The Strategic Importance of the Arabic Language

Figure 1A: Bedouin Arab children playing. A legacy of a great history.
Figure 1A: Bedouin Arab children playing. A legacy of a great history.


The Arabic Language is the language of the Qur’an as well as Islam[1]

Figure 2A: Shaikh Muhammad Abu Shahbah.

By Shaikh Muhammad ibn Muhammad Abu Shahbah[2]

The Arabian Peninsula

The expression above refers to a section of land that falls in the southwest of the continent of Asia. This Peninsula is the largest semi-island in the world.

It reaches nearly 700 miles in its’ width and in its’ height it is 1,100 miles while the circumference is nearly 1,000,000 miles.

It’s boundary stretches from the South Arabian Sea (the Indian Ocean), from the Mediterranean in the north and from the east the Arabian Gulf and Euphrates River.

As for the west, the Red Sea surrounds that location as well as the ancient Suez Boundary that is today referred to as the Gulf of Suez.

When we look at this Peninsula, we see that it is surrounded on all sides by oceans and rivers with the exception of a small portion that is landlocked. It is due to this fact that it is called the “Island of the Arabs.”

This definition was spoken of by the historian Al-Hamdani and includes all of the land of Sham, the Bedouins and their environs between the Iraq and Sham and the environs of the Bedouins of the Sinai as being from the Arabian Peninsula.[3]

Location of the Arabian Peninsula

The Arabian Peninsula falls in a very strategic location between three continents, namely Asia, Africa and Europe. In terms of the strategic maps of civilisations before Islam, the Arabian Peninsula was sandwiched between two leading civilisations of the time: Byzantium and Persia.

The Arab Race

The race that inhabits the Arabian Peninsula is referred to as the “Arab race.” This group is a member of the Semitic group which is attributed to Sam, the son of the Prophet Nuh, peace be upon him; but most of this group have preserved the ways of the Semites. This group of people speak a language known as Arabic.

The Arabic Language

Language is a collection of expressions and statements which each people use to express itself by way of vocabulary and grammar. The proper expression of clarity of a language is known by the people themselves.

Arabic is a Semitic language and Semitic languages include the following: Syriac, Hebrew and the Abyssinian languages;[4] but Arabic is the largest of the Semitic languages that is preserved intact among the people with few alterations. This preservation has to do with the natural life of the Arab people in the Peninsula that they inhabit.

The natural life is one of isolation, preservation of family bonds and lineages, non-intermarriage with non-Arab peoples or marriage among them which involves the individual being absorbed and authority ceded to them.

This lifestyle is what preserved the Arab people and their language from being diluted in the same way that other Semitic people had been or their language being supplanted, just as what had happened to Syriac, Hebrew and the Abyssinian languages.

The Arab nation is categorised among the light brown skinned people of the human race along with the fact that some scholars of ethnology have called it the most noble language as to its’ ease to learn, the lightness on the tongue, how pleasing it is to the ears, the universal and encompassing nature of its’ expressions etiquettes and sciences and grammatical rules and tenses.

The Arab Nation in History

The Arab Nation is one of the oldest and most popular peoples in ancient and modern history with relics that remain unto this very day. Allah, Blessed and Exalted be He, ennobled this people’s existence by choosing from among them the Seal of His Prophets and Messengers, our Master Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him and his family and Companions.

History became a witness that this people took the reins of leadership of the world on behalf of both domains: the earthly life and the Hereafter. So as long as one Muslim remains on the face of the Earth, he should cling stubbornly to this Islamic Faith.

This faith is the seal of all religions, the most perfect of them, the most fulfilling of all the needs of man.

In just the same way, Allah, Blessed and Exalted, made the Arabic language to remain as a permanent and grand sign of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and the greatest of his miracles was the revelation in that very language, which is the clear Arabic Qur’an.

The history of the Muslim Ummah has not gone ahead without also considering the history of the Arab people and the two have been intertwined from the beginning.

The Muslim Ummah could not have been without the Arabs carrying the banner of Islam from the start and spreading it to all locations it was favoured to reach.

The Muslim nations in the East and the West are but the city of the Muslim Arab nation which bore the flag of the Message of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, after the death of the Noble Messenger until Islam reached all four corners of the globe.

The Noble Qur’an is the Greatest Arabic Book

The Noble Qur’an is the greatest Arabic book ever written and symbolically unified the Arabs and gathered them all upon one matter.

It is due to the Qur’an that the Arabic language has earned a guaranteed place as a language and a continued life and the Arabs also became one believing nation.

The Qur’an unified the hearts of the Arabs, made them of one mind and habit, unified the language and kept them of similar speech and expression.

As for the Muslims in the first age, they became one Ummah due to the Qur’an without making any distinction based upon race or complexion.

This in turn caused the fusion of these groups and they solidified into a consolidated block in the light of Islam.

No pride remained for anything except Islam, with the language of the Qur’an becoming the language of all of them. One of them even said in poetry:

Islam is my father with no other one besides;

While others brag about their lineage to the Qais or the Tamim tribes!

And from the Qur’an the Arabs and the Muslims spread their sciences, their know-how, and then cast forth their heritage.

There was no science that they brought except that it had something from the Qur’an that triggered it, some narrative that came from it or support from the very pages and ink of this book.

Had it not been for this clear Arabic Book, the Arabic language would have ceased to be and would have been absorbed into other languages and today be among the world’s dead languages.

Had it not been for this clear Arabic Book, the revolution in the classical sciences[5] never would have happened that revolves around the Qur’an and the language of the Qur’an that goes about and blossoms as it had over the wide expanse of the Earth.

The Arab had nothing of himself – even his religion – except this Book that gave him a source of pride, strength, continuity with the past and love as it gave contentment to his natural Arab disposition, appealed to his sense of expression in the most eloquent way and gave him the pure, unadulterated Arab way of expression in all different areas.

This same Book led to the branching out of sub-sciences in statements, speech and the things of the highest level in the eloquent Arabic tongue that made it as clear as could be for onlookers.

The Spread of the Arabic Language among non-Arab Muslims

After the Messenger, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, went to the Companions on High, the propagation of the Revelation after him was carried to the whole of mankind by the Companions, may Allah be pleased with him, their Followers and those who came after.

They bore the Qur’an in one hand and the sword in the other. The sword was not to compel people to enter into Islam and accept the Revealed Law. Lord forbid! Never was that the case!

Rather, it was only for the safeguarding of the call to Islam and its’ Revealed Law and the Truth when there was no power to strengthen it and safeguard it from being destroyed in the presence of obstinate falsehood or a rebellious and transgressing authority.

If the Caesars of Rome and Byzantium, the Emperors of Persia and the heads of other nations and kings of the Earth had left the Muslims to call the Religion of Truth with proof and clear text, wisdom and noble preaching and left the disputes to occur in an atmosphere of safety and peace, none of these wars would have ever happened.[6]

Instead, Islam would have spread by the strength of its’ proof the fullness of its’ teachings that would have led to man’s natural state, sound intellects, souls that are devoid of base desires and bestial passions, clear and blossoming souls that are not sullied with earthly darkness and ulterior motives.

In closing, Islam and the language of the Qur’an both journeyed from one side to the other in the lands that were conquered; so much so that there was no man or woman that entered Islam except that he or she firmly desired to commit the entire Qur’an to memory or atleast parts of it along with memorising the Sunnah or a portion of it.

Thus the Arabic language spread in conquered lands on account of the swiftness of the spread of Islam and this continues to be the case.


[1] This was taken from `Ulama ul-Islam, vol.1, pp. 242-245, no.174, Jumada Al-Akhirah 1399 edition

[2] 1332-1403 AH (AD 1914-1983). A major scholar and if not for blindness in childhood he probably would have been a marja`. He is Muhammad ibn Muhammad Suwailim Abu Shahbah. Born in the village of Minyah Ginag on the banks of the Nile River in Egypt – which is classed as being in the city of Dasuq in the governorate of Kafr Ash-Shaikh – his father sent him to a local kuttab at four years of age. From the ages of 4-9, the young Muhammad learned half the Qur’an by heart according to the narration of Qalun, along with reading, writing, basic math and foundational theology. This would be in keeping with the oath his father made that he would be dedicated to the Qur’an and attend Al-Azhar campus.

When he reached his tenth year, he then headed to a local madrasah, where he would complete the other half of the Qur’an at only 12 years of age upon graduation. From 1344-48, he was at Ma`had Dasuqi and from 1348 on he was based at the Ma`had in Tanta. In the year 1353, he enrolled at the College of Theology and Law and received his degree in the year 1357. He continued his studies and received advanced degrees through the years 1363-65 in addition to spending one year at the Jami` ul-Imam Abi Hanifah in Baghdad. This would be followed by work done in Sudan, Asyut in south Egypt. He spent a number of years of his life teaching the science of hadith and his favourite, the Jami` of Imam Al-Bukhari. This was done in Egypt, Arabia, Sudan and other locations. His students were many, including the blind shaikh, `Umar `Abdur-Rahman Al-Masri Al-Azhari. Please see and Al-Madkhal li-Dirasat il-Qur’an il-Karim, pp. 495-496, Dar ul-Liwa’, 1407, Asnaf ul-Hukkam: Muqaddimah, Dar us-Sunnah, Cairo, 1406 for further details on the topic.

[3] The Sinai Peninsula politically stopped being part of Arabia after the Albanian warlord Muhammad `Ali Basha (d. 1266 (AD 1843) swept down and took over Egypt and some surrounding locations. Someone looking at the flora, fauna, tribal distribution even today can see that it was not only geographically Arabia but also racially. Ancient Egyptians of the land referred to it as such, sometimes interchangeably identifying it with Goshen or the Arapes.

[4] Abyssinia is the old name of the peoples that cover the areas of today’s Ethiopia, Eritrea, Oromo, Tigrinya, part of Somalia, Djibouti and a large slice of the southeast portion of the Sudan. Languages from this area include, Amharic, Ge’ez (which is now mostly liturgical), Oromo, Eritrean, Mdu Ntr (no longer spoken but preserved for liturgical use), Kushic, Somali and Coptic.

[5] Trans. note: The author is referring to the fact that the Arabs lived in the last of the classical Greek period. Thus when the knowledge revolution happened, they used the books around them, i.e. the Greek literature, and sponsored massive translation and dissemination projects. This then spread to the Abyssinian languages of Ge’ez, Amharic, Tigrinya, Oromo and so forth as well as the Semitic languages of Hebrew, Aramaic and Phoenician. This translation thus led to the revival of Greek and the aforementioned for use in teaching. Even Hindu pandits were invited to Baghdad for the savvy they had in math and other hard sciences in the Hindi language. This was crucial for the building of Dar us-Salaam, which was previously known as Baghdad in its’ foundations.

[6] Examples of this include Indonesia, Malaysia, the Phillipines, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Eritrea, Djibouti. Islam arrived there with traders and theologians. Discussion and dispute was allowed and those that desired to become Muslim did so while those who did not remain Christian to this day. The reader is advised to consult the oldest eye witness documents on the topic where this can be easily traced.


ANGLOSPHERE ISLAM: Good News…It’s Racist and Vulgar

Figure 1A: Abdul-Aziz ibn Myat f.k.a. David Myatt, photo courtesy of
Figure 1A: Abdul-Aziz ibn Myat f.k.a. David Myatt, photo courtesy of

Looking at the rise of the new islams, American Islam and its’ illegitimate daughter British Islam, I can see that it has two main qualities: racism and vulgarity. It is strange and tantalisingly amusing as this is the absolute opposite of what is being offered on the menu.

I remember in high school a guy in our class that we knew would always say, “I don’t have a racist bone in my body but…” then words like nigger, spic, half-breed, mongrel, sand nigger and the like would make a conspicuous appearance.

Total opposite of what this guy was saying. Word to the wise: when someone constantly harps on something repeatedly, claiming that he definitely is that thing, he probably isn’t. So much the same for Anglosphere Islam.

Anglo-Islam, attaching itself to the freakball left, often claims that it is totally against racism and “Islam preaches against racism.” It definitely does, genius; but that doesn’t stop people from being racist if they will not de-programme and unlearn those behaviours.

One of the more glaring examples was a debate between an Afro-centrist (an advocate of the first peoples doctrine) by the name of Sa Ra Garvey and a red bearded man answering to the name of Hamza. During the course of the debate, at the 40:43-51:50 mark

(watch the whole thing if you can to get the full context), our Anglo-Islam Avenger (why do these Avengers always look so unkempt but preach about Islam’s cleanliness? If Islam is clean, why do you look homeless?)

bristles against the notion that Arabs were in the slave trade (different argument, different argument, here is not the time…it will be address later, if Allah wills) and in an attempt to “defend the religion of Izlaam” declares that,

“for an Arab to wander off the desert into the jungle and start enslaving them is mind boggling…” (wandering out of the desert. No, we did have armies, pal. All of Arabia is not desert either) “are you saying the Arabs went into Africa with Zuuuuluuuu warriors,” and to his credit, he tried to pantomime by lifting an imaginary spear in the air.

First, Sa Ra Garvey and then anyone else in the crowd who is carmel and darker in skin colour or hue, called him on it.

Second, he fell to the usual behaviour of Anglo-Islam missionaries, “Hey! I’m not racist.” After ingratiating himself and bowing in kow-tow form while averting eye contact, he was able to avert what could have been a beating that would landed him in the ICU of any hospital. Wondrous!

Third to that, he said there was no way Arabs would be able to conquer over and rule Africans with such powerful Africans as the Zulus “in the jungle.”

What? Let’s walk this back a little bit. Arabs never came down to South Africa (or up if discussing it from the stand point of the Zulus) in wars, battles, trade and they never conquered that area.

This is a false allegation. Next, Africans (especially Zulus) did not live “in the jungle.” They lived in grassland areas and the like (South Africa is a very diverse landscape). They did not live “in the jungle.”

Here we go with the colonialist nightmare. Sa Ra rightly points out that racism isn’t just saying something, it’s also thinking it and proceeds to make the Anglo-Islam warlord his Exhibit A in proving racism among Muslims.

We then have our vulgar candidate. Man, what a world. In this case, it is the face of Anglosphere Islam and the claimant to all things holy. Just have a listen.

And if you aren’t impressed with that, you have the same colleague giving an impressive tweet on the matter below, stating, “Trump wants to ban Muslim immigrants like my parents. I wrote a piece for telling him to go fuck himself.”

Was this rant supposed to prove that they need to relax the restraints on immigration from Pakistan and other Middle Eastern countries to the United States? Confused. How could Trump make you scared for your family (according to the Sunday Review article) if Anglosphere Islam is the one financing Hajj trips with sex, teaching sex ed to their children (HANDS ON), making threats killing and shouting obscenities. Heck, even the women have learned the middle finger and teach their children. Who said those immigrants are slow to pick up?

Anglosphere Islam is angry about anyone other than them and their supporters voicing any dissent. If they don’t get what they want, grab your 12 year old daughters. This is no surprise. It’s what they do in their own countries and what Muslim Orthodoxy have been fighting for the better part of 200+ years. Now they’ve found their way to the shores of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and so on.

This is what I tell to the common people. Muslims, do not embrace Anglosphere Islam. Non Muslims, if you decide to become Muslim, then look into it. Do not fall into this horrific tribe of misfits, weirdos, potential bombing suspects and lovers of children in a sense that you would NOT approve of at all. Be careful. You owe it to yourself.

ANGLOSPHERE ISLAM: Proud to be British…How?

Figure 1A: The very apex of freakball. Why does this keep happening? The devil is in the details.
Figure 1A: The very apex of freakball. Why does this keep happening? The devil is in the details.

I find it tantalisingly amusing how these “spokesmen for Islam in the West” will use two tongues (let alone two faces) for discussing the place in which they currently reside. Such is the example of Sadr ud-Din. In normal fashion, he has one set of lectures in his mother tongue (vile, death threats, prompting vigilante acts) and another in his second language, which is English (we love you, we love this land, can’t get enough of those English folks).

He even goes on in the posted video to say, “I love this country because… (edit: notice the pause!) this is my homeland.” Really? This is your homeland?! Perhaps you should take a look in the mirror (or perhaps speak to your local optician about a stronger eye glasses prescription) and still see if you feel the same way.


Figure 2A: William Shakesspeare, the first writer in modern English. His poems were the first example of definite "English," distinguishing this as a second language.
Figure 2A: William Shakesspeare, the first writer in modern English. His poems were the first example of definite “English,” distinguishing this as a second language.

Now William Shakespeare, that’s an Englishman. Looks English, wrote in English, must have been English. This is fun. Let’s take a look at another figure. How about King James?

Figure 3A: King James of England, formerly James VI of Scotland. Still English.
Figure 3A: King James of England, formerly James VI of Scotland. Still English.

Now he definitely looks English. All the markers of the English phenotype are in place. Let’s get one thing straight. Mr Sadr ud-Din or anyone else for that matter can watch football, support his local team, go have fish and chips and enjoy all the rest of the particulars of English society but such people will never be English. Could an Englishman go to Bangladesh (not that he would hazard such a dare), learn the language, wear the clothes and say that he was now as Bangladeshi as anyone else? (seriously…who would do that?)

Of course not. We all know what Bangladeshis look like. No one who is not English can ever know what it truly feels like to read the King James Bible, a text by Shakespeare, look at his coat of arms from Charlemagne, see a picture of Winston Churchill and recognise that someone in his own family resembles him or relieve the events of famous battles in England in which one’s family took part.

This is what it is to be English. The greatest piece of literature ever produced in English is the King James Bible. I make reference to it for vocab and word study when I can’t find the sense of a word being used in an old book or periodical. The same people who say that they want to be British hate English people and England. This is the paradoxical thing about it.

Living in England as an immigrant/visitor has given me a number of opportunities to observe the people and some of the things that make England England. I am not referring to the projectile vomiting, drug addicts (these are things I would call British as they run counter to the original English principles – more on that at another time though)

but rather the old buildings, the King James Bible, Shakespeare, the Plymouth Brethren, England’s successful interpretation of the Reformation which gave rise to what we would now recognise as the Anglican Church (which has seen better days and now trudges the landscape, waiting to die).

People like Mr. Sadr and those above ask that you suspend your judgement (and apparently your full vision as well) and see them as part of England; but at the same time they are calling for vigilante acts and any number of bizarre things. And then you want to know why your door is kicked open at Fajr and Scotland Yard are rummaging through your stuff. If you are an immigrant/visitor (meaning you don’t look like an Englishman), then you are not from here.

You are duty bound to follow the laws that are agreed upon in the Revealed Law (do not murder, steal, molest children (yes, even masjid imams have to follow that law), embezzle money, rape your nieces, daughters, cousins, white women between the ages of 0-80 (standard life expectancy) and not deviate from that.

Besides these and other things mentioned above, you then have the culture and look of English people. if you do not like that, can’t stand them, despise them greatly, then it is time for you to go. People like Mr Sadr and such cannot keep living a double life, calling for murder in their pidgin tongue and then cooing in heavily accented English.

People will find out (as if no English people translate or learn other languages – the arrogance of it all) and the repercussions that result will only be your fault.

Until next time,


Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far Al-Hanbali



Figure 1A: "We Muslims in the Anglosphere know best, so we'll just open up your head and remove the offending organ. Trust me, you wont need this annoying four pound misery any longer. Independent thinking and criticism is a sin!"
Figure 1A: “We Muslims in the Anglosphere know best, so we’ll just open up your head and remove the offending organ. Trust me, you wont need this annoying four pound misery any longer. Independent thinking and criticism is a sin!”

Below is an attention grabbing article about a Pakistani teacher preventing children 11-12 years of age from watching footage of the 11 September 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers of New York. Keep in mind that this same school has evolution, sex education and other curriculum. Why would this cupcake of a teacher not prevent them from these social ills? Please also keep in mind the footage of those events is well known and for anyone with access to social media (and those children are of the generation where they know nothing else) are easily available.

Call of Duty, horror movies, colors, Menace II Society and a host of other movies are far more destructive than anything one could see in the 9/11 footage. This same teacher’s assistant warlord boldly proclaimed that

such young children should not been shown things like that because it is well-known that it can play on their minds and even induce them to kill themselves.

What?! So should we stop the re-airing of Jell-O pudding pop commercials? Kids might take that as a message to masturbate or to drug and attack SWF (single white females). And as is normally the case, no evidence is given. Fake whistleblowers aplenty now can say, “It would be too upsetting for the children to see this footage.” These same kids who machine gun cops, bag ladies and listen to loud rap music on GTA, Call of Duty or any of these other games, some of which have ACTUALLY caused panic attacks, seizures and violent behaviour in children.

Look around, Muslims of the Anglosphere. This is the Islam on show for you.


Muslim teacher is suing a school for ‘race discrimination’ after she was sacked for objecting to a video of 9/11 being shown to 11-year-olds

  • Suriyah Bi was assisting the class at Heartlands Academy in Birmingham

  • The pupils were shown the horrifying video which was rated for over-18s

  • Ms Bi said the clip was inappropriate as it could distress the youngsters

  • She claims she was dismissed after expressing concerns to headteacher

    Teaching assistant Suriyah Bi claims she was sacked for objecting to children being shown a clip of the 9/11 attacks 

    A Muslim teacher is taking legal action against a school over claims she was sacked for objecting to children being shown a video of the 9/11 terror attacks.

    Suriyah Bi, 24, lost her job at Heartlands Academy in Birmingham, after just a week of being a teaching assistant in a year seven class there.

    She claims that she was shown the door after she complained it was not appropriate for the 11 and 12-year-olds in her class to watch the ‘X-rated’ clip – that showed the horrors of the attacks on World Trade Center in New York, in September 2001.

    Ms Bi, an Oxford University Graduate, from Yardley in Birmingham, is now pursuing claims against the school for unfair dismissal and religious discrimination.

    The video was not mentioned in detail during the brief preliminary hearing which dealt with technical and legal matters.

    But outside the hearing, Ms Bi said: ‘It was shown to some 30 children during class. I understand the video was shown without the permission of the authorities.

    ‘It raised questions about what safeguards there are in schools to protect children.

    ‘These were children aged 11, of whom many knew little, or nothing, about the 9/11 horror.

    ‘They were subjected to graphic scenes and some were shocked and upset. The video not only showed the plane crashing into the Twin Towers but also showed people committing suicide by jumping to their deaths from the tower blocks.

    ‘Such young children should not been shown things like that because it is well-known that it can play on their minds and even induce them to kill themselves.

    Ms Bi, an Oxford University Graduate, from Yardley in Birmingham, is now pursuing claims against Heartlands Academy for unfair dismissal and religious discrimination
    Ms Bi, an Oxford University Graduate, from Yardley in Birmingham, is now pursuing claims against Heartlands Academy for unfair dismissal and religious discrimination
    Ms Bi said footage of the 9/11 attacks was too upsetting to show the year 7 class she was helping at Heartlands (stock picture of the tragic incident)
    Ms Bi said footage of the 9/11 attacks was too upsetting to show the year 7 class she was helping at Heartlands (stock picture of the tragic incident)

    ‘I was in the classroom when the video was shown and I quickly objected. Later, I was told to leave the school.

    ‘There was an investigation into the matter but I was dismissed for making a whistle blowing complaint.’

    Ms Bi said she believed no action was taken against the teacher who screened the video, but some people regarded the showing as ‘misguided’.

    The class had been studying a poem called Out of the Blue, by Simon Armitage, about a victim of the 9/11 terrorist attack. The poem is part of the AQA GCSE syllabus.

    E-Act, who run the Heartlands Academy, told the tribunal judge Ron Broughton that the teacher left because she no longer wanted to work for them
    E-Act, who run the Heartlands Academy, told the tribunal judge Ron Broughton that the teacher left because she no longer wanted to work for them

    E-Act, who run the academy,  told the tribunal judge Ron Broughton that the teacher no longer wanted to work for them.

    They complained there had been no need for the preliminary hearing and were considering making a claim for costs against Suriyah for causing delays.

    Mr Broughton said she could go ahead with her legal claims at a full hearing later this year and he would not consider a claim for costs at this stage.



1438 AH: A New Year

Figure 1A: Let this next 12 months be for continued improvement and perfection in the life of the human being.
Figure 1A: Let this next 12 months be for continued improvement and perfection in the life of the human being.

Only three days ago, it was 29 Dhul Hijjah 1437 AH and I was looking for the moon on a Saturday. I had just combined Maghrib and `Isha’ at home with the children on account of heavy rain and could not see the crescent moon.

Later, I would find that Morocco, the absolute monarchy and closest Muslim country to me, had not seen the crescent moon. Thus we were to count 30 days for Dhul Hijjah. I had seen numerous changes in this year of 1437 AH.

A Ramadan had come and gone. Allah had made it possible for me to lead Tarawih prayer reciting Qur’an from the narration of Qalun from Nafi`. Slaves of Allah were ten in number max and it took us  just about two hours to complete. To give people some mercy, we prayed ten raka`ah, had a ten minute break with a dars covering what we had recited and some water.

In the last ten nights, we prayed 12 raka`ah, then 8 after the break. What a great blessing we had. The whole month I only came outside once or twice to purchase food. The `Eid ul-Fitr prayer was in Arabic and not a mumbo-jumbo mix up and the same thing went for `Eid ul-Adha.

We were able to distribute more than £1500.00 in Zakat ul-Fitr in the form of food to five Muslim families and also the local shelter. Again, I don’t know how we did it, but we did it. Brothers in Soledad and San Quentin contacted me to say the first edition of the books that I had published were in the libraries and they were appreciative. I was not appreciative of my massive phone bill.

My home cities of Aswan and Asyut suffered a massive heatwave with a drought and then right after there was flooding. It is my hope that if I am able to go this year I can take inventory and help them.

Allah blessed my children to continue in their Qur’an. In another three years, with continued hard work and supplications, three of them should have completed the Qur’an. The rest of my family that had been in the United States successfully relocated to Central and South America and domains besides, which gives me a tremendous relief as now they have left the United States.

Classes galore came in this year and Allah blessed me to be part of them. I thought that this year’s classes, in spite of any personal turmoil I might have had, went well and were organised. Imam Abu Isma`il Al-Harawi’s text, Manazil us-Sa’irin, was completed in Ramadan and the tafsir class reached the completion of the 29th Juz.’

This means that the 30th and the final juz’ of the Qur’an may be completed in the first months of 1438 AH. The Book of Hajj by Imam `Abdul Ghani Al-Lubadi (d. 1319 AH) was completed and those I worked with were happy with the text and the words of the Imam.

This year was huge for me in significance, effort, friendship, sweetness of fasting in Ramadan and countless other affairs. In this year, it is my intention to fast 9th, 10th of Muharram to try to get reward and also complete the rest of my obligations so that perhaps in the next five years, I will be typing this from a server in my home country.

For the mean time, I will continue teaching the students that I have – while not taking any new ones – and focus on my two villages and try to help my people. I hope that the past 12 months have been of tremendous benefit to everyone and I hope that this next twelve months will be even better. Keep striving, keep working and always be dedicated to improvement and reaching your highest potential.

Until next time and congratulations for making it through another year,

Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far Al-Hanbali

Fasting on 10th Muharram and its’ Virtues

Figure 1A: A full moon often represents the completion of one's acquisition of knowledge.
Figure 1A: A full moon often represents the completion of one’s acquisition of knowledge.

Imam Mansur ibn Yunus Al-Buhuti (d. 1051 AH), may Allah be pleased with him, said of fasting on 10th Muharram:

So it is highly emphasised to fast the 10th of Muharram as well as the 9th day beforehand. This is based upon the hadith of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, “…Let it be the case that you fast the ninth and then the tenth of Muharram.” 

Taken from Ar-Rawd ul-Murbi bi-Sharhi Zad il-Mustaqni, pp. 292-293, Dar ul-Khair, Beirut 1423 AH

Imam Ibrahim ibn Muhammad ibn Salim ibn Duwayan (d. 1353 AH), may Allah have mercy upon him, said the following regarding fasting on `Ashura’,  known as 10th of Muharram:

It is the sunnah to fast in the month of Muharram based upon the hadith of Abu Hurairah, may Allah be pleased with him, that is attributable, “The best fast after that of Ramadan is Muharram, the Month of Allah.” This is collected by Imam Muslim [vol.2, pp. 820-821].

The most emphasised fast of this month is Ashura’, which is an expiation for an entire year. This understanding comes from the hadith of Abu Qatadah in which the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said regarding fasting the Day of `Ashura, “The one that fasts on that day shall have Allah expiate from him the sins of the following year.” This is collected by Imam Muslim [vol.2, pp. 818-819].

Taken from Manar us-Sabil fi Sharh id-Dalil, pp. 195-196, Dar Ibn Hazm edition, Beirut 1426 AH


When Fighting Salafiyyah…There will be Imbalances…

In the war between Salafiyyah and Muslim Orthodoxy (Ar. Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jama`ah), there will be imbalances. Salafiyyah, which are nothing more than the Khawarij, are a response to these imbalances.

Their atrocities produce further outrages from the laity of Muslim Orthodoxy who are furious and dismayed by their scholar killing, law breaking, pre-pubescent female/male/infant raping ways.

One such example is the case of Umm Hanadi, 39, a grandmother from Iraq.

After refusal to join the “minhaj of the prophets,” her family was killed, including her second husband not long after the first was murdered, leaving her a widow (may Allah bless the man who lifted these difficulties and became her second husband).

She has rightly taken up arms to defend herself, her children, her tribe and land;

but other things have happened that show she has also been shell shocked by the war. She has stated that she not only beheads the men from Salafiyyah, but she also burns the bodies and puts the heads in cooking pots.

Similar outrages were brought about by Ibrahim Basha, who upon witnessing atrocities from Salafiyyah was so enraged that he transgressed the normal bounds of the Revealed Law in retarding the advance of Salafiyyah;

similar things happened when it reared its’ head in Egypt, but always returning to the balanced way of the scholars is best.

Armed resistance to Salafiyyah when it is killing, protecting itself with the sword/weapons and isolating itself with the sword/arms is indeed COMPULSORY, but the rules given to us by our Lord must be adhered to along with the statements of His Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and the rulings of the successors of the prophets, peace be upon them, namely the authorities. 

Please read the article below and understand that more of these occurrences are sure to occur.


The Iraqi housewife who ‘cooked the heads’ of ISIS fighters


‘More wanted than the Prime Minister’

Um Hanadi is not new to this.
“I began fighting the terrorists in 2004, working with Iraqi security forces and the coalition,” she says. As a result, she attracted the wrath of what eventually became al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, which later morphed into ISIS.
“I received threats from the top leadership of ISIS, including from Abu Bakr (al-Baghdadi) himself,” she says, referring to ISIS’s self-declared caliph.
“But I refused.”
“I’m at the top of their most wanted list,” she brags, “even more than the Prime Minister.”
Um Hanadi ticks off the times they planted car bombs outside her home. “2006, 2009, 2010, three car bombs in 2013 and in 2014.”
Wahida Mohamed seen here in Shirqat, Iraq on Sept. 27, 2016.
Along the way, her first husband was killed in action. She remarried, but ISIS killed her second husband earlier this year. ISIS also killed her father and three brothers. They also killed, she added, her sheep, her dogs and her birds.
She narrowly escaped death as well.
“Six times they tried to assassinate me,” she says. “I have shrapnel in my head and legs, and my ribs were broken.”
She pulled back her headscarf to show her scars.
“But all that didn’t stop me from fighting,” she said.
Um Hanadi claims to have led her men in multiple battles against ISIS. General Jamaa Anad, the commander of ground forces in her native Salahuddin province, told me they had provided her group with vehicles and weapons.
General Anad, a short, compact, no-nonsense man of few words, simply says: “She lost her brothers and husbands as martyrs.”


‘Check out my Facebook page’

After listing all the attacks against her, and all the loved ones lost to ISIS, Um Hanadi said: “I fought them. I beheaded them. I cooked their heads, I burned their bodies.”
She made no excuses, nor attempted to rationalize this.
It was delivered as a boast, not a confession. “This is all documented,” she said. “You can see it on my Facebook page.”
So we checked. Among many pictures of her with her dead husbands, fighters and generals, there was a photo of her in the same black combat fatigues and headscarf holding what appeared to be a freshly severed head. Another showed two severed heads in a cooking pot.
In a third photograph, she is standing among partially-burned corpses. It’s impossible to verify whether the photos are authentic or Photoshopped, but we got the point.
Um Hanadi describes herself as a “rabat manzal” — a housewife. She denied media reports she was a hairdresser, although a photo on her Facebook page shows her without a headscarf, in what appears to be a hair salon.
She has two daughters, aged 22 and 20. They are trained and ready to fight, she says, but are busy at the moment taking care of their children.
When we finished the interview, Um Hanadi’s entourage prepared to board their pickup trucks. I walked up to one of the trucks, where three men sat in the front seat. One pulled out a hand grenade.
“This is for Daesh,” he said, using the derogatory term for ISIS.
“And so is this — to cut off their heads,” said the driver, pulling a long machete off the dashboard and brandishing it uncomfortably close to my face.