Paedophile Escape

Figure 1A: Tariq Javed, 37, had some eight counts of paedophilia against him. His community response was zilch.

Figure 1A: Tariq Javed, 37, had some eight counts of paedophilia against him. His community response was zilch.

So here we have another case of people getting off scott free! A man escaped after already being thought to be a flight risk and may have made his way to Pakistan. He was in court for eight charges of assault and sexual intercourse with a child under thirteen years of age and was found guilty.

Other groups of people take action to flush out their criminals. Ian Huntley was just such an example. Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman had a community of people who defended them. This put the police on guard. You could see that the people in the community that Huntley was from (as well as his accomplice Maxine Carr) do not approve of destruction of children and their childhood.

Yet we see Javed’s community taking up arms for which day `Eid falls on, how to keep women out of the masjids, political skirmishes and gaudy, tacky expressions of syncretic religion.

Why doesn’t Javed’s community do to him what these people did to their guy that got out of hand?

So now we know why people (especially women – who get raped and molested in the “sister sections” of masjids or sexually assaulted during “Koran classes”) flee from these buildings. They can’t secure their bodies. And this is why these same buildings have not produced the type of converts that are made in other parts of the world without these maladies. Sick people only bring more patients.

How could these people have time for such noble pursuits as that when they are stealing money, goading their congregants into transactions that will enslave them as well as forced marriages.

This condition will not change until these people in question realise that it is wrong and start to go after the people and ostracise them from their communities. The problem is that these people are in their communities, they know about them but shame culture is what prevents them from bringing them forward. If these people don’t take corrective action, the white man will act for them.  


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