So what would happen if offending migrants raped in their own countries…?

Figure 1A: Would the death penalty remind men such as these that there is a such thing as wickedness and righteousness?

Below is an article about the migrant rapes/rape gangs still marauding their way through the UK. One of the more salient parts of the article is that migrants pleaded upon capture not to be sent back home as “if caught for the same crime, they would be beheaded or stoned to death.”

This establishes part of what the writer has been saying for the past year, namely that the people committing these crimes are rejects from their own countries and come here knowing that they could never carry out the egregious behaviour they do in their own countries.

This should be food for thought regarding,

  1. how people in England should take action against this menace
  2. how we as Muslims should understand that some of the people claiming that they are refugees fleeing political persecution are actually degenerates
  3. how overwhelming importation of different groups of people in densely populated areas has the propensity to quite possible trigger a race war

Please read the article below and reflect on the fact that the assailants are openly saying that they offend in the manner that they do for the reason that there is no fear of swift and decisive judgement in the law. Even more disturbing is that the police felt justified in using a convicted child rapist as an informant to catch other rapists. When the matter gets to this level, you know it is bad.


Newcastle gangs abused adults and children with arrogant persistence, review finds

 Sally Lockwood, North of England Correspondent,Sky News

Grooming gangs that preyed on 700 girls and vulnerable young women carried out their abuse with “arrogant persistence”, a review has found.

Perpetrators were not consistently investigated and so effectively went unpunished before a major operation into sexual exploitation in Newcastle was launched to stop them.

Prior to 2014, there was little understanding of the widespread sexual abuse in deprived areas of Newcastle and Gateshead.

The 150-page report said: “This sent an unhelpful message to perpetrators – they were unlikely to be prosecuted or prevented from continuing to abuse – encouraging an arrogant persistence.

“It also had a significant impact on victims who learnt that nothing would be done against perpetrators.”

In Christmas 2013, a 21-year-old woman with a learning disability began to speak to her social worker about being subjected to sexual abuse over a considerable period of time.

With some encouragement, the victim gave a statement to police identifying places she had been taken.

From here, it emerged that this young woman was one of hundreds of victims – sounding alarm bells with local authorities and the police.

According to the report’s author, adults were vulnerable to abuse as well as children – and there was no difference in how both were targeted for sexual exploitation.

Instead, it is about vulnerability. Many of the victims did not realise they were victims for years.

“One of them gave a quite chilling account,” said report author David Spicer, as he described why one victim chose to talk about her experiences.

“Young girls were coming straight from school in school uniforms with school bags. And that was a trigger for her that she realised what was happening shouldn’t be happening.”

The report examines sexual exploitation in Newcastle between 2007 and 2015.

Operation Sanctuary was the largest sex abuse investigation carried out by Northumbria Police and resulted in hundreds of arrests with more than 700 potential victims coming forward.

Four trials at Newcastle Crown Court heard how vulnerable girls were groomed by men who gave them alcohol and drugs before raping them at parties.

At the final trial, 17 men and one woman were convicted of charges including rape, supplying drugs and inciting prostitution.

The report author invited all of those convicted to be interviewed in his review. Only one agreed.

“There was a complete lack of remorse,” said Mr Spicer, who cannot identify which abuser he interviewed.

“In fact he didn’t accept that he’d done anything wrong… He felt the victims were responsible for their own abuse.”

The report continued: “If convicted for rape in his home country, he would be beheaded or buried up to the neck and stoned.

“He was asked about what he thought about the United Kingdom and influences in his education.

“He said you can get anything here – any sex, drugs, alcohol. There is no control. He spoke in a derogatory way about lack of morals in British girls and did not go with Muslim girls because there are not many of them.”

This review was unable to establish a true understanding of the offending carried out by perpetrators.

Northumbria Police were revealed to have paid a convicted child rapist £10,000 to inform on sexual predators in Operation Sanctuary.

The tactic was heavily criticised, but the review says it sends a message to perpetrators that people will inform against them.

Acting Chief Constable Darren Best said: “We will use all available lawful and proportional tactics to tackle abuse and we make no apologies for doing that… there’s a fine line we have to tread with the public’s best interests at heart.”

The abuse of children does not stop when they reach 18 and learning to identify adult victims is a challenge for authorities.

Some women even have children with their abusers and are too frightened to come forward.

The leader of Newcastle City Council, Pat Ritchie, is urging all local authorities to look at this report: “The way that these men prey on women and girls is seeing vulnerability.

“This sort of a crime is one that is based on fear and exploitation of people who are vulnerable and by its nature the sort of relationship at the heart of this sort of crime is controlling, it’s threatening, it’s very difficult to break out of the cycle that these women were in. And they’re frightened.”

Among its recommendations the report calls on the Government to urgently issue guidance or advice on addressing the sexual exploitation of vulnerable adults.

The review’s message to agencies is if they do not recognise sexual exploitation of children and vulnerable adults in their area, it is because they are not looking hard enough.


Figure 1A: Is this what dawat-e-islami is trying to bring to Egypt? Lord, never let it be.

We have yet another example of takfir being used by aberrant groups within Muslim Orthodoxy. When this came up on my timeline, I had to comment. Look at the photo below:


Dawat e Islami UK added 5 new photos — travelling to Cairo, Egypt from Heathrow Airport.

5 hrs · London ·

Some Images of a Madani Qafilah leaving from BIRMINGHAM UK to CAIRO – EGYPT 💚 Brothers will be spreading the beautiful message of Islam & Dawateislami and will invite towards righteousness.
#Share #Like #DawateislamiUK #SocialMedia

Now wait a minute…did these men just stand posturing as missionaries purportedly on the way to Egypt to share the message of Islam (in EGYPT, which is 80% Muslim with 20% Christian minority)?

Now wait…these men are leaving their own Pakistani communities in the UK which are obviously thriving, sexually chaste, strikingly upright on a deep moral level, free of sectarianism, upright in business dealings, righteous towards women and just all around great people and headed to Egypt, which is so in need of their gentle caress that will be absent from local adolescents at the village/town masjid.

Egypt, which has Al-Azhar, one of the two oldest universities in the world that has been functioning for the past 1200 years; but without dawat-e-islami…still in darkness.

The crypt of Imam Ash-Shafi`ii, who made the country the base of his operations and madhab; but without dawat-e-islami…all for naught.

Egypt, boasting the literary legacy of Imam Jalal ud-Din As-Suyuti as well as his crypt; but without dawat-e-islami…what does it matter? They’ve got nothing.

Some of the greatest recorded reciters of Qur’an, scholars of fiqh, tafsir, creed, engineering, math and more that the world has every known came out of Egypt; but they are surely missing out on the flickering, knock off Star Wars light saber green lights of dawat-e-islami.

Egypt has tons of problems with terrorism and tyrannical governments but one thing we don’t need is takfir minded dawat-e-islami supplicants to hock their wears and bring us into their world of machine takfir, funding hajj trips with prostitution, paedophilia swept under the rug, moonsighting wars, Eid intentionally being done on wrong days, confusion as to whether or not to make takfir on people who don’t believe/do__________ (insert opposite action to dawat-e-islami).

Please pay us the ultimate complement and leave us in our ignorance of your path. It may be our ignorance saves us on the Day of Resurrection.


Until next time,


Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far Al-Hanbali


Ancient Tomb of Biblical Prophet Discovered in Iraq Contain Engravings Describing Brutal Assyrian Ruler

Kristin Hugo

2,700 years ago, someone carved a message to the ancient king Esarhaddon in a tunnel under a tomb. The message remained sealed away, unseen and undocumented by archaeologists, until the ’80s and ’90s.

In present-day Mosul, Iraq, archaeologists have been exploring and documenting tombs from the kingdom of Nineveh. Looters, with a suspected affiliation with ISIS, had dug a tunnel under the supposed tomb of the biblical prophet Jonah.

Archaeologists took advantage of the uncovered tunnel and explored, found, photographed, and translated the writing on the walls and on stone objects. They found several intriguing remnants of the past, including ancient Neo-Assyrian inscriptions.

One message translates to “The palace of Esarhaddon, strong king, king of the world, king of Assyria, governor of Babylon, king of Sumer and Akkad, king of the kings of lower Egypt, upper Egypt and Kush,” according to LiveScience.Kush is an ancient kingdom located in present-day Nubia.

Inscriptions found under the alleged tomb of Jonah. Stevan Beverly

Archaeologists discovered these inscriptions and more between 1987 and 1992, but because of political conflict in the region, they weren’t able to complete and publish their work until December of 2017. The archaeologists documented their findings in the journal Iraq.

Luckily, archaeologists were able to uncover some of this ancient history before the site was too damaged to explore. ISIS had blown up parts of the shrine containing Jonah’s reputed tomb in 2014 before Iraqi troops came in and liberated the site, according to The Times of Israel.

Jonah, known as Yunus in the Koran, is a religious figure in Abrahamic religions most famous for the story of being swallowed by a “giant fish,” or possibly a whale.

The text says that he preached in the city if Nineveh, which was the capital of the ancient Assyrian empire.

The inscriptions describe the rule of the Assyrian king Esarhaddon. They describe his family history and a first-person account, saying “I surrounded, conquered, plundered, demolished, destroyed and burned with fire twenty-one of their cities together with small cities in their environs,” according to LiveScience. 

According to the inscriptions, Esarhaddon was a ruthless and revered ruler and conqueror.

This article was first written by Newsweek

Equal Pay? No…Not without Equal Outcome

Figure 1A: Is this what equality looks like?

There has been a storm of controversy continuing over the equal pay/wage gap argument being espoused by women.

It has become so inflamed that Icelandwhich already has anti-discrimination legislation on the books – has passed more legislation requiring business to prove they are not discriminating.

Since when in history and the canons of evidence have we as human beings been required to prove the negative and not the other?

Since when has correlation equalled causality?

Hell, if we’re going to take it to that level, why not buy my house keys? Let me tell you as a reader what you’re going to get if you do purchase them.

Loxodonta africana African elephant Family group drinking at water hole Sub-Sarahan Africa

My house keys – especially the copper one – keep away African elephants. You will never die in a stampede, at the circus or exiting from your house. All you need to pay is £49.95 for this great deal or perhaps one bit coin.

You may be sceptical…you might ask how I can be so confident about this matter. Well let me ask you a question: Have you ever seen me attacked by African elephants? Have you seen any stampedes in my area?

Well there you go! My house keys keep away African elephants.

Terms and conditions: this guarantee is not inclusive of Sumatran, Indian or double dome headed elephants or the wooly mammoth or elephants in rutting season. If tramping, siring, mauling, disembowelment occurs, discontinue use and consult your physician.

Yet Iceland is requiring employers to prove the negative. In addition to this we are being told that because a certain body of people in general and women in particular are paid less that this somehow means there is some inequality that is unfair.

Let me be clear. Someone could ask me the question: Should women be paid the same as men when they do the same work.

The answer is a resounding no and yes. Let’s talk about the no, the loud, resounding, earth shattering no.

Figure 3A: Who is the greatest? Jabbar (left) or Jordan

There is a tie between basketball historians about whether Kareem Abdul Jabbar or Michael Jordan belong at the top of a heap of all-time greats.

While we’re in the middle of this discussion, has anyone heard of Chantel Osahor?  Ok, well what about Brittney Griner? Why not? She’s recent. Isn’t she doing the same job? Why shouldn’t she be receiving the same pay?

Well has any woman from the WNBA ever produced what Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Michael Jordan, Ervin “Magic” Johnson, Julius “Dr. J” Erving, Wilt “the Stilt” Chamberlain and a galaxy of others have?

An example of dunking in basketball. How frequent is this dynamic move in the WNBA?

When did players in the WNBA start dunking? Is there anyone who dynamically scored 45 points in a quarter in the playoffs with a 102degree temperature? Who has been in movies, Spike Lee shoe adverts and so much more? (I am referring to Michael Jordan in all of this…)

Could it be that women in the WNBA aren’t making as much as their male counterparts because they aren’t 1) drawing the same crowds, 2) bringing in the same endorsements, 3) demonstrating the same dynamic passing, rebound, scoring and vibrancy game that has crowds roar?

Maybe that’s a bad example. Let’s try boxing.

Figure 1B: The fight of the century: May 2, 2015, Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao. I wonder what female boxers were fighting that day.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather, in his 48th fight against Manny Pacquiao, received a check for $100,000,000 (excluding back door money, endorsement deals from sponsors and so forth) after drawing in 4.4 million viewers in a historic pay-per-view.

Yet this 5’6” man has used patriarchy to make his way over other oppressed women who are just as talented as him.

Figure 2B: Dec. 13, 2017, Jessica McCaskill vs Katie Taylor. It was a great fight, but was it worthy of 4.4 million pay-per-view buys?

Yes, he did! Look at Jessica McCaskill vs Katie Taylor. Every bit as good as Floyd Mayweather, yet where are the $100 million checks?

Figure 3B: August 26, 2017, Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor. Was this a triumph for patriarchy? Should the NSAC be sued for not having female fights of this magnitude?

Mr. Mayweather did it again when he fought Conor McGregor and this time pulled in more than $100 million with a world viewing audience of nearly 1 billion. That’s that patriarchy in effect again, isn’t it?

Figure 4B: the multi-talented boxing genius Claressa Shields. Should she be paid the same as Floyd Mayweather? Is she a comparable draw?

Where was the world when Laila Ali, Ann Wolfe, Mia St. John and Claressa Shields were fighting? How could they just overlook the last one especially, with her two gold medals from the Olympics and her walking through all opposition at super-middleweight competition?

Okay. Okay. This is a bad example maybe.

What about football. Yes, that would be a good example. Football. Hear we have Manchester United with their maybe £100,000+ a week players and yet we forget the every bit as hard working female team of similar rank (whose loss to school children has nothing to do with their talent) who deserve that wage.

Surely the world has signed up to, viewed and witnessed the greatness of women’s football. The endorsement deals must be huge. The budgets must be going through the roof.


Maybe sports are a bad example. Let’s try business.

Out of all the men in business, how many women are billionaires without being heiresses? Just think about the number. Just think about it.

So the answer is no. Women should not be paid the same thing as men when they are not having equal or comparable outcomes. When they do, then there is no problem.

1C: Sara Lopez. An all time great in archery and deserving of every accolade.

Take Sara Lopez as an example. Perhaps one of if not the greatest bowwomen in this era to ever empty a quiver, she is paid the same and sometimes more than her male rivals. Her looks might help and her 10 point bull’s eyes and 94.7 winning (higher than many men) probably favour her. She has shot 6 consecutive 10s in a game. Check it out in the second video below against the formidable Korean bow-woman Song Yun Soo.

So the answer is no most times; but in the case of Sara Lopez, it is yes. This is because the outcome matches the pay. When the outcome is equal to or surpasses rivals, yes women should be recompensed the same or more than men.

But to say that women should be absolutely paid the same as men for equal work (when the outcome has not been the same in most cases I have checked) and then use governments to bully people or low level employees to badger their colleagues for their wage packet details or to check on computers and then disseminate it the press or better business bureau…this is wickedness.

And I will tell you what will happen. Men (who are still the main wage earners, movers and shakers in business, sports and entertainment and always will be…) will just not hire women. It will be too expensive to hire a woman and pay her the same as a man when she is not equaling the same outcomes.


We are entering into a strange world where people who under perform in outcomes can sue you for it happening.

Until next time,

Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far Al-Hanbali