Back to the ’80s…Again?! An Introduction

Figure 1A: This is the world I grew up in, when there was the U.S.S.R and the United States.

I consider myself a little bit of a weirdo. I am one of those strange creatures that straddles 5+ decades, two of them before the ubiquity of computers. I lived in the last of the era of rotary telephones, was ecstatic and laughing when speaker phone and call waiting first came out.

Figure 2A: Reading lesson in an African American elementary school in Washington, D.C., 1942.

The attempted desegregation of schools and neighbourhoods was painful for me. I hated going on the bus and I hated integrating with whites. I knew nothing about them but as police, prostitutes, drug dealers, serial killers and gun toting John Wayne types from the television.

They killed people in my family, killed my friends and also attempted to kill me. I still remember as a 12year old receiving the news that American white men had kidnapped Chris Dooley, tortured him, cut-off-his-scrotum (both the police and the coroner’s report read that according to test results he was most likely conscious when it happened) and then almost cut his head off in the process of slitting his throat. And this is what he got for being a Jew.

Then there were the police who practiced target practice on 12year olds walking home with their schoolbags. It was perfectly normal in black, Mexican and Arab neighbourhoods that all the police for the area were white and just happened to be recruited from the southeast.

I hated living on the West Coast and the problems that it had/has along with the situations. Another thing I remember from that era was the two party polarisations. It was both idiotic and harmful.

Figure 3A: American children saluting the flag. Sometimes they also genuflect.

Twice a day in school-after enforced genuflecting to the flag in the morning after breakfast, then again after lunch and sometimes during the weekly pep rallies to show “American spirit”-we had nuclear drills that we had to prepare for as students. A red button would light up outside and that siren would sound.

That was the warning for the nuclear drill. If you were indoors, you get your ass under a desk. If you were outside, you hauled ass to the pre-determined shelter or a classroom set aside for the purpose. If you did not, people laughed while you were locked out and “died” in the dreamed up nuclear holocaust that was guaranteed and would lead to the end of the Soviet and American empires.

Figure 1B: An example of the duck and cover drill during “the Cold War.” Ronald Reagan continued this abhorent custom.

Mutually Assured Destruction was the statement that I was forced to learn as a child when it was ruled illegal for me to continue homeschooling with my family. In addition to that, I had to learn these cities first: Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Cape Canaveral, Dallas, Washington DC, Anapolis, Pittsburgh, Dallas and Phoenix.

Figure 2B: An alternative map of possible US targets during the “Cold War” era.

Then I had to learn Kiev, Moscow, Volgograd, Pyongyang and Beijing. The former were the ten cities that the USSR (United Soviet Socialist Republics for all you babies out there) had their nuclear weapons pointed at while the latter were cities that the Almighty United States had its warheads pointed out for destruction.

We learned from one of the speeches of Ronald Reagan that the United States had 14,500 warheads that were ready to go and had the capability of blowing up the world 15 times. Hopefully that would be a deterrent to “the Russians.”

You had to pick one side. You were either a lefty (or righty) and thus a socialist or thought to be nursing sympathies towards “the enemy” that sought to bring a socialist hell to the world. Anything could be done to stop it, even nukes if necessary. “Nuke ’em till they glow, then shoot ’em in the dark,” I was so lovingly tutored by classmates.

Then the other option was “the right.” You had to be either left or right. If you were to the right, you believed in the narrative about the United States, white IQ being higher than everyone else, America being special and white people being special.

Figure 3B: The Watts Riots, sometimes referred to by others as the Watts Uprising.

Then there were the riots of that time period. Most people had no time for that American exceptionalism garbage and were starving and looking for some relief from that pain. Neither the left nor the right wanted integration in the real sense. They wanted conformity.

The left did not want true integration but pushed for the bussing programmes that had me criss-crossing the damn state to go to school with people I had nothing in common with at all.

And for the record, we self-segregated once we arrived at school (which is one of the reasons why I have always advanced the notion that one can be friends with whomever and whatever race once likes, but races should stay separate. There are continents, tribes and DNA for a reason).

The left wanted us to integrate in the schools and at lunch tables but not in the neighbourhoods. One of my friends, Kristopher Flavours, died after a seizure (suffered from life-long epilepsy and was the wrong skin colour) in one of these progressive neighbourhoods when no one would call the paramedics to help him.

My friend Michael Collins (melanin enriched) died in my arms in the hospital when no one would offer him medical treatment at the hospital in one of these progressive neighbourhoods.

“The right” is no different. They really did not want to have the schools together with children, but now that they could not prevent it, they removed their children whenever possible and/or sent down the second hand books and withheld funding when possible.

I still remember the books that had written messages from children at the all-white schools addressed to us: “fuck you, ” “sand niggers die,” “spics go to hell,” “the only good nigger is a dead nigger,” “spics, indians, niggers, cops keep their hands on the triggers,” along with other heart-warming expressions.

This was reality. I say all this to say that that was the era of the 1980s. People would try to force you to accept one way of thinking and to polarise. When the Russians beat the tar out of the United States in the Olympics and some Soviet athletes came for a meet and greet, I went to meet them. They seemed nice and a few knew Arabic.

I would pay for thinking out of the box. I was beat up more than normal for a few days. I read any and everything I wanted to as long as it was not pornography or out and out Satanism (hey, I have to draw a line somewhere).

We had the ’70s. And that legacy was passed to the ’80s. Yes, that was the ’80s. How weird it is for me to say this but we’re back at the ’80s again!

Figure 4B: The left-right divide is an exercise in mass distraction.

We have this left (liberal/progressive) and right (alt-right/alt-lite/conservative) polarisation yet again. We now have to hear, “The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!” from every Paul Revere type that likens himself to a public servant.

People are being told to choose up sides, pick a place. If you don’t, you’re confused. Words are being thrown around that only the initiated understand: red pill, blue pill, cuck, gas lighting and so many others that it does not deserve mention.

I am not going back to the ’80s. I’ve done it once. I am not living through it again. Since I am someone who has been through the ’80s once, I have a unique mind-set and contribution. Since I know how this works, to speak on it and accurately predict outcomes is like I have travelled back from “the future.”

Figure 4B: The above graph is not even correct, but this is often the frame of mind that many two way people think.

So I will do this act. I will go back through time and bring forward reasons why right thinking people – and especially Muslims – should have nothing to do with this trash. Stay away from these polarising elements. Read everything and come to a judgement.

Look at the blogroll on the right side of this article. It has liberals, whether on the far end or close to the middle, centrists and then right and far right. Why? So you can examine all the date, gather it together and then come to a conclusion on the matter.

So let us go back to the ’80s while staying in this current age. Let’s look at the main players that would have us do so, the flaws inherent in both sides and then the harms that come from this thinking and what type of people this will give birth to in the long run.

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