Figure 1A: Terence Crutcher on his walk to death.
Figure 1A: Terence Crutcher on his walk to death.

In the latest news there is now a pastorwho had his hands in the air the entire time and actually had a broken down car that required assistance-who was tasered and then shot.

This is not the first or last time anyone is going to see something like this…the difference is we have more film footage. Perhaps whites in America will stop calling the accounts that Arabs, blacks, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Haitians, Salvadorians, et al have with police “anecdotal.”

Figure 2A: Putting a face to the tragedy. Here Crutcher is with his sister.
Figure 2A: Putting a face to the tragedy. Here Crutcher is with his sister.

What good does it do to say that, “They’re not all bad,” if other whites in America will not control these whites? When will there be marches against this type of behaviour that rival those made against the Iraq War of 2003 or the larger abortion rallies of the 1980s?

If You Really Loved Women…


Figure 1A: Libyan women. Both soldiers, trained in firearms, hand to hand combat and housemakers. It is possible to do it all.
Figure 1A: Libyan women. Both soldiers, trained in firearms, hand to hand combat and housemakers. It is possible to do it all.

Some time ago, I wrote an article about firearms and their importance and the incompatibility of pacifism with Islam. There are too many ayat, too many ahadith, too many wars (the 250 year Crusades that Muslims won, the 500 Iberian war Muslims eventually won in what is now Morocco, the 10 year war in Afghanistan which Muslims eventually won and countless others) that demonstrate the necessity of being armed when necessary, the right and necessity to resist tyrannical government when required.


Just look at the battle between the Authorities of Islam and the secular rulers that began in the year 69/70 AH when Yazid I, the first laymen and secular ruler, seized power, set up a government and put in place a perpetual plan to rule (rather democratic, isn’t it?), which triggered a back and forth that has lasted some 13oo years.

This will not be resolved until the coming of the Mahdi (which will save and unify the Arabs) the Messiah (who shall rule the earthly domain in absolute monarchy and end the wars).

The oppressed, weak and needy must be protected. No one deserves more protection as one of the weak (besides children) than women. This was illustrated in an article recently in which some maniac decided to come to Austria for no other purpose than raping and conquering women with force of arms or limb.

My immediate response was anger, but also: Are there still women walking around (I don’t care where you are or religion) that are unarmed in spite of the current state of play? Who does that? 

I am a man and rather large and I never go anywhere (rough neighbourhood or not) barehanded. So why on Earth would the other gender, who is on average half my size and bone density, choose to go out without arms or any basic hand-to-hand combat training? Someone must have told them to do this…they must have

Now picture this…

I have two enduring pictures of my childhood. One is of seeing the .22 in my mother’s purse and looking at her, only for her to say, “You can’t rape if your face is blown off. People have tried before and I thank Allah every day He gave your father the idea to get it.”

The other is seeing the .38 special in the apron of my paternal grandmother. I saw Klansmen standing outside of the kitchen window of our house near the road one day and was petrified with fear.

When I told her about it, she remarked, “If you see that man again, you come and get me and take this from my apron and pull the trigger. When he falls down, shoot again. You keep shooting until the man in the robes does not get up again.”

Women…They have the Most Right to be Armed/Prepared

If rape and violent crime statistics are anything to go by, it is no surprise so many women are terrified walking the street – day or night – and especially now with the barn door of multiculturalism being kicked wide open for all the cattle to barge in unabated.

Women have to be protected and have to also protect themselves. One of the worst feelings one can ever have is that of utter and complete helplessness in a time of distress. There is no contradiction between being a homemaker, wife, mother and capable of defending one’s person. Other countries understand this very well.

Figure 2A: Iranian women in the military...strapped.
Figure 2A: Iranian women in the military…strapped.

Is it not time for there to be more visible examples of women taking action to protect themselves from rape and other violent crimes perpetrated upon them.

Figure 3A: Off duty Swedish police officer Mikaela Kellner who tackled a pickpocket in the park, IMAGE TAKEN FROM OPEN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT:
Figure 3A: Off duty Swedish police officer Mikaela Kellner who tackled a pickpocket in the park.

Women should be able to count on the men of their race (or husbands) to defend them in times of danger but also should have some basic skills in the absence of the men in their family, race or their husbands.

After my mother, paternal grandmother and paternal great aunt, one of my great inspirations from the Muslims is Ms. Nasibah T. Hill and  her husband Sayf Carmen.

They teach simple, concise but effective techniques for self defense, including the famed philly shell.

As said before, these skills can be implemented by any of the ladies and can have a lasting impact as far as personal safety. If you as a woman are walking the street terrified, you have to do something so that you can stop being terrified. This is but one example.


Figure 1B: A woman in India practicing Wushu. Imagine how many fewer cases of paedophilia in mosques, uncles raping nieces, maulanas raping boys/girls there would be in this situation.
Figure 1B: A woman in India practicing Wushu. Imagine how many fewer cases of paedophilia in mosques, uncles raping nieces, maulanas raping boys/girls there would be if such arts were universally taught to girls.

Women have every right to seek safety in numbers and to use the appropriate means to safeguard their chastity and personal space. The government cannot do it…they created the circumstances that lead to greater crime rates.

Men cannot do it all the time…there will be times where you will be alone. You cannot count on people’s kindness…didn’t the women and children in Calais hope for this and it never came?

Figure 3B: A Bedouin woman brandishing her sword in preparation for a traditional sword dance. How many women would viciously beat their wives if they saw such a wife at `Eid festivities? Is it any wonder, Salafiyyah banned these ceremonies at `Eid street celebrations.
Figure 3B: A Bedouin woman brandishing her sword in preparation for a traditional sword dance. How many women would viciously beat their wives if they saw such a wife at `Eid festivities? Is it any wonder, Salafiyyah banned these ceremonies at `Eid street celebrations?

Rather, there are times where women will need to take affairs into their own hands.

Figure 4B: A Christian Arab woman with firearms. How often do you think she is a victim of domestic violence?
Figure 4B: A Christian Arab woman with firearms. How often do you think she is a victim of domestic violence?

Something must be done my women – particularly in the Anglosphere – who are open targets of multiculturalism’s failures. Women have to take a stand and be supported in doing so.

If you take away a people’s ability to reproduce themselves and the go ahead with the continuance of their race, what remains? If you destroy these women, what is left?

Until next time,


Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far Al-Hanbali

ANGLOSPHERE ISLAM: No Means Yes…She was Asking for it

Figure 1A: The two suspects who viciously attacked their victim without the slightest bit of mercy.
Figure 1A: The two suspects who viciously attacked their victim without the slightest bit of mercy.

The following article below should tell you all you need to know about the continuing rampage of rape gang culture in the Anglosphere. This same attitude continues to permeate the culture of Anglosphere Islam, the moderate Islam, British Islam, American Islam which is also known as New Islam.


Muslim Men Sentenced For Photographing ‘Depraved’ Schoolgirl Rape

Two Muslim men have been sentenced to 14 years’ imprisonment for a “vile and degrading” rape of a 13-year-old schoolgirl, which they photographed.

Ismail Ali, 26, and Naheem Uddin, 26, found the girl wandering the streets of Bolton and took her to a budget hotel, where they ripped off her jeans and flung her shoes and knickers out of the window.

The girl was so traumatised by the ordeal she has started self-harming and tearing the wallpaper off of the walls of her room.

Mr. Uddin has three children by a previous partner and his new wife will now be deported, it was revealed in court.

“You took it in turns to abuse her and each of you behaved like an animal,” Judge David Hatton QC told them, the Telegraph and Argus reports.

“On the night of the 18th of April 2016, each of you was out to find sexual satisfaction and you did not care how you obtained it. You saw (the girl) and saw her as your opportunity,” the judge added.

The victim did go willingly with the attackers to the hotel, but “she did not volunteer for the vile abuse and degradation that followed at your hands” Mr. Hatton explained.

The jury at Bradford Crown Court convicted Mr. Uddin late on Wednesday afternoon of raping the girl, attempting to rape her, and taking indecent photographs of her.

Mr. Ali was found guilty of two offences of rape and a charge of possession of the indecent photographs, after Mr. Uddin sent them to his phone.

After the case, Detective Inspector Jon Best said: “Uddin and Ali subjected their young victim to a horrific ordeal and we welcome the sentences they have been given.

“We would firstly like to praise her for her courage in reporting their horrendous crimes and enabling them to be put before the courts.

“We hope today’s lengthy sentences will give her some comfort and allow her to move forward.”

The northern town of Bolton has suffered several Muslim “grooming gangs” in the past.

Four men were arrested in 2013 for raping a 15-year-old girl, and statistics released by the council in the same year showed 32 children were at risk of grooming.

NEW BABYLON: Streamline Attacks Whenever Possible…

Figure 1A: Darren Seals, top center, awaits the decision by a grand jury on whether to indict a police officer in the death of Michael Brown in November 2014. Photograph: Robert Cohen/AP
Figure 1A: Darren Seals, top center, awaits the decision by a grand jury on whether to indict a police officer in the death of Michael Brown in November 2014. Photograph: Robert Cohen/AP

Below is an article that details the sinister murder of Darren Seals. Understand that this was a chosen way of assassination used by LAPD on their victims in the 1980s. Remember also that LAPD and other West Coast police departments recruited from…? the Southeast. Understand the United States can and will use this type of violence whenever possible.

What happens when a man is shot in the head and burned alive by the police? Is it anything similar to the picture below?

Figure 2A: A lynching in which the body of the victim was burned. How many police were present for this attack?
Figure 2A: A lynching in which the body of the victim was burned. How many police were present for this attack?

Please consider this with the article.


Figure 2A: The original runaway slave patrols that later became US police departments.
Figure 3A: The original runaway slave patrols that later became US police departments.

Understand that police in the United States go big game hunting in non-white neighbourhoods and have been doing so for a long time; infact, that is their very origin.  Forget all the politics, right-left garbage. The police are what they are and are an unchecked force.

On the West Coast, you learn very quickly there aren’t just gangs from the school, street and neighbourhood you have to worry about; there is another gang sporting blue and riding on their enemies. Where did the gangs of LA learn drive-by shootings from? The police in East Oakland who did it first.


“Me and my little brother just got slammed, guns pointed at our faces, and detained by Ferguson PD for being activist against Trump,” he wrote on Facebook.

Seals, who lived in St Louis, was found by county police in Riverview, one of the dozens of tiny municipalities that surround the city.

The number of murders in St Louis has risen every year since 2013, a trend that started before Brown was killed and that a local criminologist concluded did not support the claims of a so-called “Ferguson Effect”.

While Chicago’s murder numbers more often make headlines, St Louis has the highest murder rate of any large American city, according to 2014 murder data, the most recent available from the FBI.

A total of 159 black men were murdered in St Louis last year.

‘A lion who knew when to roar’

Seals had been part of the protests over Brown’s death from the very first day, fellow activists said, and he was a devoted and charismatic protest leader.

“He was like a lion who knew when to roar,” Bynes said. “He was not loud. He was not always out front. That’s not how Darren moved. A lot of the time he was at the back. He’d check in on me: ‘Patricia? Are you OK? Anything going on over here?’”

Seals was at the center of key moments of the Ferguson protest, including embracing Brown’s mother on top of a car as she mourned the grand jury decision not to indict Wilson.

“She literally cried in my arms – it was like I felt her soul crying,” he told MTV News. “It’s a different type of crying. I’ve seen people crying, but she was really hurt. And it hurt me. It hurt all of us.”

Seals was also the activist who quietly but firmly confronted police union official Jeff Roorda for wearing a bracelet that said “I am Darren Wilson” at a city meeting.

Roorda said that confrontation was a “mature conversation” and called Seals’ death a tragedy.

“He was not hateful,” Roorda said. “He was angry about what he thought was going on in the world around him and he was passionate about that,” Roorda said.

“A lot of the protesters were very mean and hateful and disrespectful, and he was not.”

Russell, another protest leader, said Seals had not gotten enough credit for his work supporting the early stages of the Ferguson protest, setting the tone, making sure people got the protest, and making sure they were fed. He recalled one meeting early on with a small group of young men, some of them gang members, who were furious at being teargassed for the first time in their lives.

They wanted to know if they could go on the offensive and attack the police. Seals told them he did not want any of their people to get killed.

“You have to fight back another way,” Seals told them, and helped them prepare for the teargas and rubber bullets by wearing gloves, bandanas and other protective gear.

“He had street credibility that other people in the room didn’t have,” Russell said.

Figure 3A: Darren Seals stands behind Lezley McSpadden, the mother of Michael Brown, in front of the Ferguson police station as they learn that Darren Wilson would not be indicted. Photograph: Robert Cohen/AP
Figure 4A: Darren Seals stands behind Lezley McSpadden, the mother of Michael Brown, in front of the Ferguson police station as they learn that Darren Wilson would not be indicted. Photograph: Robert Cohen/AP

Two weeks after Brown’s death, Seals and his fellow activists held a food drive and event for families at Canfield Green, where Brown was killed. That Christmas, they held an event giving gifts to local kids in need dubbed Hood Santa.

Seals lifted the energy of protests he attended, Rose said. Last year, after a protest, a group of activists were waiting together in a jail cell, Rose said. He couldn’t see because he had been pepper-sprayed, but the door opened and suddenly he heard Seals’ voice.

“He said something like: ‘I shoulda known I’d run into you people in a place like this,’” Rose said.

“He’s the only person I know who can walk into a jail cell of people attacked by the police and sitting here in pain and make us all bust out laughing.”

Seals had not been at the protest. But he was often hassled by the police, Rose said, and he had been brought in that time on what Rose remembered as an outstanding warrant for a traffic violation.

Russell said Seals had grown up “in the hood”. His father had been incarcerated. “He was a street guy who changed his life around. He wasn’t a killer or nothing like that, but he’d been out there, around killers, and he survived that. To have survived that and to be brutally shot and burned to death, I mean, and burned … ” he broke off.

“It’s easy to kill black people because we’re the have-nots,” Seals told MTV News after the grand jury did not indict Darren Wilson. “We’re at the bottom of the totem pole. What people don’t understand is, we actually live in a nightmare. We actually live in a place where gunshots [are normal]. We hear gunshots every day.

“We plan to rally more and protest more, but the long-term goal: We’re trying to use all the resources we gained from this to educate people, because we all know the system will never change.”

Splintered activism

Seals was a controversial figure in the police accountability movement. “He had and has a lot of views that many people regard to be sexist, misogynist and homophobic,” said Bynes, the protester and former committeewoman. “Many people felt like he spewed hate.”

In a Twitter post last year, Seals wrote: “#BlackLivesMatter is a gay/feminist movement not a black movement they are not ‘leaders’ they’re thieves who exploited the work of black ppl.”

The high-profile Black Lives Matter activists that Seals lambasted mourned his death via Twitter on Tuesday in restrained tones. Several of them referenced his death without using his name, a striking choice for members of a movement that uses “Say her name” and “Say his name” as rallying cries.

“We can live in a world where people don’t die by violence. Nobody deserves to die. We did not always agree, but he should be alive today,” McKesson tweeted Tuesday.

“I hope his soul is at rest. I truly don’t know what else to say,” Johnetta Elzie tweeted. “Peace to Ferguson protesters. This is so hard. We’ve never done this part before together.”

In a brief phone interview, McKesson did not comment on the incident in which Seals hit him.

“It’s what I tweeted,” McKesson said. “He should be alive today.”

Other protesters, though also frustrated with some of Seals’ views, spoke more warmly of him.

“I feel like his heart was in the right place. He was protective of his community. He had views that I do not agree with him on. That does not discount his passion and his work,” Bynes said.

“That’s what I loved about him the most, the fact that he was so unrepentant,” Bates said. “He wasn’t going to apologize for telling the truth.”

Masri said that he hoped to raise money to found the Darren Seals Youth Community Center in his friend’s honor, so the community could finally bring one of Seals’ dreams to reality.

Seals had wanted the center to be staffed by people with street backgrounds and formerly incarcerated people, and to offer jobs programs and practical training on everything from how to open a bank account, to how to vote, to how to stay out of trouble by buying a gun legally.

Though Seals had pushed to get support for a youth center, other, more established groups had been able to moved forward, and Seals had not, Russell said.

“It seems like the same people – the NAACPs – the same people keep getting the resources,” he said. People like Seals, “who live in the community, really trying to change it for real – unfortunately die or get killed before change happens, and they never get it see it”.

NEW BABYLON: Use Force Whenever You Can…

Figure 1A: New Babylon seeks to expand its' borders and her lust for power is never satiated.
Figure 1A: New Babylon seeks to expand its’ borders and her lust for power is never satiated.

Below is an article that brings home the point about the United States being a New Babylon archetype (I only had an issue with copying a twitter post; other than that, the article has been faithfully reproduced below):


Dakota Access Pipeline Company Attacks Native American Protesters With Dogs and Mace

By Andy Rowell

The contrast could not have been greater. Over the weekend, speaking on the eve of the G20 summit in Hangzhou, history was made as President Obama and Chinese President, Xi Jinping, announced that the world’s biggest emitters of greenhouse gases would formally ratify the Paris agreement on climate change.

“We have a saying in America that you have to put your money where your mouth is,” said Obama at the news conference, watched by the world’s press.

Figure 1A: Patriots hard at work against First Nations on their own lands.
Figure 2A: U.S. Patriots hard at work against First Nations on their own lands. (Photo courtesy of Democracy Now)

One way to do that is to stop building fossil fuel infrastructure in order to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

And to stop it now. As Obama has been at the G20 summit, over the weekend construction work continued on the proposed route of the North Dakota Access pipeline, which, if built, will transport 570,000 barrels of fracked crude a day across the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois.

For months First Nations, led by the Standing Rock Sioux, have been trying to stop the building of the pipeline, as it crosses the Missouri river twice, which is the tribe’s man source of drinking water, as well as more than 200 smaller rivers and creeks.

Over the last few weeks, as preliminary construction has begun on the route, tensions have risen immeasurably. The Standing Rock protest site, now home to several thousand protesters, is fast becoming an international symbol of grassroots rebellion against the fossil fuel industry.

Nearly 100 tribes have now answered the call from the Standing Rock Sioux to protest against the pipeline. Some 150 have so far sent resolutions and letters of support too.

This is becoming one of the defining moments in recent history of anti-oil protests. And how the American oil industry and its contractors react is being closely watched from around the world too.

On Saturday, as protesters were marching near the proposed route they saw diggers at work.

“We were walking up to the flags on the highway to sing and pray, then we found out they were starting to build again,” said Ursula Young Bear, Oglala Lakota, from Porcupine, South Dakota.

What happened next is shocking as private security firms started using dogs to intimidate the anti-pipeline activists, including women and children. Several people were then attacked and bitten by the dogs being controlled by around eight private security personnel. The protestors were also attacked with pepper spray.

In response the First Nations shouted: “We’re Not Leaving.”

One activist who took photos of the attacks was Tomas Alejo. He recalls “Today private security contractors hired by the oil companies attacked the water defenders with strike dogs and pepper spray as they attempted to halt construction on sacred land.”

Footage from Democracy Now on Saturday, showed people crying from the effects of the spray, with pipeline security personnel pathetically attempting to deny using the spray. An estimated 30 people suffered temporary blindness.

The disturbing footage shows the security personnel letting go of their dogs, who then attack protesters, some of whom had bite marks from the dogs. Eventually the dogs were removed from the protest.

When asked by Amy Goodman, the presenter, why the struggle was important, the simple response from one protester, who had been maced twice and bitten said, “Because water is life … I wish they would open their eyes and have a heart.”

The violence by the contractors is deeply worrying on many levels.

Firstly, it is state-sanctioned violence against peaceful protesters. The police stood idly by and did nothing.

“The cops watched the whole thing from up on the hills,” said Marcus Frejo, Pawnee and Seminole, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. “It felt like they were trying to provoke us into being violent when we’re peaceful.”

This is also sliding back into its America’s repressive past, something that you would think would appall President Obama.

As the New York Daily News reported recently about the height of the civil rights protests:

In May 1963, the “nation bore witness” as police in Birmingham, Alabama, aimed high-powered hoses and “snarling dogs on black men, women and even children who wanted just one thing—to be treated the same as white Americans.”

The paper said these days “tore at America’s conscience.”

The scenes on Saturday should tear at America’s conscience too.


ANGLOSPHERE ISLAM: Why I am Not a Moderate Muslim…

Figure 1A: More of the New Islam that is moderate that we are constantly subjected to in the media.
Figure 1A: More of the New Islam that is moderate that we are constantly subjected to in the media.

When you see American and British Islam, both moderate and part of the New Islam, then all the things I despise they represent: smugness, cheating, lack of chastity, underhanded tactics, sexual depravity and so forth.


This is precisely why I do not identify with any of this strange sect at all. This is fast becoming a new religion and as time goes on, its’ adherents become more and more unrecogniseable from the rest of the world’s Muslims. This soon to be religion is becoming more and more dreadful as time goes on in the Anglosphere.


As I have already seen numerous times, there is a direct link between earthly, fleshly, carnal governments that serve false gods and Salafiyyah, which serves the chief false god, Iblis. Below is a very powerful article about an individual who – before turning state’s evidence – was using his website, Revolution Muslim, to press Salafiyyah doctrines and recruit members. After serving a portion of a ten year sentence in return for turning against the rest of the Revolution Muslim crew, Younes `Abdullah Muhammad has now resurfaced as Jesse Morton and is preparing to lead bees to honey on the other side of Salafiyyah in much the same way he did when he was dedicated to the movement.

No doubt, he will be drawing on his rich collection of experiences and using the freedom that the state provided him to further its’ objectives. Please look at the below article and feel free to do further research in this regard. One thing that has to be kept in mind is that Salafiyyah does not always disappear, but sometimes it goes underground, reoccurs like a dormant virus/parasite under another name and grows by leaps and bounds while at the same time disfiguring and distorting its’ host.


Figure 1A: Younes Abdullah Muhammad.
Figure 1A: Younes Abdullah Muhammad.

George Washington University Hires ‘Reformed’ Al-Qaeda Recruiter

by EDWIN MORA1 Sep 2016

George Washington University (GW) has hired a former al-Qaeda recruiter who has been convicted of soliciting the jihad murder of “blasphemers,” marking what is believed to be the first time that an allegedly reformed Islamic extremist has been employed by a university in the United States.

Some of the radical Islamic terrorists he lured are still terrorizing people, fighting for the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), notes The New York Times (NYT).

In denouncing the decision by GW to hire Jesse Morton, who was known as Abdullah Muhammad when he was helping al-Qaeda grow as a recruiter, Jihad Watch points out:

Morton was convicted of soliciting the jihad murder of “blasphemers.” Would George Washington University hire anyone of any other belief system if he had been convicted of soliciting the murder of those who offended against his belief system? This hire indicates how compromised the universities are: they are so anti-American and so far Left that jihadis are fashionable. Muslims are never a threat, even when they’re plotting violence and murder; they’re protected, privileged victims.

In February 2012, he pleaded guilty to using the Internet to solicit murder and encourage violent extremism. He was facing a maximum penalty of five years behind bars for each of the three charges when he was sentenced on May 18, 2012. However, Morton only served four because he is “reformed,” points out Jihad Watch.

CNN reports that Morton “once denounced the United States and made threats against the creators of the TV series ‘South Park’ for depicting the Prophet Muhammad in a bear suit.”

The “reformed” jihadist was hired as an expert researcher for the Program on Extremism at George Washington University’s Center for Cyber & Homeland Security.

He will be researching the very same Islamic extremist ideology he once promoted and disseminated.

The New York Times describes Morton as a “voice against jihad,” acknowledging that:

In the four years that he ran the Revolution Muslim website out of his walk-up apartment in Flatbush, Brooklyn, Jesse Morton became one of the most prolific recruiters for Al Qaeda, luring numerous Americans to the group’s violent ideology.

The men and women he inspired through his online posts and tutorials were accused of plots that included flying a remote-controlled plane strapped with explosives into the Pentagon and trying to kill a Swedish cartoonist who satirized the Prophet Muhammad. One of his collaborators was killed in a drone strike in Yemen, where he had joined Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Several are now fighting for the Islamic State.

Morton brings a “unique perspective” to the fight against terrorism, said Seamus Hughes, deputy director of GW’s Program on Extremism, according to CNN.

“We haven’t figured out how to reach that individual who’s going down the path of radicalization,” Hughes also said. “Jesse has been in that world and got out of that world.”

He pointed out that prior to hiring Morton, he discussed it with the FBI, security community leaders, and lawyers that prosecuted the former al-Qaeda recruiter. They reportedly agreed with the decision.

“Morton is completely reformed from the days he served time in federal prison after inciting people to join a terrorist organization,” asserts Hughes.

“I trust him,” he said. “We did our due diligence.”

Some analysts believe Morton can be an asset to counterterrorism efforts and research. Meanwhile, others have concluded that “deradicalization” does not work.


The Results of Ungratefulness…

Figure 1A: Wives often forget that the majority of labour in the world has/is/will always be men.
Figure 1A: Wives often forget that the majority of labour in the world has/is/will always be men.

A very insightful article was given from this website that really piqued my interest and got me thinking about just how important the rank of men is in society; this is especially relevant seeing as how all the prophets, notable kings/monarchs, inventors, explorers in history have been men. Men have to choose their wives (yes, I used the plural to signify plural marriage) carefully to avoid the calamity that I would like to cite below.



Stay at Home Mom Shows Extreme Entitlement Towards Husbands Labor


If you ever find yourself saying “I want to get married”,  consider this a visual aid  in exactly why you should not,  an article titled  She’s tired of her husband always working late.  Then she notices this in his laundry.  from a stay at home mom  displays some of the most incredible and egregious entitlement to male labor I’ve ever seen,  here are some of the worst bits and pieces  (emphasis mine):


Joanna Miller is a wife, mother and blogger and she recently revealed a shocking moment she had at home while her husband was out working. She was sick and tired of her husband working late and being away from her family but things came to a head when she was doing laundry one day…

 This is what Joanna said:

“It’s a beautiful thing isn’t it? you find the man of your dreams, you get to spend the rest of your life with them and you live out your childhood fantasy of a “happy ever after”.  At least that’s what I’ve read in fairytales.  But I don’t ever recall the Prince and the fairytale having rough, cracked hands and crows feet before he turns 30. I don’t recall the Prince missing dinners because he was working overtime or going to bed shortly after he came home to his palace because he was so exhausted. I don’t remember any of that.

I’m married to a hard working man and I would be lying if I said that it didn’t take a toll on me. Sometimes he will come home after a long day at work and I’ll be waiting for him to walk in the door so I can yell “You promised me you would be home at 5!

Sounds great doesn’t it folks?  This little princess gets to stay at home while you go out there bust your ass to the point where your body begins signaling to you that you’re putting yourself under an extreme amount of stress, in the form of cracked hands and premature aging, while she sits there and does your laundry  as though that is at all an equal exchange.   On top of all this, this woman has the nerve to fix her mouth to yell at her husband as he’s coming home from what I’m sure is a brutal work shift because he hasn’t arrived at  a time that she deems acceptable.  It’s almost embarrassing that a man would put up with this,  that a man would accept this unappreciative little ingrate yelling at him for acquiring the resources, in the form of money, that in the event of him failing to deliver them,  would almost certainly cause her to divorce him.

Words should not be minced in terms of what is going on here,  this woman is watching her husband work himself into an early grave  and still believes that she is somehow having a  “toll taken” on her and she passive aggressively writes it all in her little stay at home mom blog  bashing him while he’s likely at work providing for her every need and whim.    It is this type of gynocentric attitude that spurned Hillary Clinton to say that women are the primary victims of war,  would this woman ever in any conceivable  scenario  accept him staying at home taking care of the kids and yelling at her because she didn’t get home on time after a brutal work shift?  We all know the answer…

…As if he would rather be working than spending time with me and our daughter. I become irrational. I go against my better judgment and let my mouth fly before I think. At the time I know I’m putting him in a lose-lose situation. He literally can’t win. If he doesn’t work late, we won’t get the new furniture set that I HAVE to have. If he does work late, he comes home to a nagging wife who was desperate for his attention. I’m so selfish in our marriage and I know that. But, every once in a while I’ll have my little “A – ha” moment that gives me a sense of understanding. Except this “A – ha” moment was different than others and changed everything for me.

It was a Wednesday evening and my husband worked much later than he told me he would. I put his cold dinner in the fridge and sat on the floor with our daughter. We played with dolls and read some books, but in the back of my mind all I was thinking was “boy, is he going to hear it from me when he gets home!” I heard the dryer go off so instead of giving it another go around to avoid folding (I know I’m not the only one who gives her close the extra few fluffs) I decided to get it over with.

I took the clothes out of the dryer and threw them onto the kitchen table. I begin folding, thinking  “why does he not want to spend time with me? we’re newlyweds aren’t we supposed to be in the honeymoon stage?”  And as these thoughts are consuming me, I now have two piles; my clothes and his close. Why did my clothes look so vibrant, clean and new? his were dingy, stained and torn. I stopped folding interested their thinking. This man provides more than I deserve. If I tell him I want something, very seldom will he told me no. 

I began feeling an overwhelming feeling of guilt and shame. I couldn’t help but feel like I have failed as a wife. Instead of being grateful that I have an amazing husband who takes amazing care of me and our daughter, I wait for him to come home to pick a fight.  I get spoiled with this service labor and he is okay with her parents torn boxer briefs. I was acting as if he was out partying with friends; but his laundry told me a completely different story.


 Part of me wonders if this poor guy who is charged with supporting this harpy is at least getting some action on the side, I know I would’ve been cheating on this disgusting entitled ingrate bitch a long long time ago,  part of me also wonders why men would get married to a woman like this in first place,  the part about recycling the clothes through the dryer in particular highlights what I like to call  the “stay at home mom  fake it to make it” scam, this woman likely spends most of the day doing absolutely nothing, but will take steps to make it appear as though more work has been done during the course of the day,  it is likely that for most,  the stay-at-home mom  schedule consists of what she wants to do instead of what she has to do,  an hour or two before the hubby gets home she sets about  creating the false appearance of a full days work.

Furthermore this woman  insists that her husband work all of these long hours,  so she can buy meaningless crap,  and unnecessary  furniture sets that will probably go on his credit card and take four or five months to pay off… meanwhile the husband is content with scraps of clothing that badly need  replacing,  this gentleman is why society is so insistent on celebrating and institutionalizing marriage,  because men will work for their wives, who will then turn around and spend all of that productivity, the fruits of their labor, on meaningless junk that nobody needs,  and the man is happy because he got  to reproduce and gets laid occasionally,  honestly I don’t know which is more pathetic the man or the woman.

His hands are rough. They have blisters and they’re cracked. His clothes are torn, stained and dingy. He doesn’t care though. His heart is full when he walks into the door and our daughter runs for him excitedly yelling “dada!”  his dreams have come true of being able to be a man and provide for his family. He has everything he has ever wanted in life…

I’m working on being a better wife. Sure, I miss him and I want to spend time with them throughout the week, but I have realized he is offering me the most beautiful form of love there is… He works to give our family everything we need. He works so his wife and daughter don’t go without, even though there are times I’m sure he does.

If you have a hard-working man in your life and can’t comprehend how much he loves you… Do his laundry.

 I don’t know why men accept this,  but as long as we do there will never be change for men, there will never be acceptance of men and there will never be respect for men,  there are millions of marriages like this gentleman,  cheaper to keep her marriages,  and marriages in which the husband has so little self-respect  that the most ambitious dream he can think up for himself and his life is the supporting of an ingrate and her progeny.

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