Taking the offensive against Secularism, Anti-Theism and its’ Armies

Figure 1A: Secularism and Anti-Theism are covered in this very important article by the late marja.`

Figure 1A: Secularism and Anti-Theism are covered in this very important article by the late marja.`

Every one of you is a shepherd and responsible for his flock [1]

By Imam `Abdullah An-Nuri

The Missionaries of Secularism and Anti-Theism have waged war against us with their astrayness and they have found in our youth acceptance of their astrayness. The reason for this is that these youth are ignorant of the Religion, knowing neither its’ value nor teachings.

These same missionaries are trying to completely destroy these values and uproot them from the hearts of the babies and youth so that a generation shall come in which these youth will now be men malleable to every call and ready to go to war for them.[2]

Based upon this, the armed West has opened the doors to these missionaries and called the Ummah – both in the East and the West – so that they might replace the current culture with the new one.[3]

The Muslims who are ignorant of their religion rejoice in this squawking and open their hearts in order to take it in, both the hearts and minds of these people begin to take heed of this message.

The Pure and Unadulterated Islam has more right to such acceptance and adherence from the Muslims and that they might enjoin their children to follow it. The same Islam has made each and every individual from the Ummah a shepherd and directly responsible for everyone in his flock.

The One sent with this Religion, the Conveyer and the Teacher,[4] peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said, “Every one of you is a shepherd and each and every one of you is responsible for his flock.”[5]

When the responsible people neglect this duty, the next generation is laid waste. When one lays waste to the future generation this will in turn impact the future of this Ummah.

Let everyone be responsible, righteous and pious – whether it is the father, brother or teacher – to those under his responsibility. Let him command them with righteousness and do so in front of them and not act in a contradictory manner.

This is especially the case with regards to impressionable children, as they are more likely to submit to and follow such a call from Secularist missionaries, whether they are boys or girls.

Impressionable children have a natural level of acceptance towards goodness when they are taught in a manner showing them how to be righteous and the matter is explained where they can come to see the goodness in it.

The guardian teaches the small child truth so that he does not lie, commands him with justice so that he does not commit oppression, forbids him from doing things that are not good. When he forbids him from doing something wrong, he should be sure not to himself commit that same wrong in front of him.[6]

The reason for this is that the small child is a mirror and this contradiction leads the child to do so as the father or guardian is older than him. In circumstances such as these, the child follows the guardian or parent without evidence and knowing the reasons for the said action.

The small child imitates the guardian and believes in the perfection of the one giving him his upbringing. He will boast to his friends about what was taught to him by his father, paternal uncle, maternal uncle or his older brother and what he does or how he imitates one of these people.[7]

Much of the actions committed by the father are internalised in the small son, who upon gaining his majority does what his father had done without reflection, care and without understanding the reason why. He will not even care about the consequences of committing these said actions. He merely follows.

Much of what has damaged the young boys and girls and has corrupted them as young men and women is precisely the imitation of those responsible for them. These young children have followed these adults on account of their not being able to find those who would set them straight after being crooked or take them from their mistakes and show them what is correct.

The father is involved in his delights to his heart’s content but the situation of the sons and daughters of his household does not concern him. He will only come to them – the sons or daughters – bringing food and clothes, thinking that this is all that is required in life.

This same father leaves them free reign to do as they please, so they grow up exactly how he left them. The short term outcome of this is bad for the family and evil for society in the long term.

Where is the one who knows his Religion so that he might rightly raise the one who has no religion? Where is the man committing to memory etiquettes and such while there is someone without any etiquette whatsoever?

And where would he get the understanding to follow his original culture when his parent or guardian is happy to rush towards the very thing that opposes all of what he knows?

And where is the enlightened and upright individual who knows of no error in his Religion and is aware of his obligations and the conditions of the creation around him? How could such a one even exist when the one responsible for him is ignorant of the actual Religion that would teach the child these matters?

This situation does not differ from one place to another. It is as much in the house as it is in the school. It is just as much the blame of the father as it is the teacher.[8] The father or teacher does not command with righteousness but instead command is exercised over him.

He does not forbid the wrong. Instead, he is forbidden to do such things.[9] The visible signs of the Religion are not established in the home or the school, so the child is neither here nor there. What traces remain of the Religion are here and there and nothing complete.

So then here come the missionaries of Secularism and Atheism,[10] ever vigilant and waiting for the slightest chance to administer their poison. They know the poison is ready for injection when they find the two twins of ignorance and neglect present in the same people.

It is even better when the people targeted have a twig’s worth of knowledge of the Religion; this enables the process to be accelerated, the poison to go deep into the heart and find a resting place from which Anti-Theism will later grow.

So what has our generation come to that we seek ‘the good life’ and glory in our deeds, that they might be followed, that those who follow them might boast of them and follow other things as well?

And it is with great sadness and trepidation that I report that our youth have gone into the ways of the Secularists, seeing the light as darkness and right guidance as falsehood to the point that they have changed their virtuous names to disgusting names.[11] They have declared the Religion backwardness and adherence to it as “retrogressive” and “conservatism.”

Each one of these children should receive no blame; the blame is upon those responsible for him. The responsible are to blame as they fled from the Religion or were ignorant of its value or they took hold of harmful customs and culture that are far from the Religion along with exposing this tribulation to the child.

Our Religion – praise be to Allah – is a light in every time and place but we are ignorant of it and put in it what does not belong to it. We declare as part of it what has no part in it out of stubbornness from us and following ignorant and astray imams who have put things in Islam that are not from it. These imams are astray, go further astray and then lead others astray.

Islam, praise be to Allah, is for reflection and thinking in totality. The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, came with Islam to a people who think and reflect. It is ease and not hardship, rest and not difficulty. It is guidance without any astrayness in it. Indeed, Islam is just as the Master of the Messengers, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, described it, “…clear guidance, its’ night is like its’ day.”

Dear Muslim brother or sister,

Come to Islam. Salvation lies within. Come with me to the clearest path so that all of our ways and states might be rectified. Let us do this until we come to measure and demarcate by the light we find in order to see if in fact we are truly Muslims. Are we really exemplifying this noble call to Islam?

You who believe, save yourselves and your families from a fire that has as its’ fuel men and stones. Angels that are stern and mighty stand guard over it. They do not disobey their Lord in what He commanded them and they do as they are told.[12]

[1] Trans note: Taken from `Ulama’ wa A`lam, vol.1, pp. 632-634, ed. no. 22, Rabi` ul-Akhir 1387

[2] Trans note: Remember that the marja` is writing these in the early 1380s (beginning of the 1960s pagan era). Those referenced that have grown up to be men have now had children. Look at the Arab world and the wider Muslim world and see if this rotten fruit has ripened. As much as he is speaking about this group of people that have already hatched, he is speaking to those in the aftermath who with their understanding can put the pieces together, assess the damage and go on the offensive, moving forward with the faith. That generation previous to them is very much a ‘throw away’ and ‘lost generation.’

[3] Trans. note: Culture here is not referring to just dietary laws and eating habit, but the actual Religion and all matters associated with it.

[4] Trans note: These are all titles referencing the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

[5] Collected by Imam Muslim ibn Al-Hajjaj in Al-Jami` us-Sahih, Book of Leadership, under the chapter of the Virtue of the Just Leader and the Punishment for the Tyrannical Ruler and classed by him as authentic.

[6] Trans note: This means the father has to be on guard so that he is an upright example and not guilty of the same crimes from which he warns his children.

[7] Trans note: This is especially visible in small children. One can often hear them speaking to each other about the things someone has taught them and how they will or will not do it.

[8] Trans note: This is referring to government schools that actively sought to replace the original kuttab system in the Muslim world in order to systematise nationalist rhetoric and feeling. One can know which country of origin these settler education institutions come from just by perusing what language of instruction they teach the pupils in each day.

[9] Trans. note: This means there is some external authority regulating him and controlling him. It will either prevent him from instructing the children or distract him from doing so at crucial points in the child’s life.

[10] A distinction is made between Secularism (Ar. `ilmaniyyah) and Anti-Theism (Ar. ilhad) based on the context they are used in and the words. Secularism involves the equalising of things initially, such as religious indifferentism, moral relativism, androgyny and so forth. Once all religions, social customs are held on one platform, Anti-Theism then comes, aggressive towards all manner of religion and bringing in whatever culture the conquerors or missionaries espouse (i.e. Americanism). This was detained in Imam Muhammad Al-Khidr Hussain’s ground breaking work on the subject.

[11] Trans note: this refers to the practice of some Muslims changing their names to those of the pagans in order that they might imitate the intruding culture and ideas. This has been accelerated through television.

[12] Surat ut-Tahrim (66), ayah 6

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