Combining Prayers Due to Work or Lack of Location

Figure 1A: Muslims at prayer in Jerusalem.

Figure 1A: Muslims at prayer in Jerusalem.

The following is a very pertinent question that was brought forward by one of the believers:

Assalamu alaikum ya Sheikh

There is a student of medicine who works in clinics and is not allowed to pray during clinics.

Is there any dispensation in the hanbali school for him to combine his zuhr and asr in the time of zuhr in this circumstance?

I wanted to check with this ruling can this be done habitually if one is continually in this situation or is this allowed only rarely.



Response from Br. Abu Ja`far Al-Hanbali:

as-Salaamu `Alaikum wa Rahmatullah, 

Noble brother, 

If someone cannot pray at the two prayer times stipulated due to the fact of commitments or lack of location, then they may combine the prayers of Zuhr and `Asr while at their location.

This is the ruling of Imam Musa Al-Qaddumi (d. 1336 AH), may Allah have mercy upon him. Therefore, he should not delay it until the end of the day or “when he gets home” after Maghrib and/or `Isha.

Rather, he should pray them at one time combined. The dispensation remains as long as the conditions that bring it about remain. 



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