Anglosphere Islam: When I Decide to be “Practicing,” so do YOU!

Figure 1A: Najaf Khan. Accept me or be publicly flogged in the media.

Figure 1A: Najaf Khan. Accept me or be publicly flogged in the media.

CAIR, that great bastion of Muslim Brotherhood members with supporters bearing nome de guerres, has now jumped into the fray to “aid” a Muslim suffering “workplace discrimination.” This blushing damsel, complete with flowing headscarf and protruding bangs, introduces herself to us as Najaf Khan.

When you listen to her speak and watch the video that accompanies it, you imagine this an open and shut case. Well…until you actually do WATCH and LISTEN to the full story. Khan says that she came to work on Monday after having been selected for employment at the interview stage.

Her third day at work and she was already fired for wearing the headscarf. The “monster” of a boss (who must legitimately be compared to a Waffen SS officer and Muslims to Jews in Germany based on the “atmosphere”) told her that she needed to either take off the scarf or lose her job.

Left with no other choice but to stand for her faith, Najaf did the right thing…she refused and was taken to the door and shown out. And I thought only the Companions displayed this type of valour!







Oh, just a moment. I forgot. Najaf Khan was not “practicing” for some time in her life. and even came to the interview while in this “non-practicing” mode. This meant that the headscarf (with bangs on display) was not in use and she was not wearing her “practicing clothes.”

So at the interview and the first two days of work, there was no sign of the headscarf on Ms. Khan’s head. It would not be until the third day of work that she would show up with this covering. (Does this mean that she is “practicing” now?)

“Motherf…” now just a moment. Do not use profanity and lose your temper. I know. You’re thinking the same thing as me. With all this new information, it is a totally new game. And it assuredly is. Khan already knew that the Fair Oaks Dental Clinic had no policy for this at all.

Also keep in mind that the boss is not a member of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. In fact, upon inspection of his last name, it is clear that there is some South East Asian blood coursing through his discriminatory veins.

Now if this was a case like that of Ms Naima Mnasri, then we could have understood. She wore hijab at the job interview, at the job and then finally at work up until the day that she was fired for wearing it. Now this is a type of discrimination.

In the case of Ms. Khan, no such thing is the case at all. CAIR is seeking to not only have her reinstated at the Dental Centre, but also damages and restitution for emotional distress and the like. WHAT?!

So then what on Earth is all of this about? Well, if you don’t do what the Brotherhood tells you, you are a target. This is the situation. Notice that the interviewer in the story even pressed her and Khan was forced to admit the reality of the situation, although this was initially off camera. There must be a book coming. I see a title…The Day the Earth Collapsed: One Girl’s Harrowing Story of Hate, Healing and then Redemption.

PT Barnum said it best, “There’s one born every minute.”

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