Now Look Who’s Packing Steel…

Figure 1A: Craig Stephen Hicks, the anti-theist who carried out the action

Figure 1A: Craig Stephen Hicks, the anti-theist who carried out the action

It looks to be the case that it is not just Muslims that have to be spied out and watched out for on every street corner. Perhaps it could be the anti-theist whiteman lurking at the park, feeding ducks or smiling at you while you are checking out books from the local library.

The murder of three of our Muslims from Syria by Craig Stephen Hicks was a great blow. I wonder if those who he claimed allegiance to or showed admiration for will be arrested. Will it be the case that Bill Nye “The Science Guy,” Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins,  Rachel Maddow will all be arrested or atleast questioned as to how much they knew about this individual? It is not just the case that he is an atheist. No, this man is actually an “anti-theist,” a popular term perhaps coined by the intellectual giant and English wordsmith Christopher Hitchens.

(the new wave of atheists have started to pick up the anti-theist machine gun and point it at their enemies, including the newest superstar, Jaclyn Glenn)

So not only is this man an atheist, but he is hostile to religion. Based on this, should the organisations that he took inspiration from also be raided or have their bank accounts frozen so further details can be checked? Groups meeting his admiration include the Huffington Post, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Freedom from Religion Foundation, Gay Marriage and I am sure countless others.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that these precious slain Muslims weren’t wielding the weapons, I doubt that it will receive the ample treatment it deserves and I highly doubt that any of my questions above will be asked. Even the simple act of freezing bank accounts while investigating these organisations to see if anything that they have said or done might have triggered a reaction will problem not be on the table for consideration.

Somehow I do not believe that this will be the last time. This is also not the beginning. Although the term anti-theist might be a neologism, its’ reality has been extant for quite some time. The meanings of things often exist long before the term was coined for them.

I advise all Slaves of Allah to do the following things:

1. Remember these Slaves of Allah and all the other ones suffering in Syria, Egypt, Libya and Palestine. They need your supplication and are under similar daunting circumstances.

2. Take proper steps, whether it be kung fu, boxing or the like to make sure that you can do your utmost to protect your family and loved ones. There is NO excuse for a Muslim walking the streets unprepared and unarmed in this day and age. You are a fool if you believe you are not living in a fallen world.

3. Consider living outside of cities in small towns or villages. Commuting to the city can be a hassle, but it is safer when you go home at night away from some of the greater wickedness a city can possess.

4. Try to make links with local farmers and others to share food, water and other mutually attainable goals.

5. Stay away from the masjids, as they are the first targets to fall when what is to come takes place. They are also the first to fall when they are commanded to capitulate by earthly rulers.

Beware and stay away from these large structures. Perhaps starting a small house masjid or a small community with merely a forty man and woman masjid is sufficient. Now is not the time for cathedral masjids any longer.

I hope for the safety and peace of Allah of the believers.

One response to “Now Look Who’s Packing Steel…

  1. Asalamu ‘alaykum respected Shaykh.

    I have been following your material for a long time now, particularly your courses that are posted on Youtube such as the Islamic history course.

    I have accrued some questions over these courses and i have been dying to have them answered. I spent months trying to get in contact with you over Facebook, Youtube and email but finally discovered this blogspot on which you are actively posting.

    Can you please suggest a way for me to ask my questions to you dear Shaykh?

    Jazakallahu Khayran for your response and efforts in spreading knowledge.

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