Finsbury Park: How Important are Details?

Figure 1A: North London Central Mosque; the REAL Finsbury Park Masjid and affectionately called “The Finnie.”

When I actually first heard this I looked out for news and tried to think how a van would be able to get to the Finsbury Park Mosque when it is located on St. Thomas’ Road on the one way in/one way out system. How would the van get in there as its a pedestrian/bike zone? Maybe it jumped the curb, I thought.

Figure 2A: Muslim Welfare House on Seven Sisters Road near the fly over and only a five minute walk from the Moroccan-Jewish bakery.

Then I looked and realised it was not the North London Central Masjid (locally known as Finsbury Park Masjid and often affixed with the word “infamous” before its’ title) but it was at the Muslim Welfare House (Ar. Dar Ri`aayah) on Seven Sisters Road. This explained how the van would be able to pull a U-ie and hit people right in front of the masjid.

The disturbing part is that the news agencies – even alternative sources that I rely on often times – have fallen into mixing the two up and then making a running commentary when the comparison is apples and D batteries.

North London Central Masjid is known as the “Finsbury Park Masjid” and sometimes called, “The Finnie,” due to its small, angular dome and skinny entrance. It is located on 7-11 St. Thomas’s Road, N7 2QH. This is the same masjid where Abu Hamza Al-Masri was the Imam, not Muslim Welfare House. Muslim Welfare House is on Seven Sisters Road and is in Finsbury Park but has never been called (in all the years I lived in north London) or referred to as “Finsbury Park Masjid.”

If you subtract this crucial point (and the fact that the imam stopped people from thrashing the suspect to death and helped put him in the ambulance), then all the Alt-Right media and MSMs have nothing to connect together other than the evil crime that happened. This goes to show that even if you dislike someone, you still have to maintain your attention to detail.


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