Shaikh Muwaffaq `Uyun

Figure 1A: Shaikh Muwaffaq at a gathering in the Central Masjid in Duma.

Figure 1A: Shaikh Muwaffaq at a gathering in the Central Masjid in Duma.

He is Muwaffaq Mahmud `Uyun Al-Hanbali Ad-Dumi. He was born in the city of Duma in Syria in the year 1377 AH (AD 1958) and took knowledge from his father in his early years at the Nizamiyyah School of Primary Studies.

Shaikh Muwaffaq went on to memorise the Qur’an and then went to Intermediate School of Engineering at the University of Damascus.

The Shaikh – having already completed the memorisation of Qur’an from the narration of Hafs from `Asim – decided to study the major ten recitations according to the Shatibi methods.

After this, he went headlong into the different branches of knowledge in the Revealed Law with numerous teachers and upon being given permission to teach immediately started his service within the community.

His teachers include:

  1. Imam Ahmad Ash-Shami, the marja` based on Duma. He taught Shaikh Muwaffaq fiqh.

2. Imam `Abdur-Rahman Ash-Shami, the marja` based in Duma who also taught Shaikh Muwaffaq additional books in fiqh.

3. Shaikh Muhy ud-Din Al-Kurdi, who gave Shaikh Muwaffaq time in teaching him the different levels of narrations.

4. Shaikh Muhammad Isma`il Al-`Arini, who gave him time to learn the Shatibiyyah in recitation.

5. Shaikh Muwaffaq `Uyun has numerous students and enjoys teaching the Qur’an, hearing it recited and benefiting from the blessings of the faith. We ask that Allah have mercy upon all our           scholars and bless us with good recitation and steadfastness in this month of Ramadan.


Until next time,

Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far Al-Hanbali

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