Slavery never ended…

Figure 1A: Some people believe that slavery was abolished over 100 years ago. Still more don’t believe slavery is happening in the United States, UK and other nations that call themselves the first world.

Please check out the video below and understand there are some people who still need to wake up regarding the issue of slavery. This continues today. Slavery never ended. It might have been restructured, but it never ended. Now understand very clearly that I do not agree with some of the agenda behind those who suddenly had an epiphany and want to publicise slavery and implant it in the public mind.

The point of placing this article is that this idea that the 13th,14th,15th,16th Amendment and the Emancipation Proclamation and other foolishness ended slavery is not only asinine but it is also intellectually irresponsible. No wonder so few Americans have passports and travel internationally. If they leave the castle and find out how the world really is, it will shatter EVERYTHING they know about the world in general and the United States in particular. Let’s take a look at the article below.


I was forced to work as a sex slave in New York

The Telegraph 

Shandra Woworuntru was trafficked from Indonesia to the US for sex

In a week-long collaboration with Real Women Real Stories, in support of UN Women’s  #HeForShe, we publish a series of videos in which women share their personal tales of trauma; from rape to sex trafficking and racist bullying.

Some of the stories are painful. But all of them need to be heard.

In this video, Shandra Woworuntru tells how she was lured to America in 2001 with the promise of a job in the hotel industry, and the intention of sending money home for her three-year-old daughter.

But the 24-year-old, who had been a financial analyst in Indonesia, was sold for sex and endured months working as a prostitute, being forced to take drugs and suffer extreme violence in a Brooklyn brothel, alongside other young women.

She was told that she owed her traffickers $30,000, which she had to repay by having sex with men for $100 a time.

Shandra finally escaped through a window and, after being refused help by the authorities, slept rough in New York – until a stranger asked her story, contacted the FBI on her behalf and saw those responsible arrested. She was reunited with her daughter in 2004, and is now a legal US citizen.

She dedicates her life to telling her story and campaigning – speaking at political rallies, women’s marches and even at the White House – so that “people will believe that trafficking happens and I will make a change on how we see this crime.

2 responses to “Slavery never ended…

    • Wa `Alaikum us-Salaam, Please tree this as the beginning of this very detailed and serious topic.

      Also consider the Catholic Church’s encyclical on the Doctrine of Discovery which guaranteed the people of the American Continent and its associated territories as perpetual slaves as per declaration of the Pope of the time. A lot of this started with Ferdinand and Isabella. They don’t want this grotesque mess to end, that’s why the declaration stated in perpetuity. When you understand this, then understand Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and so many others.



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