Make Room for Me…Even in Private

Figure 1A: A stock picture of Rizwan Shabir.

Figure 1A: A stock picture of Rizwan Shabir. (Photo courtesy of )

So a South Asian contestant has quit Bear Grylls’ new show as he cannot countenance the sight of women in bikinis and it is an “affront” to his faith. The question I asked myself is, “How did this happen?” Was he at his workplace when women came in and bared their breasts and shoved their burgeoning cleavage in his face? Perhaps he was at home and while eating a bowl of Fruit Loops his door was kicked open and swimsuit models burst inside in a perverted orgy of space invasion violence, bared what their Lord gave them and taunted the Muslim contestant?

No…Rizwan Shabir, 27, of Bradford,  was signed up to Bear Grylls, a televised survivalist camp which takes its’ name from the founder, Bear Grylls, who is after all English. As far as can be seen, Grylls is not Muslim and has grown up in English society. His show is a private endeavour that is broadcast to the public.

Rizwan Shabir decided, for whatever reason, to sign up for this show, which from the website, can definitely be seen to not be a masjid, madrasah, anywhere in South Asia. He joined, got involved but expected, on someone else’s show, someone else’s property and someone else’s venue to be given the same rank/authority he would be given at home or in his local community centre. Why? This is a private venue. It is filmed and broadcast, but it is a private venue.

This has happened on so many occasions, without people realising the wider ramifications. Someone might think, “This is great. We have to fight discrimination at all levels and making people feel uncomfortable is wrong! Just dead wrong!”

All seems well until you check the fine print. Whenever you bring these freakball [1] ideas into a discussion, someone always suffers and greater government control and shrinking privacy and entrepreneurship results. Let’s just take a roll call.

Tahera Ahmed made claims against United Airlines, only to be exposed as a fraud not long after by a witness on the flight. The issue had to do with receiving a full can of Diet Coke. They didn’t have one. Private airlines, you’re riding on them. Don’t like it, choose another option, another airline in fact. Next is Samantha Elauf, fashionista who applied for a job  at Abercrombie and Fitch and still continuing on after knowing that this is for fashion and that they explicitly do not have women that are covered in ads and working under their brand.

She would be denied the job based on the fact that it goes against their looks policy, which as a private company they are entitled to do. The woman who did the interview did not even know that Elauf was wearing hijab and a Muslim at the time. A Muslim might balk at this, but take a look at this picture of Elauf on Instagram and then this one, both which show dramatically different types of head covering for what a Muslim woman dresses like in situations of modesty.

Let’s keep in mind that the woman in question for hiring would not know that the wrap and traditional hijab are both envisioned by Muslim fashionista lefties to be the same thing. The case then goes to the Supreme Court, obviously showing the pictures of traditional hijab (which was NOT shown in the interview) and a landmark ruling comes down.

How about a lecture going on at a university that is not a required class but you decide to show up anyway. You see something you don’t like, switch off the Powerpoint projector. Why? You felt offended. You’re entitled to do it.

What about making false bomb scare/death threat claims in order to gin up sympathy from the dominant society? Why? You felt threatened and thought this might help to get your self esteem back on par.

Going to an English school in England and don’t like the Nativity Play? Don’t feel that is to your liking. Get it banned, move it or cite your entitlement to now be offended. Completely just ignore the fact that England has been Christian longer than most of the rest of Western Europe. This is the ground zero of the Protestant Reformation after Germany and Switzerland.

Looking for friends and don’t feel you are celebrated enough? Call the police on a false kidnap bid and trigger negotiation talks. Why? You feel marginalised.

Feeling offended on account of that owner of a hair salon that will not hire you on account of you wearing hijab (which may be against their policy)? Well, then go ahead and try to ruin them. Why? You felt offended.

Why should you and I be concerned? I open a private social club (yeah, picture that…) and the dress code for all women is veils and long robes with flats. I also do not decide to have any women with blonde hair and blue eyes or green eyes and red hair. Keep in mind this is a private business and not government owned or anything like that.

I then receive legal documentation from some law firm that I need to prepare for a court date as a woman from Ireland with green eyes and red hair that came with a friend “felt” offended and had to leave. Now the recessive gene warriors are after me for opening a private social club with my own policies.

This is wrong. Dead wrong. Businesses that have policies cannot be forced (especially when they are PRIVATE) to accommodate people who feel entitled. What about people who go to Laugh Factory or other comedy clubs and laugh at all the jokes and then hear a Holocaust reference and feel the need to take legal action? You walked in there.

This entitlement must stop. I used to live not far from an exclusive golf and social club that had links to the Klan. It was private but I never wanted to get inside and find out what was going on. That’s their business. If we then discuss things like hospitals, which are built for public purpose, or public transport, then I have a right to protest and take the appropriate action. These things are for public use and consumption and access must not be restricted or hindered.

But as ever, entitlement culture continues on its’ inexorable march, knocking down businesses, disparate opinions and other ways of seeing the world until it reaches its’ desired final destination, complete and utter cultural androgyny. Utter sameness. People will no longer think, judge and reach conclusions but “feel.”

Felt like a snake…so I got my tongue forked.

You’re yelling. Don’t think you are? Well I feel that you are.

Never felt like a man/woman/indeterminate…so I had some surgery.

Don’t feel I can take care of children after falling pregnant in the aftermath of wild weekend sex…so I go and get it “taken care of.”

I wonder how some of these people would feel if English people charged into a masjid, ordered a scotch on the rocks and when being told it was not available, took legal action. This culture of entitlement must stop.
































[1] freak’ball adj. when two radically unrelated groups or things come together based on an underlying reason, cause or shared origin and work effectively; usually in synergy. n. freakball, sing. and pl., “Muslims groups in the Anglosphere and hard lefts working together; it’s totally freakball.” adj. “These freakball groups.” v. “In the 1960s, the KKK and the NOI freakball in a bid to further the cause of segregation.”



One response to “Make Room for Me…Even in Private

  1. Assalaam alaykum,

    Ma sha Allah, excellent article. It’s great to see all these sad and sorry cases catalogued in one article. It also reminds me of Jan Morgan, who banned Muslims from her shooting range last year:

    Just like the cases you’ve cited, listen to her justification:

    “When asked if she is concerned if her rule violates The Civil Rights Act, Morgan said her club is private and therefore exempt from the legislation. She added that other private firearms-related businesses are adopting similar rules not just with Muslims, but with anyone they feel align themselves with terrorist ideology.”



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