AI is Taking Over…And it starts with SEX and COMPANIONSHIP

Figure 1A: Is this the future for many men in the Anglosphere?

Please be sure to check out this engaging article. This is a disturbing trend but one that was predictable. We are seeing the results of three things playing out:

1) feminism and women not just leaving the home and working but becoming increasingly androgynous. It is not masculine any longer as one of the corner stones of feminism was despising men. To become something else is now key

2) the renaissance, which came out of so many of the wars and the weakening of the Church and then the family.

3) the destruction of Religion and family in society and the rise of muscular secularism.

Men – who have and will always be the breadwinners, builders of civilisation, companies, etc – living in the Anglosphere (especially European) are locked out of this new androgynous system and have opted out of the feminist paradigm.

Since they have given up, they are trying to return to a simpler era – one in which there were gender roles and a well ordered society, where sex and marriage were assumed principles and you did not need a consent form for sex on demand.

Even today you can ask Americans, “Which was the best time for the United States?” They will unanimously answer, “It was the ’50s.”

There are even people trying to get back to that time by buying and refurbishing old ovens, papering walls with original ’50s plans, wearing the hairstyles and clothing (by buying from antiquarian stores or antique locations and garage sales).

For the rest of us living in the world, we can see what happens when you leave the top three things to run wild and what the future holds for our children.

In finality, think about this as readers:

If you were a lonely male on the outside of this whole system being built, would you rather have an AI doll as a companion or any of the human women (including the presenter) on the mini-documentary? Really think over this as this is the choice given to men in the Anglosphere…

Until next time.

Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far Al-Hanbali

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