You Know You are in Denial When…

Figure 1A: Some Muslims have visited this location numerous times.

Figure 1A: Some Muslims have visited this location numerous times. (photo courtesy of

There are a number of great discussions that have been taking place on the news recently; the only problem is that Muslim talking heads in the Anglosphere have been included. Whenever one attempts to bring up the fact that Salafiyyah is the ultimate problem in this particular brand of cultists that are raging in the world (i.e. DAESH, GIA, SGFP, Muslim Brotherhood and its’ offshoots in the Anglosphere), the immediate reaction is that, “No! No! These people are doing this for politics! They are not part of the narrative of Islam!”

Oh. But paedophiles in the Muslim communities of the Anglosphere are so they are never excommunicated from the narrative but we get a motivational speech on how to treat your chattel wives (but not the white ones, not the whites!)?

The “peaceful and devout” shooter that carried out the California attacks is, so he might get a funeral but the female team mate might not due to the fact that  she “shamed her family” (at least they’re treating their women in death just like how they did in life. Just like….).

Even the Ahl-i-Hadees inspired school she attended passed the buck (I say “buck” as the currency in the school’s country is probably so worthless it couldn’t be passed or even used in a metaphorical or phraseal verb sense without losing the reader’s attention).

Graeme Wood explains below that there is absolutely a religious link and that part of how they are to be defeated is through religious and ideological means.

Rather than deal with this fact and address, another Anglosphere Muslim misses the point and refuses to even take part in the discussion until a debate is had on what politics led to DAESH being formed (all the while he ignores the fact that the thinking was there before the Iraq war and was a problem before the Iraq war).

This style of disputation is easily refuted and as the programme went on the falsehood of the position had a klieg light of truth put on it. Notice how someone who is not a Muslim went and read the relevant texts, went to the source texts, met with some of the people and then drew his conclusions.

There was another interview with Michael T. Flynn, in which this decorated military chief, who has met members of Al-Qaeda, DAESH and others stated with an air of authority, “I have been at war with Islam or a component of Islam for the last decade.”

Rather than hear him out and then flesh out really good points, once again the host (who is featured above on a panel) attempts to convert shame Mr. Flynn (someone who is not a Muslim could never understand DAESH and cannot speak on it, even AFTER ten years of battle with it).

For all its’ faults, we find a really attention grabbing special featuring the Russian Ministry of Defense alleging that the Turkish government (that bastion of modern Islamic civilisation and the proud holder of the prestigious title of #2 place in the world for sex change operations) is involved with ISIS through oil smuggling.

In the same segment, we find the Turks bombing Kurdish positions (the only organised group of Muslims fighting DAESH) and the both annoyed and stricken response from journalists and people in the field. My advice to readers is to always keep up to date and to look at the full picture.



3 responses to “You Know You are in Denial When…

  1. Dear Reader,

    That author of that article could not be more wrong even if he tried. Please have a look at this post and especially the comments below:

    ISIS, Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, Nusra Front etc. all have the same theology; is this just a coincidence?

    If Islam is to have any future in the Anglosphere the cancerous tumour of Salafiyyah has to be removed and destroyed, not embraced as if it were in any way benign.

    And with Allah is every success.

    • In fact I agree with you on this.

      The author conveniently leaves out the Wahhabi movement and the Muslim Brotherhood with their violent legacy from discussion and restricts the idea of Salafism to Albani.

      Two main basis of takfiris, their supposed tawhid uluhiyyah and tawhid hakimiyyah, are essential to Salafism.

      The trend of becoming instant self made scholars, and rejecting Islamic scholarship under banner of “Quran and Sunnah only” or the formation of a pick and choose style madhab without any principle and methodology (allowing takfiris to justify anything including burning of prisoners) are also product of Salafism.

      Obviously with various multitude of sub sects within Salafism, and the constantly changing trends, one cannot generalize all Salafis as militant. But the core beliefs and methodology upon which the takfiris today emerge have everything to do with elements that are central to Salafism.

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