Anglosphere Islam: Freakball as Per Usual

Figure 1A: The Reverend Dr. Sherman Jackson, one of the "Spokesmen for Islam in the West."

Figure 1A: The Reverend Dr. Sherman Jackson, one of the “Spokesmen for Islam in the West.”

As I have said before, Muslims in the Anglosphere have a penchant for following far-left freaks of all types, whether they decide to be shariah hippies or any other freakball movement. Take a very good look at what is on display.

 Since when did the Lord, Blessed and Exalted be He, command any type of political partisanship other than being apolitical or aloof from earthly, fleshly, carnally minded rulers?! Keep in mind, I would be just as queasy if I saw Muslims at the RNC; but you know, I just know that this will not happen.  

Muslims keep associating and stay associated with freakball groups, so much so that it is predictable. In fact, if Muslim talking heads in the Angloshere associated with the far right, it would be a FIRST.  

In our latest helping, we have been shown Muslim representatives at the DNC. What on Earth are they doing there? A clip can be seen above of a supplication/prayer/genuflection being offered by Sherman Jackson. &nbsp

I have seen him designated as a “spokesman for Islam in the West,” but the screen behind him calls him a “reverend”.   Don’t worry, he doesn’t go as far as actually making dua for Hillary Clinton.  

 Still, it’s a very interesting web: why would he of all people (i.e. of all Muslim talking heads) be chosen to speak at the DNC? Could there be a clue in his job title?

 “Sherman Jackson is the King Faisal Chair in Islamic Thought and Culture and Professor of Religion and American Studies and Ethnicity at the University of Southern California.

 And why is King Faisal’s family backing in this election?
I thank Al-Hajj Mahdi Lock for bringing this matter to my attention as with so many bizarre and frightening things happening in the world, it becomes difficult to keep track.

I wonder if the Muslims that jump behind this will also jump behind everything that has happened so far, i.e. the killings, drone attacks, Libyan, Egyptian coups with an attempt on Syria and the onward advance of Salafiyyah

(hell, they’re already helping it along… so bring in the dancing girls and make it a state religion).  

 Only our Lord knows how much time remains before the End of Things

 Until next time,  

 Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far Al-Hanbali

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