Accelerated Destruction of Remnants of Revealed Law in England, Wales

Figure 1A: Surat ul-Ma’idah (5),ayah 48, which includes the declaration of our Lord: And for every nation there has been given a Revealed Law and a way for it.

As time goes on, the destruction of the remains of the Revealed Law of England, Wales and its case law and rulings brought together by church ecclesiastical authorities continues and is accelerated. It is not enough that they have inserted laws that contradict, weaken, undermine and generally maul the twitching corpse of the church. They are now, before England leaves the EU, trying to continue with the destruction (which had its acceleration brought to warp speed by the European Union) and get as much done as possible.

I advise readers to get a hold of Halsbury’s Law (I know its massive – fine, just go to your local library and take a look at it) as well as Stroud’s Law (one of the depended upon commentaries and summaries of the larger Halsbury which is laid out in dictionary form) and see the same thing that our Lord had been telling us in the Qur’an, namely, that every nation has had a law and a way.

Yes, there have been accretions, but out of all the nations in the EU, England is one of the last that has any vestige of Christianity and the vestigial principles brought together by the very elders of their church. Now even that is under attack by those who don’t want to remember a time when there was a right or wrong. Please read the article below and reflect on the matter carefully.


Abortion Is About To Be Decriminalised In England And Wales. Wait, What?

Natalie Gil,Refinery 29 UK 5 hours ago

Abortion is one step closer to finally being made legal in England and Wales, after MPs voted in favour of decriminalising the procedure.

Under the 1967 Abortion Act, abortion is only legal if it’s approved by two doctors and if the pregnant person can show they meet certain criteria. This means people who have abortions without meeting these conditions are committing a crime, punishable by life in prison.

Yesterday, MPs supported a bill by 172 votes in favour of decriminalising abortion, versus 142 against, The Independent reported. It will now most likely be debated during a second reading on the 24th March before it can become law.

Increasing numbers of women are using pills bought online to induce terminations themselves, meaning many more are having abortions outside of the law – possibly without even realising they’re committing a crime. Women who have a termination after the 24-week limit are also committing a criminal offence.

Labour MP Diana Johnson, who introduced the debate as a Ten-Minute rule bill in the House of Commons, said there are no other medical procedures in the country governed by legislation as old as the Abortion Act, adding that it is “out of step with medical developments and public attitudes,” reported The Independent.

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