Universalism and its’ Branches

Figure 1A: Vatican II led to sweeping changes and modernism in the Catholic Church. Did SPIFs start the ball rolling.

Figure 1A: Vatican II led to sweeping changes and modernism in the Catholic Church. Did SPIFs start the ball rolling.

Since the tree of universalism anchored its’ roots among the Muslims in the United States, it has bloomed and bore rotten fruit. One of those fruits is perennialism. This rotten fruit with a sweet colour has infected the “Spokesmen For Islam in the West” (henceforth referred to as SPIFs) and led not only to a major misstep but to a calamity that will have its’ sins carried by these same people on the Day of Resurrection. This calamity materialised in the form of the “Study Qur’an.”

The theology, soteriology and all other matters presented therein are so in error that it is now unmistakable that this was done on purpose. Some brothers came together to try to answer this glaring blunder, which lead to an avalanche of negative comments and online bickering. I do believe that some good did indeed come from it.

The consequence of answering the Study Qur’an fiasco led to another question that the SPIFs had left unanswered: namely, who is in charge of Islam? Who speaks for Islam? Is there an authority in Islam? I was asked by a Muslim brother to put something together and the best course of action agreed was an original article that we put together on the topic years ago.

We realised those years ago that SPIFs had actually created this set of circumstances through the following situations:

  1. Although moving against Salafiyyah, SPIFs put across the understanding to common slaves of Allah that the Qur’an could not be so easily understood and interpreted without having attained a certain rank. No differentiation was made between the theology, right and proper conduct, permissible and permissible actions which are the providence of every believe and can be understood by all and more technical matters that required qualifications to elucidate them.
  2.  In doing this, SPIFs then created a situation in which they became the Vatican Council and the laity became Catholic laity in the Western Hemisphere in the ’50s-60s.
  3. Once the second phase came to pass, the third phase was a Vatican 2 of sorts. No one could condemn or refer to anyone or objectively know what and who a Muslim was and is; furthermore, there was no way to reach conclusions utilising the theology of the Muslims regarding the cults and false religions. There were no objective standards. Therefore the “9 great major world religions” are manifestations, expressions or valid pathways to lead to “the source,” this code word being used for the Lord Almighty.

It is my hope that these articles will inspire others to also stand up but also contribute a written legacy to this situation. Muslims must not only believe but be able to provide evidence and a reason for WHY they believe as they do so that it can be defended.

Until next time,

Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far Al-Hanbali

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