Figure 1A: What “Spokesmen for Islam in the West” are really trying to do.

It is strangely entertaining (after the rage wears off) seeing “Muslim Spokesmen for the West” going out of the way to capitulate and reconcile to the dominant culture around them, even at the expense of Islam. The only people that believe they are fitting in are the spokesmen. Americans know that this is a joke and a sport and a jest. The American white man and English people know that faithful Muslims don’t celebrate Christmas, yet we are already been shown a holiday feast of foolishness involving a Muslim family purportedly celebrating Christmas.

And if that was not bad enough, you have Muslims singing Christmas carols, strumming the guitar and even making the testimony of faith to the tune of Deck the Halls with the music blaring along with it. The first time I was shown this, I asked myself, “Is this mocking the religion to the point that it would constitute kufr?” Man, I dunno sometimes. Find an unbeliever who will watch this all the way through and not wretch.

It’s one thing if you don’t believe in Revelation and you mock it. This is expected. Why would you be Muslim and then mock Revelation yet still assert in the same breathe that you are Muslim? I have seen the Ramadan Bush, the open glorification of other gods besides Allah by people who would say that they are Muslims and also suggest  INSIST that they are still Muslim while doing so and I have not become desensitised to it. It still disturbs me and I still despise it.

I still cringe at the Muslims that did Christmas and Mawlid a few years ago. Now they’ve even started decorating cars during that “special time of the year.” Again, this open mockery of Revelation and then believing this is somehow pleasing and good to the Lord of all. I just don’t know.

Again, these same people distorting religion believe that this shows they are American, yet Americans and English people (the target groups who are also assumed to be stupid by “Spokesmen for Islam in the West”) know that this is not true. Yeah, nevermind all of the other stuff going on regarding Islam that needs addressing. Let’s just keep it fuzzy.

Everyone who has a modicum of intelligence knows that the Founding Fathers, the Civil War and even the War of 1812 did not have “Muslim pilgrims” singing carols. It simply is not part of American tapestry and society. The same thing goes for England. So when one of these blueberry muffins appears on television and mouths, “I’m just like you! We’re the same.” I say to myself, “Have you looked in the mirror recently?”

Yeah, you’re right. Americans and English people veil their faces, pray five times a day and go without food for thirty days every year. Somehow I just don’t think they do. It also shows an inferiority complex that someone would go to such great lengths to try to show the host society that they are the same when they are not. I am curious how long this charade will continue before these people are laid low by a Lord who is not mocked.

The next step is that one of the senior “Spokesmen for Islam in the West” will need to come out as an agnostic or homosexual (or even trans to keep it good and funky) so that the process can be complete and there will be a clean break between American/British Islam and the rest of the body of the Muslims. We may see another religion forming in our lifetime.

Until next time,

Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far Al-Hanbali

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