Book Review: Crossing the Rubicon

Figure 1A: The text, Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil.

Figure 1A: The text, Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil.

I thought that this book would be typical of the perceived genre: conspiracy guy writes book about drugs, gangs, US government and cover up and so forth; but then I opened up the text and read through it. It took me a number of weeks to verify notes to the first four chapters. After that I realised that this was not the average book. You had a former policeman from the Los Angeles Police Department admitting that the cocaine was brought into the West Coast of the United States and run through by the police department (something I saw and witnessed) and then providing inter-office details and also empirical data for exact dates.

This was explosive just like Dark Alliance, but from another angle. The author, Michael Ruppert, exerted great effort to show that drugs were used on the stock market and the link between this and other trading. He then discussed the oil boom, further deposits of petroleum, availability and the projected dates for complete depletion of the oil supply. At this point, I believed that the book might go too far down the green trail and there would be ranting about conservation and the like.

This did not happen. His basic layout was simple:

  1. the available supply of oil has peaked and is now running down
  2. it will run out
  3. there is no way to get it back
  4. you better get used to a world without it
  5. there will be upheavals, so protect yourself

I have simplified it but this was the gist, only with a pile of sources and discussion. Many readers don’t care for Ruppert’s style of speaking and writing as they see it as braggadocios and self-important but he’s from the West Coast and a little bit of bluster is required to live out there and being a cop out there this is needed even more. Outside of this, he presents a very stark and grim picture. Many questions surround his death and he did say that he believed he might be assassinated (although his death was recorded a suicide) although I have not studied enough into the matter to reach a position either way.

The Peak Oil Crisis is referenced with sources that although some have been disputed, they have not been conclusively refuted in which they no longer qualify to be used as proof. I would definitely recommend this book for a read; nevermind that the book is hefty, the sources at the back are easily located.



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