Equal Pay? No…Not without Equal Outcome

Figure 1A: Is this what equality looks like?

There has been a storm of controversy continuing over the equal pay/wage gap argument being espoused by women.

It has become so inflamed that Icelandwhich already has anti-discrimination legislation on the books – has passed more legislation requiring business to prove they are not discriminating.

Since when in history and the canons of evidence have we as human beings been required to prove the negative and not the other?

Since when has correlation equalled causality?

Hell, if we’re going to take it to that level, why not buy my house keys? Let me tell you as a reader what you’re going to get if you do purchase them.

Loxodonta africana African elephant Family group drinking at water hole Sub-Sarahan Africa

My house keys – especially the copper one – keep away African elephants. You will never die in a stampede, at the circus or exiting from your house. All you need to pay is £49.95 for this great deal or perhaps one bit coin.

You may be sceptical…you might ask how I can be so confident about this matter. Well let me ask you a question: Have you ever seen me attacked by African elephants? Have you seen any stampedes in my area?

Well there you go! My house keys keep away African elephants.

Terms and conditions: this guarantee is not inclusive of Sumatran, Indian or double dome headed elephants or the wooly mammoth or elephants in rutting season. If tramping, siring, mauling, disembowelment occurs, discontinue use and consult your physician.

Yet Iceland is requiring employers to prove the negative. In addition to this we are being told that because a certain body of people in general and women in particular are paid less that this somehow means there is some inequality that is unfair.

Let me be clear. Someone could ask me the question: Should women be paid the same as men when they do the same work.

The answer is a resounding no and yes. Let’s talk about the no, the loud, resounding, earth shattering no.

Figure 3A: Who is the greatest? Jabbar (left) or Jordan

There is a tie between basketball historians about whether Kareem Abdul Jabbar or Michael Jordan belong at the top of a heap of all-time greats.

While we’re in the middle of this discussion, has anyone heard of Chantel Osahor?  Ok, well what about Brittney Griner? Why not? She’s recent. Isn’t she doing the same job? Why shouldn’t she be receiving the same pay?

Well has any woman from the WNBA ever produced what Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Michael Jordan, Ervin “Magic” Johnson, Julius “Dr. J” Erving, Wilt “the Stilt” Chamberlain and a galaxy of others have?

An example of dunking in basketball. How frequent is this dynamic move in the WNBA?

When did players in the WNBA start dunking? Is there anyone who dynamically scored 45 points in a quarter in the playoffs with a 102degree temperature? Who has been in movies, Spike Lee shoe adverts and so much more? (I am referring to Michael Jordan in all of this…)

Could it be that women in the WNBA aren’t making as much as their male counterparts because they aren’t 1) drawing the same crowds, 2) bringing in the same endorsements, 3) demonstrating the same dynamic passing, rebound, scoring and vibrancy game that has crowds roar?

Maybe that’s a bad example. Let’s try boxing.

Figure 1B: The fight of the century: May 2, 2015, Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao. I wonder what female boxers were fighting that day.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather, in his 48th fight against Manny Pacquiao, received a check for $100,000,000 (excluding back door money, endorsement deals from sponsors and so forth) after drawing in 4.4 million viewers in a historic pay-per-view.

Yet this 5’6” man has used patriarchy to make his way over other oppressed women who are just as talented as him.

Figure 2B: Dec. 13, 2017, Jessica McCaskill vs Katie Taylor. It was a great fight, but was it worthy of 4.4 million pay-per-view buys?

Yes, he did! Look at Jessica McCaskill vs Katie Taylor. Every bit as good as Floyd Mayweather, yet where are the $100 million checks?

Figure 3B: August 26, 2017, Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor. Was this a triumph for patriarchy? Should the NSAC be sued for not having female fights of this magnitude?

Mr. Mayweather did it again when he fought Conor McGregor and this time pulled in more than $100 million with a world viewing audience of nearly 1 billion. That’s that patriarchy in effect again, isn’t it?

Figure 4B: the multi-talented boxing genius Claressa Shields. Should she be paid the same as Floyd Mayweather? Is she a comparable draw?

Where was the world when Laila Ali, Ann Wolfe, Mia St. John and Claressa Shields were fighting? How could they just overlook the last one especially, with her two gold medals from the Olympics and her walking through all opposition at super-middleweight competition?

Okay. Okay. This is a bad example maybe.

What about football. Yes, that would be a good example. Football. Hear we have Manchester United with their maybe £100,000+ a week players and yet we forget the every bit as hard working female team of similar rank (whose loss to school children has nothing to do with their talent) who deserve that wage.

Surely the world has signed up to, viewed and witnessed the greatness of women’s football. The endorsement deals must be huge. The budgets must be going through the roof.


Maybe sports are a bad example. Let’s try business.

Out of all the men in business, how many women are billionaires without being heiresses? Just think about the number. Just think about it.

So the answer is no. Women should not be paid the same thing as men when they are not having equal or comparable outcomes. When they do, then there is no problem.

1C: Sara Lopez. An all time great in archery and deserving of every accolade.

Take Sara Lopez as an example. Perhaps one of if not the greatest bowwomen in this era to ever empty a quiver, she is paid the same and sometimes more than her male rivals. Her looks might help and her 10 point bull’s eyes and 94.7 winning (higher than many men) probably favour her. She has shot 6 consecutive 10s in a game. Check it out in the second video below against the formidable Korean bow-woman Song Yun Soo.

So the answer is no most times; but in the case of Sara Lopez, it is yes. This is because the outcome matches the pay. When the outcome is equal to or surpasses rivals, yes women should be recompensed the same or more than men.

But to say that women should be absolutely paid the same as men for equal work (when the outcome has not been the same in most cases I have checked) and then use governments to bully people or low level employees to badger their colleagues for their wage packet details or to check on computers and then disseminate it the press or better business bureau…this is wickedness.

And I will tell you what will happen. Men (who are still the main wage earners, movers and shakers in business, sports and entertainment and always will be…) will just not hire women. It will be too expensive to hire a woman and pay her the same as a man when she is not equaling the same outcomes.


We are entering into a strange world where people who under perform in outcomes can sue you for it happening.

Until next time,

Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far Al-Hanbali

One response to “Equal Pay? No…Not without Equal Outcome

  1. It is sad to see so many Muslims fall prey to the liberal bs being spouted in the USA and UK. I am glad there are Shuyukh like you who actually understand the situation in the West.

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