Muslims in Russia to Run Headlong into Usury

Figure 1A: Muslims in Russia, however many are left in the Kazan region, will now be encouraged to run headlong into usury. This issue was dealt with years ago.

Figure 1A: Muslims in Russia, however many are left in the Kazan region, will now be encouraged to run headlong into usury. This issue was dealt with years ago. (Photo courtesy of MAKSIM BOGODVID/SPUTNIK)

There has been a very timely article published by Info Wars  about Muslim banking institutions in Russia now drinking down the potion of usury into their bellies. So much talk has been made about this matter when the marja` people spoke about this matter long ago. One such example is that of Imam `Abdul Qadir Ibn Badran Ad-Dumi (d. 1346 AH).

When the issue of banks first appeared in the Muslim world, in the same place – Kazan – he explained about them and also the status of Dar ul-Harb and Dar ul-Islam. Originally, it was a sign that a population had been subjugated by idol worshippers or unbelievers when institutions such as these appeared and one had to strive to be as righteous as possible and preserve his religion.

Now we find the people – separated from the Muslim world by being converted into Dar ul-Harb by the Russian Empire of the time – alienated from Islam and sprinting into an institution referred to as “Islamic banking.”

None of this would have been possible without earthly governments anointing laymen to speak on the religion with regard to usury, the institutions that support them and the homes that they live in and the plates that they eat from.

Now while all of this is happening, these same laymen or charlatans (as “Spokesmen for Islam in the West”) are measuring the drapes for their palaces and ordering the marble for their thrones as they tell the people to get more spiritual. Meanwhile, the poor and indigent are being neglected, whether they be Muslim or not. Neither group are being fed and tended to, but the criminals behind the Vaticanisation Project of Islam continue their onward march.

The transactions of Muslims are ignored, lied about and the Spokesmen even help to poison the believers, all the while keeping the minds of the laity on such scintillating topics as women forbidden from leaving the house, whether mawlid is compulsory, impermissible or merely permissible, maintaining morbid sectarianism, magic and exorcisms along with bat-phones/hotlines to assist and take swipecard payments to cure it, grooming of white women is not completely blameworthy as they are asking for it and even bestiality and penalty on the animal for committing “adultery” and toddlers being charged with murder.

Obviously, the writer would be remiss if he did not mention that severing one’s own hand after being accused of apostasy in a gathering can be a means of worship (?). The further these charlatans and spiritual paedophiles take the common people away from their faith and the legitimate authorities, the more suffering will result. Those responsible for this will be accounted on the day where there is no escape from the judgement of our Lord.

Until next time,


Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far Al-Hanbali


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