Book Review: Grow Your Own Month By Month

Figure 1A: The book, Grow Your Own Month by Month.

Figure 1A: The book, Grow Your Own Month by Month.

Everyone knows that the best food for you is local or homegrown but few people know how to do it or carry it out once they have decided that they want to…this book covers that need. Grow Your Own Month by Month by Jo Whittingham takes a topic that to some would seem mundane, boring or even as accessible as stereo instructions in Japanese to an English only speaker and makes it accessible.

The author is brilliant and full of down to earth advice. Any good book will show you how to use it and this does just that with illustrations and easy to use language. Soon after, the book takes you sauntering into discussion around what you would like to grow. This is covered regarding the different families of the particular crop, what times of year are best to grow them, disease resistance, when to plant, when to harvest, outdoor, indoor plants.

Drying fruits and vegetables is also covered with contrasts between oven-drying and air-drying being offered. What I found particularly useful was the section on bottling which offered me some new tricks of the trade and improvements on the old ones. A passing reference was made to canning and bottling which I understand why with some of the aluminium and steel scares and preservation pitfalls in the past decade or so.

This book is a must have due to the fact that you are never left in the wind by the author; she helps you along every step of the way and you have fun doing it. Give it a try. Healthy food is not a privilege. It’s a right.

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