Figure A: Adnan Rashid: the look you give when you know that your opponent knows that you know you don’t know what you are talking about at all.

Here we have one of the rock stars of British Islam’s (the illegitimate daughter of that harlot, American Islam) dawah movement, Adnan Rashid. He does not deal with the discussion on dominant-recessive genes, as well as the long term change within the black power movement that went from manumission to reconstructionism, to the two pronged movement of Martin Luther King, Jr and on the other side Malcolm X.

Then afterward came the more insistent force of the black power movement that led to the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, US, the Slausons, the Hoover Groovers and this would later give birth (although accidental) to the gangs of the Crips and the Bloods and earlier than them the Vice Lords, Latin Kings and David Bakinsale and Larry Hoovers Gangster Disciples. This latest incarnation of the black power movement is Kemet.

All these movements are related in that they are an attempt by groups of people kidnapped from West Africa and brought to the United States and later renamed “blacks” (which is not a race but a name for a set of groups of people who have no rights, much the same way as is done with the legal brands Yugoslavia or Pakistan. None of these are actual races that go back in time but they are legal brands to classify people) to re-assert themselves as the culture to which they originally belong.

The attempt of these group of people (who are not one race, but are an amalgamated group called “blacks”) to come together and find their common origins is important as ever nation has a right to self determination and re-assertion of their identity.

Adnan Rashid is mixing religion with the issue on racial identity and the black power movement as an attempt to reconnect to who these people really are and their history.  To state that Africa is the mother and father of civilisation is an archaeological position. Anyone who studies the “Out of Africa theory” will understand that there is a scholarly position that all life started in Africa and streamed out through agriculturalists and hunter-gatherers following the migration routes of animals to different continents.

There is the “multiple origins theory” as well as the “Asia theory,” the “European theory” and so forth. These are all positions adopted based upon work in the field of archaeology, anthropology and so forth. To say that Africans are the origin of the human race and thus “the father and mother of mankind” is not racist, it is a scholarly determination that some scientists have reached (Ibn Khaldun as one of them, but he is more nuanced in stating that the ancient Egyptians were the first civilisation after the flood and possibly one of the main ones in the antediluvian age).

This is nothing to do with racism. It is interesting to note how outraged this Pakistani man (who is no different than a “black” in that he is a member of some  amalgamated body of people that live in the UK) is with the mere suggestion that Africa (particularly, dark skinned, Bantu Africa) is the mother of all civilisation, including his own.

To see the look on the fact of Rashid, Ali Dawah and others when they are told by black power adherents, “We are your mothers and fathers,” only demonstrates their racial bias and overtones. When someone tries to convince of Anglo-Israelism and other affairs, I don’t agree and present my findings (some of which are front the field work I have personally done) and sometimes I laugh at the sheer humour of it all.

You have to remember that Adnan Rashid, Hamzah, Ali Dawah come from backgrounds where there are words (shiddee, kala) and the like for dark skinned people and that when their “communities” arrived in the UK, US they made a very concerted effort not to live in the “darker skinned” communities. Reader, don’t let hip-hop culture fool you. Just because they like the music and play sing-a-long with Beyonce does not mean that their minds have changed. Watch the video and see the very UGLY FACE of British Islam.



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