England: The Coming Race War-Introduction

Figure 1A: This picture is what started the entire nation talking. This was the second sex grooming case for Rochdale.
Figure 1A: This picture is what started the entire nation talking. This was the second sex grooming case for Rochdale.

I sat back in my chair after the phone call I received from my friend. His statement was absolutely unequivocal. “We have to find out who did this,” he said gravely. I had no way of understanding what he meant by this until I was on the street and I saw a caravan of ten cars come through. Good lord, I thought.

That’s a lot of cars. I also recognised them. Half of them were friends of mine while the others were enemies. Serious enemies.

One of them stepped from a lowered cherry red ’77 Monte Carlo. If that car was any lower, it would have scrapped the ground. The driver was draped in a red flannel, red cackies and a Chicago Bulls starter jacket to complete the ensemble that was complemented with a red belt with a gold rec belt buckle.

I immediately recognised him. It was Big Adam from Samoan Warriors Piru but also linked to Elm Street. I went into a defensive posture. “It’s okay. He’s school. He’s helping us.” My friend shouted from the window of his car and came out half way to make sure that I understood.

We both nodded and although not shaking hands, understood that something was bigger than us. It was 1988 and we, gang members or not, were looking for the assailant of Ryan Alan Hade. We wanted to find him desperately. Even we had limits.

I was up from California and so were Big Adam and my friend Ray. This was one of the seven states that we often ran around in like a playground. Today had a different feel though. Earl Shriner had taken this young boy, tortured him and cut his penis off.

He then hide himself in the white population in order to elude capture for his despicable crime. Gang members, visiting and resident, called a truce to go and find who was responsible. I honestly believe that had he been found by Ray, Adam and others they would have killed him.

I remember SHARPS (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice) and a number of other groups along with the caravan of murder that we had formed in the hunt for Earl Shriner. Our tenacity was admirable for it was based on a good cause. White people became completely hysterical over the matter and a lynch mob had formed.

There was a hell of a feeling on the streets. Then Earl Shriner was captured. Rage still filled the streets as policemen shoved him into the back of a van and pulled off into the dusk that was fast becoming night. He would be no safer in prison and was on watch the entire duration of the case.

In the hospital, I remember going to see him and bringing flowers to the young man in critical condition. His penis had been reattached fully but he was in trouble. I briefly saw the mother, Helen, with the medley of gang members, apologised for the crime that had happened and offered 24 hour protection for him. She graciously declined.

Looking in her face, the muscles were taut and strained. She looked gaunt although strong. She had been through a great deal. Her son, who she had carried to term for nine months like every other mother, had lost blood, was knocking on death’s door and the maniac responsible was at large. Upon knowledge of the capture, she was relieved but still fearful for her son’s life.

I was never able to understand the pain that she felt, being a mother. I still cannot as I am not a mother. I do remember the rage I felt towards the beast that did this and desiring some type of justice, even if it was vigilante.

We were not alone on 20 May 1989 in our desire to inflict grievous harm on the perpetrator of this heinous act. We just couldn’t reach him before the police.

Whites felt great rage at these events and others like them that would come a short time later. Serial killers and other assorted sociopaths were on the radar for the American White Man and they were and are determined to catch them.

I am now watching a new series of situations in the United Kingdom, in particular, England. 1400 kids molested, then another several hundred before then molested, then several thousand before then molested.
The perpetrators of these acts all have in common the fact that they are Pakistanis in a majority while population. Since the beginning of these molestation revelations and my own knowledge of events, I have been greatly disturbed.

Although these cases have appeared recently, the crimes go back in some cases fifteen to twenty years as members of the Asian community and the law enforcement establishment have sought to cover it up.

Let my statement be clear on the matter. The English white man is not going to tolerate these crimes too much longer. The white man has children and families and cares for them much the same way as any other nation.
These people cherish their children (I speak in general and in spite of the many cases of abandonment) and especially love their daughters as any nation would besides them. If something is not done about this situation, there is going to be a race war.

Again, the white man is not going to keep tolerating these spectacularly evil crimes committed in his midst without any repercussions on the offenders and the community from which they derive their origins.

There is something huge coming in the next decade or so and I believe that it will be race riots. If this is to be pre-empted and prevented, it has to be done now. The time is very short and the fuse is very low. Whites in England are at their wits’ end and will no longer tolerate this filth.

Jimmy Saville’s grave was demolished and his memory was wiped from the collective memory of whites in this country due to his atrocities on women and children. Ian Huntley was in danger from the date of his capture, his transportation in court and his sentencing.

Why? Because the white man will not tolerate this type of behaviour from his own and makes no excuses for it. If this is how the white man deals with criminals of this capacity from his own nation, then what will be the outcome of those perpetrators who continue to act without impunity from outside his nation?

I want to answer this question. I believe that I am able to do this in a way that most whites could not or would not. They have been told that to speak in this manner or discuss things in this capacity would be racist or Islamophobic.

So I will do it. I am Muslim and Egyptian but I can see from my life experience, history and the feeling of whites in the street when I speak with them that something is on the way. I will say what some whites have already said but most feel they cannot say. This might contribute more towards the dialogue that will lead to a positive resolution.

I fear that if something is not done, the relative peace and security felt by non-whites, particularly Pakistanis, will vanish under a haze of white rage and also fast track legislation that will ultimately impact on the host communities in such a way that has not happened before in England.