Muslims in Russia to Run Headlong into Usury

Figure 1A: Muslims in Russia, however many are left in the Kazan region, will now be encouraged to run headlong into usury. This issue was dealt with years ago.
Figure 1A: Muslims in Russia, however many are left in the Kazan region, will now be encouraged to run headlong into usury. This issue was dealt with years ago. (Photo courtesy of MAKSIM BOGODVID/SPUTNIK)

There has been a very timely article published by Info Wars  about Muslim banking institutions in Russia now drinking down the potion of usury into their bellies. So much talk has been made about this matter when the marja` people spoke about this matter long ago. One such example is that of Imam `Abdul Qadir Ibn Badran Ad-Dumi (d. 1346 AH).

When the issue of banks first appeared in the Muslim world, in the same place – Kazan – he explained about them and also the status of Dar ul-Harb and Dar ul-Islam. Originally, it was a sign that a population had been subjugated by idol worshippers or unbelievers when institutions such as these appeared and one had to strive to be as righteous as possible and preserve his religion.

Now we find the people – separated from the Muslim world by being converted into Dar ul-Harb by the Russian Empire of the time – alienated from Islam and sprinting into an institution referred to as “Islamic banking.”

None of this would have been possible without earthly governments anointing laymen to speak on the religion with regard to usury, the institutions that support them and the homes that they live in and the plates that they eat from.

Now while all of this is happening, these same laymen or charlatans (as “Spokesmen for Islam in the West”) are measuring the drapes for their palaces and ordering the marble for their thrones as they tell the people to get more spiritual. Meanwhile, the poor and indigent are being neglected, whether they be Muslim or not. Neither group are being fed and tended to, but the criminals behind the Vaticanisation Project of Islam continue their onward march.

The transactions of Muslims are ignored, lied about and the Spokesmen even help to poison the believers, all the while keeping the minds of the laity on such scintillating topics as women forbidden from leaving the house, whether mawlid is compulsory, impermissible or merely permissible, maintaining morbid sectarianism, magic and exorcisms along with bat-phones/hotlines to assist and take swipecard payments to cure it, grooming of white women is not completely blameworthy as they are asking for it and even bestiality and penalty on the animal for committing “adultery” and toddlers being charged with murder.

Obviously, the writer would be remiss if he did not mention that severing one’s own hand after being accused of apostasy in a gathering can be a means of worship (?). The further these charlatans and spiritual paedophiles take the common people away from their faith and the legitimate authorities, the more suffering will result. Those responsible for this will be accounted on the day where there is no escape from the judgement of our Lord.

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Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far Al-Hanbali


Book Review: Crossing the Rubicon

Figure 1A: The text, Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil.
Figure 1A: The text, Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil.

I thought that this book would be typical of the perceived genre: conspiracy guy writes book about drugs, gangs, US government and cover up and so forth; but then I opened up the text and read through it. It took me a number of weeks to verify notes to the first four chapters. After that I realised that this was not the average book. You had a former policeman from the Los Angeles Police Department admitting that the cocaine was brought into the West Coast of the United States and run through by the police department (something I saw and witnessed) and then providing inter-office details and also empirical data for exact dates.

This was explosive just like Dark Alliance, but from another angle. The author, Michael Ruppert, exerted great effort to show that drugs were used on the stock market and the link between this and other trading. He then discussed the oil boom, further deposits of petroleum, availability and the projected dates for complete depletion of the oil supply. At this point, I believed that the book might go too far down the green trail and there would be ranting about conservation and the like.

This did not happen. His basic layout was simple:

  1. the available supply of oil has peaked and is now running down
  2. it will run out
  3. there is no way to get it back
  4. you better get used to a world without it
  5. there will be upheavals, so protect yourself

I have simplified it but this was the gist, only with a pile of sources and discussion. Many readers don’t care for Ruppert’s style of speaking and writing as they see it as braggadocios and self-important but he’s from the West Coast and a little bit of bluster is required to live out there and being a cop out there this is needed even more. Outside of this, he presents a very stark and grim picture. Many questions surround his death and he did say that he believed he might be assassinated (although his death was recorded a suicide) although I have not studied enough into the matter to reach a position either way.

The Peak Oil Crisis is referenced with sources that although some have been disputed, they have not been conclusively refuted in which they no longer qualify to be used as proof. I would definitely recommend this book for a read; nevermind that the book is hefty, the sources at the back are easily located.



When You Think Your Family is Involved in ‘Black Magic’

Figure 1A: AP Photo/Saurabh Das via Breitbart
Figure 1A: AP Photo/Saurabh Das via Breitbart

Below is an enlightening article from Breitbart. It is so indicative of the superstition paradigm, i.e. folklore religion with morbid, backward, non-textual, insular reasoning. Although this article is not about Muslims, the same cancer exists in South Asia’s Pakistan, a shining example of just how serious folk Islam truly is and the danger it poses to the rest of the world’s Orthodox Muslims. I ask Muslims who uphold this forbid form of religion to read the article and see how striking the similarities are:


By Mary Chastain

An Indian man beheaded his sister-in-law after claiming to find evidence of her involvement in witchcraft and black magic.

The man, Uttam, accused his sister-in-law Dhandevi “of doing ‘jadu tona’ (witchcraft) on his brother, Thakur, who died on Feb. 5.” He claimed she tied a voodoo locket “on a tree outside their house, which he believed had resulted in his brother’s death.”

From Times of India:

Eyewitnesses have reportedly told the police that on Thursday Uttam again found a “taveez” tied to the same tree and he got into an altercation with Dhandevi, accusing her of again attempting to kill someone in his family by her witchcraft. Though Dhandevi kept denying, Uttam picked up a chopper and brutally hacked her over 15 times, dismembering her head from the neck.

He subsequently fled the scene. The police have registered a case of murder and launched a hunt for him.

Data from the state of Jharkhand shows people have lynched more than 127 women for witchcraft between 2012 and 2014.

“As per information provided by the NCRB [National Crime Records Bureau], a total of 26, 54 and 47 cases were reported under murder for witchcraft in Jharkhand during 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively,” stated Minister of State for Home Haribhai Parathibhai Chaudhary.

Last August, a village lynched five tribal women “for allegedly practicing ‘witchcraft.’” Two victims included a woman and her daughter. The villagers decided to kill the women “after a 17-year-old youth died four days earlier.” He complained of stomach pains and “a sorcerer from an adjoining village had blamed his death on witchcraft.” From The Indian Express:

After they allegedly decided to “solve the problem for once and all”, some youths dragged 53-year-old Etwaria Kholkho out of her home, accusing her of being a witch. They demanded she name the other “witches” in the village, and Etwaria reportedly named Madni Kholkho (55), Jasinta Toppo (40), Tetri Kholkho (40) and her elderly mother, Ratiya Kholkho. One by one, each of these women was brought out in the open and beaten to death by the villagers, who battered them with sticks, bricks and stones. The killers allegedly disfigured their faces after killing them. Around 90 tribal families live in Kajiya Maraytoli. All of them bear the surnames Kholkho and Toppo. Some families are Christian.

A month later, another village killed five people, including two women, for allegedly practicing witchcraft. Their relatives stabbed them to death. Authorities have blamed greed and poverty on the crimes.

“In such circumstances, human misery in the form of death and disease is often attributed to witchcraft,” explained Anuja Agrawal, an associate sociology professor at Delhi University.

Agrawal added: “Often there are long-term animosities between the perpetrators and victims which translate into witch-hunt. Witch-hunt is a convenient mechanism to get rid of not only women but also entire families.”

People in the villages believe they can escape “their misery” if they hunt and punish witches. Studies have shown “land-grab and attempts to hold sway over local power structure are the driving factors for witch hunt.” They also use the witch hunt to “disinherit women from family property” or to silence those from lower social classes.

“While belief systems seem to help trigger violence, material factors are almost omnipresent in witch-hunt cases,” commented Madhu Mehra, the executive director of Partners for Law in Development.

Earlier this month, The Hindustan Times reported that Jharkhand districts will send the witchcraft cases to five fast-track courts.

“The courts will be under the judgeship of judges in the rank of additional sessions judge with jurisdiction within the local limits of the districts concerned,” declared BB Mangal Murty. “This has been done in consultation with the high court and the process of appointing judges and other logistics would start soon. Government’s objective is to expedite trial in all such cases and speedy disposal to send a strong message.”

Paedophile Escape

Figure 1A: Tariq Javed, 37, had some eight counts of paedophilia against him. His community response was zilch.
Figure 1A: Tariq Javed, 37, had some eight counts of paedophilia against him. His community response was zilch.

So here we have another case of people getting off scott free! A man escaped after already being thought to be a flight risk and may have made his way to Pakistan. He was in court for eight charges of assault and sexual intercourse with a child under thirteen years of age and was found guilty.

Other groups of people take action to flush out their criminals. Ian Huntley was just such an example. Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman had a community of people who defended them. This put the police on guard. You could see that the people in the community that Huntley was from (as well as his accomplice Maxine Carr) do not approve of destruction of children and their childhood.

Yet we see Javed’s community taking up arms for which day `Eid falls on, how to keep women out of the masjids, political skirmishes and gaudy, tacky expressions of syncretic religion.

Why doesn’t Javed’s community do to him what these people did to their guy that got out of hand?

So now we know why people (especially women – who get raped and molested in the “sister sections” of masjids or sexually assaulted during “Koran classes”) flee from these buildings. They can’t secure their bodies. And this is why these same buildings have not produced the type of converts that are made in other parts of the world without these maladies. Sick people only bring more patients.

How could these people have time for such noble pursuits as that when they are stealing money, goading their congregants into transactions that will enslave them as well as forced marriages.

This condition will not change until these people in question realise that it is wrong and start to go after the people and ostracise them from their communities. The problem is that these people are in their communities, they know about them but shame culture is what prevents them from bringing them forward. If these people don’t take corrective action, the white man will act for them.