ANGLOSPHERE ISLAM: Good News…It’s Racist and Vulgar

Figure 1A: Abdul-Aziz ibn Myat f.k.a. David Myatt, photo courtesy of

Figure 1A: Abdul-Aziz ibn Myat f.k.a. David Myatt, photo courtesy of

Looking at the rise of the new islams, American Islam and its’ illegitimate daughter British Islam, I can see that it has two main qualities: racism and vulgarity. It is strange and tantalisingly amusing as this is the absolute opposite of what is being offered on the menu.

I remember in high school a guy in our class that we knew would always say, “I don’t have a racist bone in my body but…” then words like nigger, spic, half-breed, mongrel, sand nigger and the like would make a conspicuous appearance.

Total opposite of what this guy was saying. Word to the wise: when someone constantly harps on something repeatedly, claiming that he definitely is that thing, he probably isn’t. So much the same for Anglosphere Islam.

Anglo-Islam, attaching itself to the freakball left, often claims that it is totally against racism and “Islam preaches against racism.” It definitely does, genius; but that doesn’t stop people from being racist if they will not de-programme and unlearn those behaviours.

One of the more glaring examples was a debate between an Afro-centrist (an advocate of the first peoples doctrine) by the name of Sa Ra Garvey and a red bearded man answering to the name of Hamza. During the course of the debate, at the 40:43-51:50 mark

(watch the whole thing if you can to get the full context), our Anglo-Islam Avenger (why do these Avengers always look so unkempt but preach about Islam’s cleanliness? If Islam is clean, why do you look homeless?)

bristles against the notion that Arabs were in the slave trade (different argument, different argument, here is not the time…it will be address later, if Allah wills) and in an attempt to “defend the religion of Izlaam” declares that,

“for an Arab to wander off the desert into the jungle and start enslaving them is mind boggling…” (wandering out of the desert. No, we did have armies, pal. All of Arabia is not desert either) “are you saying the Arabs went into Africa with Zuuuuluuuu warriors,” and to his credit, he tried to pantomime by lifting an imaginary spear in the air.

First, Sa Ra Garvey and then anyone else in the crowd who is carmel and darker in skin colour or hue, called him on it.

Second, he fell to the usual behaviour of Anglo-Islam missionaries, “Hey! I’m not racist.” After ingratiating himself and bowing in kow-tow form while averting eye contact, he was able to avert what could have been a beating that would landed him in the ICU of any hospital. Wondrous!

Third to that, he said there was no way Arabs would be able to conquer over and rule Africans with such powerful Africans as the Zulus “in the jungle.”

What? Let’s walk this back a little bit. Arabs never came down to South Africa (or up if discussing it from the stand point of the Zulus) in wars, battles, trade and they never conquered that area.

This is a false allegation. Next, Africans (especially Zulus) did not live “in the jungle.” They lived in grassland areas and the like (South Africa is a very diverse landscape). They did not live “in the jungle.”

Here we go with the colonialist nightmare. Sa Ra rightly points out that racism isn’t just saying something, it’s also thinking it and proceeds to make the Anglo-Islam warlord his Exhibit A in proving racism among Muslims.

We then have our vulgar candidate. Man, what a world. In this case, it is the face of Anglosphere Islam and the claimant to all things holy. Just have a listen.

And if you aren’t impressed with that, you have the same colleague giving an impressive tweet on the matter below, stating, “Trump wants to ban Muslim immigrants like my parents. I wrote a piece for telling him to go fuck himself.”

Was this rant supposed to prove that they need to relax the restraints on immigration from Pakistan and other Middle Eastern countries to the United States? Confused. How could Trump make you scared for your family (according to the Sunday Review article) if Anglosphere Islam is the one financing Hajj trips with sex, teaching sex ed to their children (HANDS ON), making threats killing and shouting obscenities. Heck, even the women have learned the middle finger and teach their children. Who said those immigrants are slow to pick up?

Anglosphere Islam is angry about anyone other than them and their supporters voicing any dissent. If they don’t get what they want, grab your 12 year old daughters. This is no surprise. It’s what they do in their own countries and what Muslim Orthodoxy have been fighting for the better part of 200+ years. Now they’ve found their way to the shores of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and so on.

This is what I tell to the common people. Muslims, do not embrace Anglosphere Islam. Non Muslims, if you decide to become Muslim, then look into it. Do not fall into this horrific tribe of misfits, weirdos, potential bombing suspects and lovers of children in a sense that you would NOT approve of at all. Be careful. You owe it to yourself.

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