Figure 1A: Saud ibn `Abdul `Aziz Ar-Rashid (reigned 1317-1338) warrior who punished Salafi cultists at every opportunity, wiping out their leadership and wreteched teachers.

Not long ago, the Meeraath website suffered some four attacks. There were three inside of just one hour that brought the website down.

The origin of these attacks was found to be salafiyyah, in particular a group of people on the web from salafi sites that launch attacks on sites that don’t fit their liking.

This cowardly and almost feminine passive aggressive move keeps in tandem with Salafiyyah’s origins: stabbing people while their backs are turned, attacking people who are unarmed when you are sure to win, using a larger group against a smaller one (or an individual) when you feel sure that they are unarmed.

These and many other things were part of my continued war with Salafiyyah. So I had to think about this in detail. While I bench pressed and reflected, I knew that this battle was not over.

These same people had sent me through my PO Box (which I cancelled not long after) a threat to rape me and gave detailed blow-by-blow analysis of how this would be done along with including the Name of Allah and so forth.

When we had the Institute, one of the windows was put through and we were able to trace back the events, using the hair salon across from us as well as local residents, to Salafi enthusiasts.

This situation has been constant since the late 1990s when I began to war with this wretched, duplicitous, apostate and immoral cult.

So this latest digital attack was no different. Hostgator (which was of ABSOLUTELY no help and anyone with them should abandon them or go to another source if considering them for webhosting) went through the process of having to clean the entire website.

In the process of this, all the files were deleted. EVERYTHING was gone. The backup was there though but they could not be sure whether or not it was infected and so forth.

And in addition to this, they were only too eager to keep charging me for services that they were supposed to do. They could not tell me how, when the site was attacked but were willing to take money to install a new security system (on top of the one I already had) to cover it and restore what had been lost from the dates in question.

I then asked how they could know the dates if they claimed that they did not know when or how it was attacked. Around and around in circles and also demand for more money on top of the renewal, hosting, antivirus and other stuff.

As a quick thought, I told them to get this stuff started and get the site back up online. I then went to sleep and on this past Thursday morning before awaking I had a very vivid dream.

I saw one of the shaikhs of a teacher of mine, wearing the `amamah of Al-Azhar and clerical robes. He was smiling at me and speaking to me. He came to stay with me at the house and allowed me to look after him while we sat together.

I went to see him at one point while he was in my room and he disappeared. Right in front of my very eyes. Not long after he reappeared. “I might go, but I’ll be back.”

That was it. That Thursday I told Hostgator to cancel any transaction between us there had ever been and also that I did not want anything to do with them and that I would let everyone know how low their service was in a time of dire need (which is why I am typing this right now).

I knew that it would be back. The face of the shaikh gave me solace because he was not only a teacher but he was also a warrior. He had fought the cults and false religion his entire life.

So that is what brings me to this point. To those that did the attack and every other godless force. You are on notice. By Allah’s Holy and Righteous Favour the Meeraath site will be back better than ever.

If Allah wills, all the articles, photos, details (all of which I saved in triplicate before they ever went on the site) will return with even more. There will be more rulings, more biographies and more great content.

I and my affiliates have doubled down to be even more uncompromising and unrelenting towards salafiyyah and other cults along with false religion and ecumenism.

We will be back, if Allah wills. And we will be better than we had been before. We are prepared, filled with resolve and we will not bend.

And with Allah is each and every success!

Until next time,

Al-Hajj Abu Ja`far Al-Hanbali


  1. Assalamu aleykum

    SubhanAllah. The Meeraath website was on my mind for a long time, since it disappeared, I’ve been trying to get in contact to ask about it.

    I can truly say that the website has great barakah in it. The dream part made me teary.

    I am looking forward to a greater version soon, May Allah elevate the Ahlussunnah above all the innovators.
    May Allah aid you and may He subdue all our enemies.

  2. Assalamu alaykum!! As a female convert, coming to Islam from Brazil, Maareeth website was a blessing. I came online just now to look for an article posted it at the site about Sayid Qutub.

    Looking forward to see the site online again.

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