Book Review: Painless Algebra

Figure 1A: Painless Algebra by Lynette Long, ph.D.

Figure 1A: Painless Algebra by Lynette Long, ph.D.

When I found this book, I was happy to see that the author, Lynette Long, had written Painless Algrebra in a way that was very close to how some of the early Arabs, like Al-Khawarizmi, taught algebra. It was a very enlightening read and not filled with complexity to try to show how smart the author was in her ph.D. It was excellent.

I believe that this book would be very easy for a parent to incorporate into home school studies for his or her child if they were wondering what to utilise for math. For adults who would be willing to consider waterboarding rather than math classes, this book would be a great place to overcome that fear and painful mental block.

Hatred of math not only slows the ability of people who are money counting but in all other fields where math is required one is inhibited. Books like this are an asset and I hope that everyone who reads this will purchase the book and get over the pain that they may have suffered in youth due to bad teachers and math.

Math does not have to be detestable. It can be fun. I have always seen math as fun and exciting. I just think certain aspects of it are taught in a bad way (the great preponderance of American teachers just can’t teach algebra). I hope that more people learn to love math and this book is a means to an end with algebra.


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