Book Review: Natural Wonderfoods

Figure 1A: the remarkable book, Natural Wonderfoods.

Figure 1A: the remarkable book, Natural Wonderfoods.

I know that this is not written in the style of a linear book but more a manual, but it was a fun read. The book Natural Wonderfoods: 100 Amazing Foods for Healing, Immune Boosting, Fitness Enhancing, Anti-Aging was authored by Paula Bartimeus, Charlotte Haigh, Sarah Merson, Sarah Owen and Janet Wright and it deserves all the praise that it receives. This is the closest book in the English language that I have seen that makes mention of the food in question, its’ properties and then the benefits derived and how to obtain them.

In the opening few pages is a key to symbols. The book has these symbols under each entry on the fruit or veg in question indicating whether it is anti-bacterial, good for the brain or detoxifying. I was deeply impressed by the layout, the pictures and the recipes offered as well as the diligence to detail. The reader was even commanded not to mix and match between imperial and metric measurements and that each recipe serves four (normal sizes, not American beast sizes!).

Someone who cannot access the original Arabic books of medicine would obtain tremendous benefit from this book and also be able to prepare medicines and home remedies for ailments, illnesses, how to bring down fevers gently and even what vitamins and minerals to contain along with recommendations on what fruit and veg, spice to not/mix them with when seeking treatment. This is worth every bit of the effort to read and is a fitting reference manual for the shelf of any reader who guards his or her health.

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