Purchase: No Gods No Masters

Figure 1A: The text, No Gods No Masters by Daniel Guerin. 

I recently purchased this text on the recommendation of a colleague who is a specialist in anarchism (yes, there are specialists in the field) who broke down to me the distinction between primitivism and anarchism. When I asked for an anthology of their thought or some type of motherbook to refer back to, No Gods  No Masters by Daniel Guerin was made reference to and I made the purchase.

It was said to me in the 1980s that as the society in the US becomes more liberal (how could it be more liberal than the foundation of the US itself) it will eventually find its way to anarchism, which is the nexus of all European origin or style civilisations through history.

I recently was re-introduced to the topic through the rise of the primitivist movement, which is a subset of anarchism. Once I have completed the text, I will give a more detailed book review. Until then, take care and keep reading.

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