Why I Do Not Advocate Single Sex Child-Cattle Mills

Figure 1A: The point of state run, compulsory education.

The video itself should be self explanatory. This is why you are to educate your own children on the fundamentals of Islam, not boarding schools. You are to have your children around your family and family friends and not Child-Cattle Mills.

Look at the type of people produced under these types of circumstances.


What a Difference a Name Makes…

Figure 1A: What will you name your baby?

The article below illustrates the fact that some people who are having children are neither thinking through the long term consequences of the name nor a name that is noble and not just sounds good. Jaleesa (Ar. lit. “woman sitting down in a gathering for teaching”) Martin and Jawaan (Ar. lit. “tax revenue advisor”) McCullough welcomed a child into the world and stuck for what name to give him decided on the name “Messiah.”

Yes, Messiah, the English translation of Moshiach (Hebrew) or Maseeh (Arabic). The argument is that they “thought it sounded nice” and no one has a right to judge. The fact of the matter is that people should really think about the names they choose and the names they choose for their children. Names signify rank, honour, pedigree, family tree, legacy, title and so many other things.

This is one of the wisdoms we can take from the fact that the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said, “Let the child be named on the seventh day…” This is collected by Imam As-Suyuti in his Al-Jami` us-Saghir.

This is a consideration about taking your time, thinking, deliberating, really taking time out to think about the right name. I named all of my children but it was after one week of deliberation, going through names, looking upon them and thinking about what we hoped that they would become and praying about it.

Even if you don’t pray in matters like these or not, atleast THINK about it. Consider what type of name the child will carry, what it will signify and how it will affect him or her. What do you hope he will come to be? What successes do you hope he will have and how many challenges might he have carrying the name? Messiah is not a proper name. It is a title.

The judge is correct that only false prophets and one person bore this title to fruition and that is the Prophet and Messiah himself. If titles are so arbitrary that they can be taken as names, why not papercutter? How about…laundramat? doorstop? Dell dn2662? Samsung ML-2010?

No? Why not? Think about the type of name you want for your child and what type of contribution he will make when he gets older. Who knows…he may just thank you.

Until next time.


Judge who ordered parents to change baby’s name from Messiah to Martin is fired

  • Lu Ann Ballew was terminated from Tennessee’s fourth judicial district
    on Friday
  • Ballew, an attorney, still faces a March 3 hearing on accusations that she violated Tennessee’s Code of Judicial Conduct
Lu Ann Ballew was terminated from the Tennessee court on Friday

A Tennessee magistrate has been replaced months after ordering a baby’s name changed from Messiah to Martin because she believes Messiah is a title held only by Jesus Christ.

Lu Ann Ballew was a child support magistrate, serving at the pleasure of the chief judge of Tennessee’s fourth judicial district.

Judge Duane Slone terminated Ballew on Friday and appointed a new magistrate.

He did not return calls seeking comment, and his order does not explain why he ended Ballew’s appointment.

Ballew, an attorney, still faces a March 3 hearing on accusations that she violated Tennessee’s Code of Judicial Conduct, according to WBIR.

Among other things, the code requires judges to perform all duties without bias or prejudice based on religion.

Ballew’s August name change decision was overturned at a September hearing.

Ballew ordered the name change during a paternity hearing in Newport on August 8.

At the time, the parents were disputing the 8-month-old baby’s surname.

The boy’s mother, Jaleesa Martin, hoped to keep the name she had given the boy- Messiah Deshawn Martin – and father, Jawaan McCullough, wanted the baby to bear his last name.

Ballew surprised both parents by ordering the baby’s name be changed to Martin Deshawn McCullough, saying the name Messiah was not in the baby’s best interest.

Mother Jaleesa Martin had her son’s name changed from Messiah to Martin in court. The judge who made the decision has since been fired
Name changer: A judge in eastern Tennessee ordered for the baby boy’s first name to Martin from Messiah

Her written order said: ‘Messiah is a title that is held only by Jesus Christ.’

‘Labeling this child “Messiah” places an undue burden on him that as a human being, he cannot fulfill,’ the order said.

Ballew further stated that ‘it is highly likely that he will offend many Cocke County citizens by calling himself “Messiah”.

That decision was overturned in Cocke County Chancery Court the following month, with the judge saying that Ballew’s ruling violated the U.S. Constitution.

Parents Jawaan McCullough, left, and Jaleesa Martin, center, had been debating their child’s surname in court last August when the judge changed the child’s first name from Messiah to Martin

Accelerated Destruction of Remnants of Revealed Law in England, Wales

Figure 1A: Surat ul-Ma’idah (5),ayah 48, which includes the declaration of our Lord: And for every nation there has been given a Revealed Law and a way for it.

As time goes on, the destruction of the remains of the Revealed Law of England, Wales and its case law and rulings brought together by church ecclesiastical authorities continues and is accelerated. It is not enough that they have inserted laws that contradict, weaken, undermine and generally maul the twitching corpse of the church. They are now, before England leaves the EU, trying to continue with the destruction (which had its acceleration brought to warp speed by the European Union) and get as much done as possible.

I advise readers to get a hold of Halsbury’s Law (I know its massive – fine, just go to your local library and take a look at it) as well as Stroud’s Law (one of the depended upon commentaries and summaries of the larger Halsbury which is laid out in dictionary form) and see the same thing that our Lord had been telling us in the Qur’an, namely, that every nation has had a law and a way.

Yes, there have been accretions, but out of all the nations in the EU, England is one of the last that has any vestige of Christianity and the vestigial principles brought together by the very elders of their church. Now even that is under attack by those who don’t want to remember a time when there was a right or wrong. Please read the article below and reflect on the matter carefully.


Abortion Is About To Be Decriminalised In England And Wales. Wait, What?

Natalie Gil,Refinery 29 UK 5 hours ago

Abortion is one step closer to finally being made legal in England and Wales, after MPs voted in favour of decriminalising the procedure.

Under the 1967 Abortion Act, abortion is only legal if it’s approved by two doctors and if the pregnant person can show they meet certain criteria. This means people who have abortions without meeting these conditions are committing a crime, punishable by life in prison.

Yesterday, MPs supported a bill by 172 votes in favour of decriminalising abortion, versus 142 against, The Independent reported. It will now most likely be debated during a second reading on the 24th March before it can become law.

Increasing numbers of women are using pills bought online to induce terminations themselves, meaning many more are having abortions outside of the law – possibly without even realising they’re committing a crime. Women who have a termination after the 24-week limit are also committing a criminal offence.

Labour MP Diana Johnson, who introduced the debate as a Ten-Minute rule bill in the House of Commons, said there are no other medical procedures in the country governed by legislation as old as the Abortion Act, adding that it is “out of step with medical developments and public attitudes,” reported The Independent.

Stunning Meat as a Method of Slaughter

Figure 1A: An example of stunning an animal as a method of slaughter.

A following was put forward by one of the brilliant readers of the blog:

An issue  has arisen in regards to Halal slaughter. I was reading from the hadeeth about the women who found a dead sheep and slaughtered it in al-Umdat.

Can this be understood in any way to mean that the animals that are slaughtered after being stunned are permissible? jazakullah khayr

Figure 2A: Electric tongs at the side of the head of an animal used for the stunning slaughtering practice.

That hadith and those like it are used by Imam Muwaffaq ud-Din Ibn Qudamah (d. 620 AH) and the latter day scholars as referring to:

a) an animal found slaughtered in Dar ul-Islam and wondering what the ruling would be upon the one that found it.

b) an animal that was still alive and had been eaten by another animal or such and was found by someone and then slaughtered in Dar ul-Islam.

In consideration of Dar ul-Kufr, which is where the great bulk of these stunnings occur, there are the following statements:

1) electrocution falls under the same ruling as choking, which has been mentioned in Surat ul-Ma’idah (5), ayah 3

2) in the case of such an animal the blood has collected and congealed, so even when cutting the wind pipe and both the carotid arteries, there is no way to drain all the blood from the animal. It is for this reason that the Hanbali maraji` have ruled that it is impermissible.

It is firstly a type of choking. If someone even goes to farms where this is done, the animal gives a reaction similar to being knocked unconscious (which is similar to a mini-stroke) after being choked. Secondly, as the blood will collect and congeal in the areas, there is also a release of other poisons and toxins, things that do not happen under normal slaughtering.


brother in Islam,
Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far Al-Hanbali


There is also a landmark lenient ijtihad (the only one!) from Imam `Abdul Ghani Al-Lubadi in his Hashiyah that if the animal was slaughtered from the neck down it is permitted and similarly if the animal was hit or knocked down in a way in which there was some moving still and the animal was alive, then this would be permitted to consume.

The issue is whether or not he meant 1) this in Dar ul-islam or Dar ul-Kufr and 2) whether this was a Muslim or kafir, a forgetful Muslim, etc.

It has been left open by authorities and not touched upon, so it is left as it as, thus we leave it as it is left.

Hashiyat ul-Lubadi ala Nail il-Ma’arib, 423-424.

So… You wanted to be the 51st State?

I was homeschooled up until the day that the government did a house invasion and said, “Everybody has a right to an American education. Even this little half breed.” Coming into the school, my first few classes were so disturbing, I told my mother, who was devastated. She said if she did not send me the government would take me and put me in state control.

I went in the following week and they were showing full penetration sex movies, teaching us to put condoms on bananas and cucumbers, who to contact for abortions and a homosexual couple was also brought into the school to talk about their “great relationship.”

Now it has come to the UK. They wanted to be the 51st state, now you are going to get a dose of it. No longer will you be able to go to Florida and slink back to London and sneer from afar at “those Americans.” The culture was has started with you. Breitbart has given an article that should be a wake up call to any thinking Englishman.


UK to Teach ‘Sex and Relationship Education’ to Kids as Young as Four


Children as young as four will be taught “sex and relationship education” in all Britain’s schools, the Education Secretary is expected to announce Tuesday afternoon.

The controversial guidelines will be compulsory for every primary and secondary school, even private and religious establishments.

Currently, only local authority-controlled schools are required to teach children about sex in biology classes, with no such requirement in academies, free schools, or independent schools.

Little is currently known about the content of the new curriculum, but ITV News reports it would likely include age-appropriate lessons on sexting, online safety, and abusive relationships.

The curriculum is likely to cause concern among family and religious groups, especially as some reports suggest parents would be unable to remove their children from the classes, as they presently can.

A spokesman for 10 Downing Street said: “There is a threat online and that threat we would all recognise has grown.

“That does mean that now is the right time to look at how we can ensure children have the access they need to the teaching in those subjects.”

The policy is likely to be introduced as an amendment to the Children and Social Care Bill, tabled by Tory MPs David Burrowes and Maria Miller, the chair of the Women and Equalities Committee.

They say failure to teach children about sex and online relationships had led to consequences including “physical and emotional harm, including teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases; girls feeling unable to participate in educational and extra-curricular opportunities; teachers spending valuable time dealing with incidents of sexual harassment and bullying; and young people developing a sense that sexual harassment and sexual violence are acceptable behaviours and learning social norms that are carried through to adult life.”

The Downing Street spokesman said: “The department will be saying more than this in due course. High quality relationship and sex education is an important part of preparing young people for adult life.

“The education secretary has been clear she is looking at options to make sure children have access to education in those subjects. Clearly, there is a threat online and that threat has grown and now is the right time to look at how we can ensure children can have the access they need to teaching about those subjects.”