Book Review: The Revolt of the Elites

Figure 1A: The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy (photo courtesy of

Figure 1A: The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy (photo courtesy of


When I look back at some of my life, some of the racism and violence that I experienced were roundly dismissed. One humourous incident occurred when I was asked about the police in the United States and balked at their usefulness. The white protagonist that was sitting and listening in, remarked, “Well, if it was not for the police, there would be absolute chaos in the streets. They are the only thing keeping everything from cutting loose.” Every brown man in the room laughed in unison so loudly that the man abruptly left in embarrassment. We would be vindicated three weeks later when Rodney King received an ass whipping that Grandma’s Lyson would not have washed out.

The four police were acquitted and then California and other parts of the West Coast of the United States went up in flames. Even Florida had rage and there were incidents. At the time, much the same way as they are doing now, whites in the United States are asking, “What is happening? They are overreacting!” Christopher Lasch, author of The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy belongs to one of those whites who was napping and is now awake.

Military vans and army personnel no longer patrol the areas that I lived in and those being thrown to the dirt and roughed up are no longer us, now it’s everyone; but increasingly those with blonde hair and blue eyes now realise that when we were recounting these “anecdotal” statements, we were telling the truth. The laugh of derision at the man defending American police has now come back again when Americans tell us, “We need to do something! Stuff is out of control!” We?

Figure 2A: Christopher Lasch, author.

Figure 2A: Christopher Lasch, author.

Lasch talks about an America that has transgressed the bounds, rulers that care not for the people or their needs and roll over the weak and deprived. Each page made me chuckle. So you just now figured out this was the way the country was? We have been telling you this for quite some time.

Lasch (AD 1932-1994) makes an almost Paul Revere call out to the Americans to return to the rule of law, community, responsibility and religion (Yes, religion. That old time, porch sitting, banjo playing American religion). The problem is that the book for all the right things that it says, ignores the one crucial part: it is too late.

We learn from history that once a civilisation is over-extended to its’ maximum, has suffered defeats due to conducting multi front wars, its’ only option left is to then start turning on its’ own people. Once this happens, there is no way to turn back the clock. You are now staring down the barrel of a gun. It must have been terrible for him to go down into his grave as a hoary headed old man without America heading his calls. It is slightly disappointing seeing as how he had been a professor of history at the University of Rochester.

This book is an excellent read and also a wonderful addition to discussions that will centre around Americana and what brought about its’ eventual end. If it was to be effective, it should have been released in the year AD 1933, just before the US claimed bankruptcy and declined from its’ apex of power. Most scholars of Americana agree that the apex of the United States’ might was in the year AD 1955 and that after the Korean War defeat (which was really a proxy war with China, which was reaching behind a curtain and shaking hands with the Soviet Union) the decline was swift and that the Viet Nam War (another proxy war with China shaking hands at the curtain with USSR) confirmed it. This is why James Traficant made his famous speech.

I still think that book is of value and deserves a read, but check it out from your library or on Kindle, which would probably be cheaper. This is old news and by reading it we would be looking back in time and not at the present and preparing for the future.

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