One of the Most Important Videos You Could Watch

Figure 1A: Tommy Robinson is yet again in the firing line.

The video below is powerful and worthy of consideration. Major changes are afoot. Keep in mind that Tommy Robinson was arrested not long after this for unsubstantiated charges. Much of what he goes through he said at the Oxford Union but he gives new details. Understand that major changes are occurring in the United Kingdom.

I ask that the readers just watch the video, analyse it in detail along with the additional slides he has provided and answer this question, “What EXACTLY did he do wrong?”


3 responses to “One of the Most Important Videos You Could Watch

  1. This situation is very depressing. The globalists who run these Western governments purposely want to create tensions and take away all civil liberties.

    It makes me so frustrated that many Muslims in the West are foolishly siding with the far left, ultra liberals. While these groups do help Muslims out when it comes to issues regarding immigration and other things, these same groups also advocate for gay marriage and many other things which contradict Islam.
    I couldn’t believe how naive so many Muslims in the USA were when they supported the likes of Obama and Hillary.

    As Muslims, we have to at least understand where groups like the EDL, Pegida, and the others come from. Most of these people are genuinely afraid of losing their countries and their cultures. We need to stop letting liberals “defend our rights” and need to be smarter.

    As your website points out, all these “Muslim Spokesmen” in the West are frauds. I’m sick of these pseudo-Salafi/Wahhabi/Ikhwan affiliated groups speaking for Islam in the West.
    We need genuine Sunni movements here. We have to communicate with the likes of Tommy Robinson and others. Otherwise the situation will only get worse and we could see genuine widespread violence in Europe and America against Muslims.

  2. Thank you for addressing these issues honestly. Many Sunni shaykhs in West are totally ignorant of these things.
    Combine this ignorance with all the crap that emanates from Wahhabis and “Sharia Hipsters”, and you can see why Muslims are viewed so negatively in western nations.

  3. Nothing big or different, if this was a muslim he would got killed or tortured let be salafiya or not. The bit showing his daughters crying did not help his cause as his behavior was intimidating for his daughters. Good to see shaykh you are open and looking at all sides, unlike tommy, saalafiya etc. They have the same mentality. Think about it, this is how an ikhan etc behaviors in these circumstances.

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