Figure 1A: Is this what dawat-e-islami is trying to bring to Egypt? Lord, never let it be.

We have yet another example of takfir being used by aberrant groups within Muslim Orthodoxy. When this came up on my timeline, I had to comment. Look at the photo below:


Dawat e Islami UK added 5 new photos — travelling to Cairo, Egypt from Heathrow Airport.

5 hrs · London ·

Some Images of a Madani Qafilah leaving from BIRMINGHAM UK to CAIRO – EGYPT 💚 Brothers will be spreading the beautiful message of Islam & Dawateislami and will invite towards righteousness.
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Now wait a minute…did these men just stand posturing as missionaries purportedly on the way to Egypt to share the message of Islam (in EGYPT, which is 80% Muslim with 20% Christian minority)?

Now wait…these men are leaving their own Pakistani communities in the UK which are obviously thriving, sexually chaste, strikingly upright on a deep moral level, free of sectarianism, upright in business dealings, righteous towards women and just all around great people and headed to Egypt, which is so in need of their gentle caress that will be absent from local adolescents at the village/town masjid.

Egypt, which has Al-Azhar, one of the two oldest universities in the world that has been functioning for the past 1200 years; but without dawat-e-islami…still in darkness.

The crypt of Imam Ash-Shafi`ii, who made the country the base of his operations and madhab; but without dawat-e-islami…all for naught.

Egypt, boasting the literary legacy of Imam Jalal ud-Din As-Suyuti as well as his crypt; but without dawat-e-islami…what does it matter? They’ve got nothing.

Some of the greatest recorded reciters of Qur’an, scholars of fiqh, tafsir, creed, engineering, math and more that the world has every known came out of Egypt; but they are surely missing out on the flickering, knock off Star Wars light saber green lights of dawat-e-islami.

Egypt has tons of problems with terrorism and tyrannical governments but one thing we don’t need is takfir minded dawat-e-islami supplicants to hock their wears and bring us into their world of machine takfir, funding hajj trips with prostitution, paedophilia swept under the rug, moonsighting wars, Eid intentionally being done on wrong days, confusion as to whether or not to make takfir on people who don’t believe/do__________ (insert opposite action to dawat-e-islami).

Please pay us the ultimate complement and leave us in our ignorance of your path. It may be our ignorance saves us on the Day of Resurrection.


Until next time,


Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far Al-Hanbali



  1. Excellent stuff. Dawat E Islami was meant only for the subcontinent. I honestly don’t understand how these people are going to other Muslim countries trying to make “dawah”.

    I fully agree with you that their own communities need to be fixed first.
    I admire some of the work they do but they lack common sense sometimes. I think all Sunni groups need to go back to the basics. Focus on their own communities and teach the people basic Sunni Aqidah, Fiqh, and Adab.

    Sadly it seems that the different groups only care about getting more and more mureeds for their holy murshid.

  2. Too many Sunnis think that just because they have found a murshid or pir, they will be saved. They become extremely lazy. This has led to a lot of corruption and fake shaykhs have been a major problem for decades. These people defame the true Sufi path.

    They turn the religion into a business. Their close minded mureeds will stick to them no matter what, never learning from any other scholar, and never being able to answer basic questions pertaining to fard ayn without the guidance of the murshid.

    All the while this is going on, the deviant groups like the Wahhabis, Shias, post-modernists all increase in strength.

  3. I have had enough of tareeqahs, sufis, peers and the spiritual abuse and financial abuse that is dished out. This is not to say the Sufi path is corrupt. Yet many who claim to walk it and guide people to it have corrupted themselves and are corrupting others.

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