy convert for "the da`awa."

Another abandoned trophy convert for “the da`awa.”

As I made my way to the shop near my house, I could see that the unbelievers in my local area were even more aggressive than normal. I normally receive one statement of racism or religious hatred every day. I prefer them in the morning as by afternoon, I am quite tired and often miss them when they are said.

“Fucking towelhead! Go back to Iraq!” This is one of my favourites, along with the more worthy, “Sandnigger,” or the more charming and daring, “Bin Laden…terrorist!” I hear these on the daily basis, whether walking, with my family, at the park or walking to work. Sometimes, I have had these comments when I was carrying groceries from the store.

But this day was different. The unbelievers were noticeably silent and merely glaring at me. I wonder what’s happened today, I thought to myself. The news came thick and fast when I arrived home.

At the time, headline news screamed articles through my radio about a brave soldier being beheaded by religious fanatics in a frenzied knife attack and the attackers were filmed with bloody hands after the murderous events.

(Since that time, when the newspapers of the nation – those dirty yellow rags of pale journalism – it has been established in the coroner’s report that the man did not die of a beheading, but multiple stab wounds.

He was even lucid after the attack, in which some women counselled and prayed for him. He was also not a soldier, but rather a less glorious and chivalrous rank – yes a drummer. This is one of the primary reasons I waited before writing on the matter, as I simply knew that these things boil down over time.)

Searching on line for footage, I found different videos of the event, one showing an attacker with extra bloody hands and another showing a smaller portion of blood. The man, dressed in a beanie, levis and a top with a meat cleaver and steak knife being held in his left hand like car keys on the way to a car garage, he made a number of rambling statements.

I had heard this talk before and this type of behaviour. I thought back and remembered in the beginning…the first time I heard people speak in this way. The names flooded back to me. I could see them in my mind as if suspended in mid-air.

Richard Reid (the “shoe bomber”), Muhammad Abdur-Rashid (the “Exeter bomber”), Colleen Renee LaRose (the well known “Jihad Jane”), Muhammad Abdul Muttalib (the “underwear bomber”), John Allen Muhammad (the “DC Sniper”), Abu Talhah al-Amrikee (), John Walker Linde (“American Taliban”),

Talib Islam (the “Paul Findley Building Attacker”), Naser Jason Abdo (the “Fort Hood Assassin”), Ben Yameen al-Kanadeeis (the “Hispanic Fanatic”), Jermaine Lindsey (one of the “7/7 London Bomber” suspects), Salahuddin Al-Britani (Anjem Chaudry of Al-Muhajiroun’s most apt pupil), Anwar Ibrahim (the “NHS terror suspect”) and so many others have the same thing in comment: they are all converts.

The list has now grown with these two men in London. It has been for many years that both Muslim and non alike have raised this valid query: when will Muslims “making da`awah” start to take responsibilities for the converts that they create? When will the “da`iis” start vetting, paying attention to and considering the quality of the converts that are coming to them?

Now picture this…

It’s convert trophy – nite at the local masjid and they have brought forward some converts. Ah, yes. Here he is…decked out in front of a crowd and being vetted for Islam. He has received the usual shtick about Islam being scientifically compatible, the big bang literally appearing in the Qur’an as well as the fact that embryology,

sociology, physiology, the twin towers (aren’t there? Isn’t there a 9/11 text, Surat ut-Tawbah, the ninth surah, the eleventh verse) and all other different aspects of mundane life all appear in the Qur’an.

Ushered forward, they are goaded, pushed and shoved into “saying kalimah.” It needs to be done as soon as they show some interest in Islam, spokesman will say. “I mean, they could die so you want to say it as soon as possible. Let ‘em say it now and then work on everything else latter.”

(Right, never mind that fact that Allah has predetermined who will believed and who will not, who is going to the Paradise and who is going to the Fire according to all the creeds and the understanding of the first three generations. In addition to this, the potential convert does not need too much knowledge. Get him in the religion faster than he can take out a loan from the bank)

Once safely inside of the religion, the convert trophy is then overwhelmed with a series of books, lectures that he needs to attend and who he needs to stay away from (“brother, don’t go to that masjid. It’s gonna lead you astray.

Stay away from…” insert the names of predetermined enemies) and also to not have anything to do with women (although they conspicuously will not marry their women/daughters to any of the trophies that have entered the “brotherhood of Islam”),

coming out and “doing da`awa” to kuffar (one can often see these microwave converts trotted out, reeling off blathering oil slicks of information fed to them by the same assorted pamphletry and literary poison that “made them revert”).

This carries on for a number of months and possible years, after which time, with their shoe string amount of knowledge, these John McEnroes of Islam are then singled out and found by people who continue the warping process of their minds.

The da`awa mill has not prepared them for any of the realities that are in store for them when they are asked questions. In certain instances, all it takes for a convert to “leave da deen” or dent their faith, is to presented with a “Allah had no son” or “Unity in Three!” Christian Union pamphlet often left on buses or public notice boards where “reverts” are sure to gather.

Those that stay in Islam and continue to play at it as hard as they play at tennis often find themselves in the above category; but before that can happen, these Slaves of Allah, most of them overwhelmingly men, are pulled from place to place and are taken from group to group.

The phoney and tickertape Sufi/Salafi, Barelwi/Deobandi, Mawlid/non-Mawlid, Tariqah/No Tariqah, Tablighi/Ikhwani battles litter their mind and leave them with a sense of urgency that they must get to the bottom of these matters;

this is even though these matters have as relevance and eternal consequences to them as the election of the next Dalai Lama.

The masjids, “Islamic centres,” “da`awa stalls,” as well as “Islam tables” bear this great responsibility and the problem comes when one of the trophy converts gets in trouble.

No one from the above remembers them, takes responsibility for them, even admits that the current programme and convert mill is wholly insufficient and even irresponsible in its’ attempts to exercise an authority that is not with them.

I want the reader to contrast all of what was mentioned above with the support network that Sister Habibah Shaaban had when she became a Muslim. She was not only given the tools of faith, but protected from things that would hamper her progressive growth in the faith. She was not rushed and even waited for one year before full conversion.

The same is said of Muslims that come to the faith in Mexico. Yes, Mexico. The country has more guns and cocaine problems than Barnum and Bailey’s has acrobats; but one thing is for sure and that is that they do not waste the time of the convert.

They understand the gravity of someone taking a life decision that will have eternal consequences that start with the spectacular change to their worldly life. They are assigned guides, enrolled in programmes and mentored. Yes, mentored.

These Muslims of Mexico marry Mayan followers with Quechua, the resident of Chihuahua with the Yucatan. There is a strong sense of heterogeneity among this noble brand of people and one can see this in the converts.

Exactly. These people had seen that the converts or early Muslims were either directly taught and mentored by the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, or his representatives that would later be his successors.

These Slaves of Allah and the violence that is being released are a result of a lack of mentoring, tutoring and consideration. Rather than scoring another convert, why don’t the da`iis ask people more about why they want to become Muslim and be sure that it is for the right reasons and learn about their background?

It would be a good idea to find out whether potential converts had a history of drug abuse, mental illness and other matters. If this is the case, then it would behove those in charge to make arrangements.

Some of the those who come and state that they want to learn Islam or become a Muslim do not know the severity or possible jarring effect of what could happen or even the obligations upon them. Something must be done.

Cases (as can probably be correctly guessed by the reader) are quite high for convert recidivism and are not going to go down. Now think. The next time you have your pamphlet, booklet, video, DVD or a real one – liner, knee slapping zinger sure to make him “revert” or “recite the kalimah,” ask yourself this:

Can you be responsible for him? If you can’t why are you out in the world? If you don’t take care of him…don’t worry. He’ll be back. And it is you who will have to reap the consequences for what you did by neglecting this man in an office you are not qualified for in the first place.


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