Post-Masjidism…And Now it Begins

Figure 1A: Women in the masjid. One congregant from Pakistan mentioned feeling, "Spiritual for the first time and being able to come to the masjid as in Pakistan this is not culturally viable."

Figure 1A: Women in the masjid. One congregant from Pakistan mentioned feeling, “Spiritual for the first time and being able to come to the masjid as in Pakistan this is not culturally viable.”

Over the years, one of the things that I have written about is the growing trend of Muslims steering away from the masjids. Some of this I said is necessary due to the times that we are living in at the moment and what these locations will later be used for by the wider intelligence community.

I also mentioned that some of it is due to the fact that Muslims are starting to vote with their feet, particularly the ladies. If you will not give them their rightful place – not a sister’s section, but their rightful place in the masjid, praying behind the men as is the sunnah – then they are going to make their own decisions.

Out of these decisions will come deeds that are incorrect but based on a sound intention: we need a place to worship and learn. This has been coming for some time and now some of these affairs have surfaced above the ocean of “Islam is the fastest growing religion in the West” propaganda that keeps being force-fed to the people.

Women have opened a masjid that is “ladies only” in Los Angeles, that great city of Lost and Fallen Angels in the United States. This was flagshipped in the United States by Asian women ( a strong resemblance to the original first franchise in India where feudalism has merged with religion).

Listening this morning to the Radio 4 feature on the topic, I chuckled ruefully when I heard a Muslim man blurt out during the broadcast, “This is really unfortunate. It would be the same thing as men opening a “masjid only for men,” who then abruptly fell silent upon realising the implication of his words. We also don’t know anymore about the location, (obviously so because some freak is likely to go on a shooting spree).

Yes, that’s right. There are men only masjids. Rivaling the Shriners, Elks, Oddfellows, Eagles, Eastern Star along with Scottish and York rite social networks, these old boy networks come snarling out of the ground of local Muslim communities and frown down upon the x chromosome carriers with disapproval. The “councils” or “charity commission committees” are interestingly devoid of any feminine content

(these groups are about as free and inclusive to female entrants as the Waffen SS was to ultra-Orthodox rabbis in the 1930s) and go out of their way to stay that way (obviously when sweeping and cooking need to be done, we as men must be on the look out for “sisters ready to lead!”).

The same principle I would hold for the fact that masjids have made it their business in some instances to not be as inclusive as they had been in the past. So what happens? People go out of their way to be offensive when highlighting these issues. Please keep in mind that feudalism is going to be further challenged in the future. This is the pre-shock to the real earthquake.

Now they are tasting from the bitter cup. We will see what fruits this will produce in the future. I am not happy with this situation, nor do I approve of it; but I do understand. I have mirror imaged the dire state of affairs in a previous article I have done and I believe that more is to come


Notice that the women have come with their children. Why didn’t they feel they could come come with their children to the place of worship of “the world’s fastest growing religion?”

The change that these women wanted is now mandatory. The upward mobility and needed reform that they required has now been done by them and them alone. The spiritual hospices are now left to pick up the pieces. These women (many of whom may have come out of a background where their opinions and contributions were highly valued in the business/educational fields to which they belonged) are no longer willing to wait for some change to occur. I would not be willing to wait either. It is too late to talk. Now the change has come.

Imam Abu Muhammad Al-Barbahari (d. 329 AH) said, “Beware of the small innovations, for they in turn lead to the large innovations.” Sharh us-Sunnah, pp. 25-26 (all Arabic text)

Do not wait too long before you see “youth masjids,” another demographic that is unwelcome at the local masjid. Talking is over. It is now action that is taking place. If you do not do something substantial about the situation, it is going to get worse.

And with Allah is every success.

Until next time.

Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far Al-Hanbali


One response to “Post-Masjidism…And Now it Begins

  1. Asalamu alaykum Shaykh.

    I apologise for nagging you so much but i didn’t receive a reply from you on my email account when i stopped also posting my email replies on your blog so i thought i would post again on your blog in case my emails weren’t reaching you directly. The questions that i wanted to ask were:

    1] Abdul Ghani al Maqdisi and Ibn Rajab (Ibn Hajar as well) and their memorisation of 700,000 ahadith: These facts are found in an article you wrote Shaykh, found here:

    You have mentioned this in the 12th paragraph:

    “Imam `Abdul Ghani ibn `Abdul Wahid al-Maqdisi (d. 600 AH) is one of the great scholars of hadith, coming from Jamma`il, a section of Nablus. He memorised 700,000 ahadith, putting him in the same club as Imams Ibn Rajab, Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani.”

    Would it be possible to get a reference for this insha Allah?

    2] You mentioned to me that you had two Hanafi teachers. I know that one of your teachers was Muhammad Fuwad al Raazi who migrated to the West, what was the name of the other one? In one of the weeks of the history series you mentioned that he had a photographic memory and could quote from the Hidaayah and other texts at will verbatim. Can you please inform me of his name Shaykh?

    3] If you have the notes for the history as a soft copy and you wouldn’t mind, would you be able to send me the notes for me to read them? I would like to read them every now and then to refresh my history.

    4] In a recent lecture you gave on Imaam al Nawawi last year, you mentioned that he has memorised the following books: The Sihhah al Sitta, Musnad Ahmad, Muwatta, Daraqutni, Sharh ul Sunnah et al. Can i please get a reference for this?

    5] Lastly, Shaykh you mentioned that to teach at Dar ul Hadith al Ashrafiyyah, one had to have memorised 200,000 ahadith at least. Can i please get a reference for this as well insha Allah?

    Just to reiterate, i only ask for references because i want to add them into my notes that i am compiling which later with the help of Allah, will be a small booklet to share around online so that the Muslims become more familiar with the maraji’ and leaders of the Ummah in our times and the past.

    Jazakallahu Khayran dear Shaykh, very much appreciated. I apologise if i caused you any inconvenience or my persistence was offensive in any way.


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