The Whole Creation is Alive…Scientists are Yet to Confirm

Figure 1A: What makes materialist scientists avoid acknowledging a conscious creation.


Quran, Surah An-Nur, Ayat 41

Do you not see that Allah who is glorified by all that is in the skies and the Earth and the birds spreading their wings flying in the world. Each one of these knows its prayer and glorification. And Allah knows all of what they do. Surat un-Nur (24), ayah 41


The video below is a very useful lecture on consciousness and and creation, discussing that the creation is alive. Scientists adhering to the Dialectical Materialist stance (which British Islam and the Dawah Movement have burrowed from the Intelligent Design Movement and claimed it as their own) believe that most of the creation around them as not conscious but sterile.

In their attempts to bring about Artificial Intelligence (AI), they reached a stumbling block.


In the 1960s, many scientists thought AI was just mind over matter and the frame needed to be built. When the frame was built and the consciousness required did not correspond, they went back to the drawing board, having now realised their failure. The issue is CONSCIOUSNESS. Please take a listen below.




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