Book Review: Medicines: A Comprehensive Guide

Figure 1A: Medicines: The Comprehensive Guide, the AD 2000 edition.

Figure 1A: Medicines: The Comprehensive Guide, the AD 2000 edition.

Many years ago, I had tired of constantly writing letters to manufacturers of immunizations/poisons and asking pharmaceutically led nurses and doctors for the ingredients of the products that they wanted to enter into my body (although they insisted they were safe but did not themselves know the ingredients) intravenously. After one such incident, I was at a discount but store and in the goodie basket happened to spy the text, Medicines: A Comprehensive Guide. This would be the Sword of Excaliber for me. I had found the solution.

Spanning 608 pages, I was pleasantly surprised to find the names of medicines and their parent chemical compounds, side effects, dangers and warning symbols. In addition to this, I also found the preface, introduction and a chapter on the misuse of drugs disturbing but also a force of utility for when I am placed in situations where pharmaceuticals might be administered. Now the man on the street has something more that he can use to clarify matters.

I would say that Medicines is on par on a pharmaceutical level in the same way that Natural Wonderfoods: 100 Amazing Foods for Healing, Immune Boosting, Fitness Enhancing and Anti-Ageing is for knowing about fruit and veg, their properties, effects and side effects. This is a bold statement but I think if the reader should purchase Medicines, he or she will confirm the words that I speak upon even a cursory reading.

Medicines will spare you long and drawn out arguments with people – professionals or otherwise – regarding the impact, dangerous or not, that particular medicines or drugs pose to the body as well as when they are mixed with other drugs in tandem. The tiny book will also force you to raise your standard with regard to knowledge of Latin. If you are going to study medicine in English, the sources are Latin, while geology and the other Earth sciences are overwhelmingly Greek in their terminology.

To be able to make a responsible, balanced and informed decision about ingesting a given drug is paramount for the imbiber and I hope that many will give this tiny but indispensable manual a try and make it part of their library.   Years from now, it is my contention that larger organisations will try to make it either impossible or expensive beyond reach when people try to obtain texts such as these so please gather this knowledge now.

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