Bruce Jenner and Transgender Issues

Figure 1A: Walt Heyer in transition and after having returned to being a man. His knowledge of sex change operations is experiential and not just clinical.

Figure 1A: Walt Heyer in transition and after having returned to being a man. His knowledge of sex change operations is experiential and not just clinical.

An article was recently posted by Breitbart regarding a man who had completed a sex change operation, regretted and then transitioned back to the life of a man from a “woman.” He is now married and has started his own website as well as a blog to field questions.

The man, Walt Heyer, compared the after effect of a sex change to a “hangover” in a CNN interview on Tuesday, stating that, “It’s sort of like, you know, going down to the bar and you’re having a good time and you drink it up good and then, you know, you wake up with a hangover.”

What is particularly interesting about this man’s testimony – if one could call it such – is the underlying supposition that people have to come to grips with, namely that people are not born in the wrong bodies. The sheer imbecility of comparing race to transgender struggles is clearly amplified by Heyer.

For example, I have caramel coloured skin with a red tint. I have always had this skin as well as the culture and other issues that go with this point. One looks at my pineal gland and can see that it is not calcified, it is supple and there are high concentrations of melanin in my blood stream, brain and lodged even in my bone marrow. It is clear that someone can see what I am and there is no dispute on this affair.

There is also a review of more than 100 international medical studies of post-operative transgenders carried out in the UK in 2004 found “no robust scientific evidence that gender reassignment surgery is clinically

It is not just offensive but an error in analogy to compare race to someone who “feels” that they are a woman; something that they have no experiential knowledge of at all. Feelings are the response to external stimulus, not objective but subjective. I hope that these articles in the links trigger as much mature and measured discussion as Mr Heyer did.

One response to “Bruce Jenner and Transgender Issues

  1. Assalaam alaykum,

    And this confirms what our ‘ulama have said about such operations; they are borne out of perverse desire. Breitbart has another article about how incoherent and illogical the whole transgender movement is:

    And there’s another article on the Federalist site about transgender regret and how it is generally ignored or buried by the mainstream media:

    And a whole wave of “regretters” is expected very soon.

    But I don’t write these words in order to be mean or unsympathetic. Mr Heyer said there are psychological issues at play here, and a good source would be Dr Joseph Nicolosi’s book A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality. In brief, masculinity is an achievement and a boy achieves it by bonding with his father and/or other older male relatives. If that doesn’t happen, because the father is simply not there or he is there but is abusive or unresponsive to his children, the bonding with the son never happens and he remains attached to his mother. He grows up feeling inadequate as a male and therefore carries a sense of shame and a susceptibility to shame, i.e. feeling shame more intensely for whatever mistakes he makes in his day-to-day business.

    So, looking at someone like Jenner, one has to ask about his childhood and what kind of relationship he had with his father. Then one has to take shame into consideration. Does he feel shame because he gave those car keys to his little brother? Does he feel shame because of the person who died in the more recent car crash? Does he feel shame regarding his marriages and subsequent divorces?

    What he’s doing is not courageous; it’s a awkward lurch in the opposite direction. The man needs counseling and compassion because, regardless of surgery or hormone replacement therapy, he will never be a woman. He wasn’t born one.

    And Allah knows best.



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